Amidst an increasingly concerning atmosphere of media suppression, we have observed a deeply unsettling and systematic endeavor orchestrated by a purportedly illegitimate President to meticulously tilt the judiciary in his favor. The deafening quiet enveloping these maneuvers, amplified by a calculated media blackout, has effectively concealed the President’s thirty-fifth (35th) wave of judicial selections and a fresh nomination for U.S. Attorney from the glaring eyes of public examination.

Why would no one be reporting this?

The convergence of media silence from both ends of the political spectrum regarding these actions could stem from various factors. First, media outlets today prioritize stories that align with their established narratives or agendas, potentially overlooking stories that don’t fit neatly into their preconceived narratives. If the conservative media is concerned about Judges politicizing their benches, then why the silence.

The apparent inconsistency observed by the right-wing media’s reporting and amplifying the concerns of judges might be attributed the potential of being to be perceived as bias which would be warranted if the left-wing media praised the appointments, but this is not the case.

President Joe Biden has appointed more judges to the federal courts at this stage in his tenure than any president since John F. Kennedy


Therefore, it is evident that right-wing media outlets seem to strategically elevate specific narratives while downplaying others, skillfully catering to their audience’s sensibilities. They adeptly emphasize topics that deeply resonate with their base, meticulously selecting stories that underscore perceived threats to cherished conservative principles that each outlet both left and right represent.

The concerns here are that we all acknowledge, regardless of our political positions, that political appointments hold an inherent potential for politicization, and the media’s discernment in covering these appointments is very interesting.

Quo Warranto

The term “quo warranto” (pronounced both kwoh wuh – rahn – toh, and kwoh wahr-un-toh) is Latin for “by what authority”—as in, “by what authority does this person hold this office?”

An unequivocal query into legitimacy arises as election cases proliferate nationwide. Whispers shrouding the President’s authentic path to power echo, fueled by allegations of foreign interference, voter disenfranchisement, and manipulated outcomes. While irrefutable proof remains elusive and investigative efforts encounter obstructions, the legal fraternity is perturbed by the President’s rapid and furtive judicial nominations, stirring a growing sense of disquiet.

In 2021, a total of 49 states and two U.S. territories collectively submitted quo warranto petitions, contesting the legitimacy of the 2020 elections. However, all these petitions were dismissed, predominantly on grounds of lacking standing or absence of required justifications, as mandated by judicial standards in all cases. This situation undeniably triggers unease among vigilant citizens who’ve closely witnessed a politically influenced judicial system unfold over the past two years. The disquiet stems from the conspicuous silence surrounding the thirty-five rounds of judicial appointments made by a President whose legitimacy remains under scrutiny. This silence raises significant concerns and points to a notable omission in the coverage provided by conservative media. The urgency of reporting these activities by Joe Biden is indisputable, as they hold undeniable importance in our democratic discourse.

Whose interests are really being served here?


While official records from the Pew Research Center and the Federal Judicial Center indicate that President Joe Biden has been exceptionally prolific in appointing federal judges at this stage of his presidency—surpassing even John F. Kennedy—there’s more to the story than meets the eye. Biden has also set records for appointing an unprecedented number of women, as well as racial and ethnic minorities, to the bench. This level of judicial activism raises questions about the motivations behind these accelerated appointments, suggesting that there could be an underlying agenda to reshape the federal judiciary in a way that aligns more closely with specific ideological objectives.

Media Suppression/A Veil of Secrecy

An unwritten agreement appears to be in effect, as media organizations from both sides of the political spectrum are conspicuously quiet on the issue. Insiders suggest that a mutual understanding may exist among journalists and editors to uphold this silence, effectively keeping the majority of Americans uninformed and hindering public discourse or resistance, which does not serve the citizens of the United States of America that rely on unbiased reporting from media outlets.

It’s worth noting, that the Pew Research Center’s 2022 reporting has underscored a distinct perspective, substantiating the idea that the integrity of judicial appointees could be compromised. Given that in criminal cases currently underway in respects to a strategically organized coup d’état villainizing those that resisted it have unearthed that funds for “bribes” or “motivating payments” used by law enforcement for Confidential Human Sources and Criminal Informants are drawn from the black budget managed by SES officers. This raises the question of whether judicial appointees might have unanticipated or questionable deposits that could potentially remain undisclosed in their financial reports.

Whose interests are really being served here?

Who’s running our government?

There’s a palpable and urgent concern among various agencies, and it’s time we address it assertively. We’re hearing reports, notably from the SBA and FAA, expressing escalating worries about former President Barack Obama’s team intervening in the nominees that President Joe Biden is putting forward. If this is the state of affairs in these agencies, one can’t help but ask: Is this a pervasive issue affecting all government departments under this purported Biden administration? The pressing questions we must face are, who is really behind these judicial appointments? And who is truly making the call on the new U.S. Attorney in Ohio? It is evident the Joe Biden is not capbale to holding a conversation or tie his shoe therefore the notion that someone else is running the government is warranted and very plausible considering Barack Hussein Obama was and is a Manchurian candidate.

Make no mistake, a “Manchurian Candidate” is not just a fictional concept; it’s a dire threat to any democracy. This is an individual embedded in a position of power, covertly manipulated by hostile foreign interests or other subversive entities. It’s not mere influence we’re talking about; it’s treason, deception, and deliberate undermining of the nation’s core principles. While this term carries grave implications, one can’t ignore the concrete actions by former President Barack Obama that draw unsettling parallels. Whether it’s his role in the Presidential Transition Team’s activities during President Donald J. Trump’s tenure, which gave rise to the Russia Hoax and incessant impeachment campaigns, or his behind-the-scenes involvement in what some are calling a “shadow presidency” during the Biden Administration, the evidence is stacking up. Even individuals who are purportedly serving in the Biden Administration have voiced frustrations over Obama’s continuous influence. All of this points to two disturbing questions: Whose interests are really being served here? and Whose really running our government?

The integrity of our institutions demands that we get to the bottom of this.

The alleged President, Joe Biden, Barack Obama and even President Donald J. Trump, have mentioned and alluded to the importance of the State of Ohio which is notable.

Judges should be reminded that they took an oath to protect and uphold the Constitution.


Alarm bells should be ringing loudly for anyone who values the pillars of American democracy! The bedrock principles of this nation depend on an impartial and transparent judiciary. Yet, what we’re witnessing is a calculated assault on these foundations by a leader who appears hell-bent on subverting them. The deliberate silencing of the media, compounded by the rapid and clandestine pace of these judicial appointments, reveals a chilling strategy: this administration is doing whatever it takes to amass unchecked power. This is not just a red flag; it’s a full-blown siren signaling the corrosion of our democratic institutions and how the media across all spectrums are a complete disservice to the people they allegedly serve by not providing accurate and important reporting on actions and activities that can have implications for decades to come.

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