What seems like something of a benign announcement is something that rings fear to the Democrats and those involved. The Ukraine in a press release noted that 13 extraditions have been approved so far in 2019 and they have received 7 requests to transfer criminal proceedings.

In addition the spokesperson for the Prosecutors office said that more than 40 extradition requests have been evaluated by foreign nations in 2019 and only 16 of those requests have been completed.

We reached out to the press spokesperson for the Prosecutor General’s Office (PGO) in respects to transferring criminal proceedings and or investigations to the US. As per this article we know that Hunter Biden, members of the US Embassy in Kiev are under investigation at the highest courts under penal codes citing “High Crimes”.

We asked the PGO if they had any requests from the USA to transfer criminal proceedings to our jurisdiction in order to bring a person to criminal liability for offense committed in the territory of another state.

The spokesperson would not confirm if any person has been extradited to the USA but did confirm that at least ONE if not all 7 requests received by the Ukraine – have been submitted to the Ukraine to transfer criminal proceeding(s) to US territory.

Could it be one of the multiple cases Hunter Biden / Burisma is involved in? Could it be the one about John Kerry or Joe Biden pushing to drop Burisma Group Owner’s charges from the UK/ Northern Ireland Fraud unit in conjunction with the PGO?



Looks like the panic is settling in and soon to get real. Is it about the Nuclear energy deals? Burisma money laundering? Quid Pro Quo Joe or black-market weapons sales Klobuchar-Graham? The spokesperson wouldn’t say much except that the most of the requests have been submitted at the beginning of this year. That would mean it was before Qui Pro Quo Joe announced his run for President on April 25, 2019 ergo can’t be considered going after your “opponent”. As if Dementia Joe is an opponent, let’s be real.

Ex-Senator Lindsey Graham

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