We should ask Barack Hussein Obama about his accounts with Deutsche Bank and the Mehar Fund. It was reported that since Barack Hussein Obama gave away BILLIONS to Iran 36 foreign exchange accounts have been opened in foreign countries [by Mellat] and the value of letters of credit issued by the end of the eighth month of the current fiscal year [November 20, 2016] stands at more than $1.1 billion.

Bank Mellat – Bank Mellat – Bank Mellat.

John Owen Brennan and the CONTRACTORS know. The story about settling money and funds is cover for Mednet. Most of that money came back into their POCKETS for the election!

Obama Administration Admits to Pays Iran $1.7 Billion ...

“All of this was done in secret, hidden from the American people and from Congress,” Royce said of the cash payments to Iran.

Both the House and Senate plan to held hearings and did NOTHING.

#Wray of Light

#impeach44 #OperationHBD

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  1. Thoughts:
    Although a Billion dollars is chump change to those who hold the levers of power in this mafia, and it would seem they have a keen eye on, and handle BS, tells me this was his payoff and operational slush fund. The same as Bush and his relationships with the Saudi’s.
    A financial statement from these firms would allow us a peek into how the Pilgrims do business.
    Along with a trail of recipients involved, which must be extensive, as Congress and other areas of our mafia refuse to talk about it.
    The SES must have a solid reign on their departments to keep this all under the table.Pretty much their control over every department is complete. Meaning they have groomed and installed little dictators and are in control of likely most of the world. If the scamdemic wasn’t enough proof.
    Having SERCO overseeing the patent processes, the drip, drip, drip of technological advancement, insider trading tips, patent theft, installing cardboard cutouts to run these new corporations, an investment fund would be key to keeping this mafia well funded.
    Few will be able to grasp the size, scope and depth of ring of corruption, it took over a hundred years to accomplish this complete takeover.
    The whole puzzle is nearing completion and many see it, I assume this is why they are so keen on killing off a majority of the planets inhabitants. It would seem that with their recent failure with the scamdemic, a scorched earth plan will be implemented. They are cornered rats now.

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