EXCLUSIVE: Epstein Flights, Photos,Who Fought Case Unseal & Mar-a-Lago Ban

Tore 1

In 2007 Michael Wolff had claimed that he flew on Jefferey Epstein’s jet in the 1990’s claiming that young girls were on the plane. He lied. He was on Espstein’s jet(s) well into the 2000’s with younger girls. Specifically on February 20, 2002. We have details on that. Specifically, Wolff […]

North Dakota: Prostitution Hubs Exposed Local Police Fail to Act


Human trafficking and child trafficking is a huge problem for the state of North Dakota. The media in North Dakota don’t like to admit it and really hate when national statistics and reports show just how big these nefarious industries are. When cases of human exploitation or trafficking comes up […]

Where is Sec. Nielsen while Sen. Merkley Obsesses over Unaccompanied Minors?


Sources say that Sec. Nielsen is walking on thin ice (#HastaLaVistaKirstjen) because she is aware of these democrat funded programs in which illegal immigrants are receiving aide and coaching them to petition successfully at the border. She has been slow on releasing reports, conducting assessments and not really listening to […]

OPEN LETTER: Nancy Pelosi One Question You Have Not Been Asked


Dear Honorable Nancy Pelosi, Throughout the past 24 months we all have observed your unwavering stance and relentless objections to erecting a physical barrier that would increase confidence in our National Security, reinforce our sovereignty, reduce criminals and terrorists entering our country, hinder drug trafficking and most of all almost […]

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