Carefully selected MASS FILES are being Provided. The First Lot is Burisma Emails. The Burisma files are quite broad. Therefore, this is simply an email search with everything and anything to do with Burisma, while others may be sequestered under another company’s guise.

It would be fun to brush through emails like you own it right? Why not import the files into an e-mail client. We are compiling clean mbox folders of all email boxes on the Hunter Biden laptop.

We have swept through to ensure No Child Pornography- Adult Pornography or NATSEC breaches Included (Joe Biden’s emails are coming later today) #humanchecked


PASSWORD: BrennanKnowsWhereTheMoneyIs

PayPal and Venmo have banned conservatives but allow the Political elite to buy drugs, hookers and get money from the Vice President because he knows your handler Eric won’t pay you cause he told him not to.


PASSWORD: BrennanTellThemAboutBankMellat

No better way to get to know people fast than to sift through their JUNK MAIL.


Junk mail

PASSWORD: CashPalletCameBack

Many more email files will be coming today and every day until all CRIMES by the Biden Crime Family are uncovered and all parties are held responsible.

Happy Flag Day!

Happy Birthday President Donald J. Trump!

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