Many were BOUGHT and SOLD by one fund now SHUT DOWN & CONFISCATED in the Clinton Foundation investigation in April 2021. The fund involved more than just the Clintons. It involved Barack Obama buying out Mitt Romney in the 2012 election with Joe Biden’s cut, and Joe was distraught (EXCLUSIVE| Obama Admin Talks About How They Beat Romney Before The Elections | Tore Says). The same fund was a major shareholder in Nancy Pelosi’s company, Stripe. The same fund has paid off politicians and corporations to sell off our infrastructure, energy, and American Built Companies. Even Yahoo News reported the devastation liquidating of the fund cost VIACOM. WHISTLEBLOWERS DID THAT!

A liquidation of holdings at several major investment banks with ties to Tiger Cub Archegos Capital Management LLC contributed to an unseen daily decline Friday in shares of stocks including Discovery, Inc. and ViacomCBS Inc., according to people familiar with matter. Shares of media conglomerate ViacomCBS fell 26% while Discovery dropped 27% Friday, recovering from far steeper losses. The degree of the declines was unprecedented and occurred in an otherwise orderly market.

For ALL the Biden Crime Family Documents pertaining to this matter go HERE and Use Password : ChineseAssets

One common misconception is that there was ONE Hudson West III company. In fact, there were five. Hudson West I through IV. Respectively, there were more than ONE Rosemont Seneca Technology Partners (RSTP I through IV), textbook shell company money laundering 101 structurings. There are very FEW skilled in that, and if Christopher Wray needed a guidebook, he could look into Senator Hoeven’s template; he’s sloppy.

What is most interesting is that when investigators were looking into the leasing and the Coastal Pipeline, they got “hacked.” It’s fascinating to watch the media scramble to whitewash the “hackers” they claimed were Russian but were really interns sitting in some closet in the peachy state of Georgia where a lot of specific interns seemed to have sequestered.

It’s incredible to realize the immense issues regarding ENERGY independence our nation faced that President Trump was trying to tackle when members of his OWN party were beneficiaries of Americans being dependent on China.

Hunter Biden wasn’t an expert in ENERGY. He was an “expert” at selling Energy Assets. Mergers and Acquisitions don’t require in depth knowledge.


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  1. Looking into the interns aspect with the link provided, I found this line… “a diverse cohort of interns”
    I thought it was interesting that they used the term cohort because of the meaning of the word. It is associated with the military.
    Was he building an army of interns who would go out and accomplish the goals he gave them such as mentioned in the article?

    Cohort – definition of cohort by The Free Dictionary

    Usage Note: The English word cohort comes from the Latin word cohors, which meant “an enclosed area” or “a pen or courtyard enclosing a group of cattle or poultry.” By extension, the word could refer to any group in general and in particular to a company of soldiers or a troop of cavalry in the army of ancient Rome.

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