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In early 2014 as Obama was seeking a way out of the mess in Iran and trying to find an in to the EU and the nuclear market Mykola Zlochevsky was in trouble. In fact the UK and Northern Ireland Fraud Bureau was months into an criminal investigation involving Zlochevsky and $35 Mil of laundered money.

People that can launder $35 Mil obviously have some famous peeps in their contact list. It was in early March 2014 that Zlochevsky reached out to then Secretary of State John Kerry who was trying to smooth things over with Iran and former Vice President Joe Biden. Long story short, Zlochevsky said “Help me get out of this and we can split the profits of Burisma”.

Mykola Zlochevsky was the Ukraine’s former Ecology Minister and Burisma Group owner who happened to offer Hunter Biden a position about a week or two after Zlochevsky reached out to Biden and Kerry for help!

In fact 4 new board members, Alexander Kwasniewski, Alan Apter, Devon Archer and Hunter Biden joined Burisma on May 12, 2014. Coincidentally, a financial investigation conducted by the Latvian authorities determined two shell companies and all four NEW members of Burisma had been paid $16.5 Mil. Want to take a wild guess where these shell companies funnel back to in respects to ownership… well indirectly that is.

Joe Biden received money from Burisma via a lobbying company. In fact as financial forensics were conducted a hidden “fee” led back to a lobbying firm that gave Joe Biden money.

Quid Pro Quo Joe Timeline

  • December 2015 – Joe Biden visits Ukraine
  • February 19, 2016 President of Ukraine asks Parliament to dismiss PG Shokin (who was investigating Burisma)
  • March 29, 2016 – Parliament Agrees
  • April 3, 2016 President of Ukraine signed the decree dismissing Shokin
  • May 5, 2016 All cases archived against Zlochevsky
  • June 3, 2016 US and Ukraine sign $1 Billion Loan Agreement

Corrupt US Embassy in the Ukraine

Why would NABU (National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine) contact the US Embassy to provide information on their own politician? Would the FBI ever walk over to the Romanian embassy and meet with the Ambassador and say “Hey what do you think of our politician Schmoe. He went to your country’s inauguration wanna join me while I arrest him for fraud that we can’t prove?” Sounds insane? That’s exactly what happened in the case of Roman Nasirov.

Roman Nasirov who was head of the State Fiscal Service since May 2015 in the Ukraine committed a crime. His crime was attending the Inauguration of US President Donald Trump in January of 2017. The man was immediately thrown in jail at the age of 38 suffered a heart attack and after 19 months released and reinstated as head of the State Fiscal Service in December 2018 with backpay. Sounds odd right? It’s like throwing our IRS National Commissioner in jail for alleged fraud then reinstating him 19 months later with back pay? That sounds super odd right?

It’s odd that the arrest of Head of the State Fiscal Service for the Ukraine Nasirov, was supervised at that time by the U.S. Embassy personally according to MP Andriy Derkach. Why would we be interested in a foreign national being arrested for domestic wrong doings? Remarkably, the most curious part of this whole case is the release of Nasirov. It’s timing is almost synchronous with criminal proceedings against Burisma are peaking and Hunter Biden is in hot water tied to money laundering with daddy. Meanwhile, disgraced partisan hack Yovanovich realizes she’s in hot water refusing the Prosecutor General of the Ukraine access to the DOJ cause she needed to “screen” everything. Timing is everything.

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Criminal Proceedings against Joe Biden, Hunter Biden and or Burisma:

Correspondence between NABU ( National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine) employees and employees of the U.S. Embassy has been available for several years within the criminal case file No. 42018000000002952 (Article 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, High Treason). According to the information received from investigative journalists, which I rechecked, it was obtained absolutely legally, as part of the investigative actions.

  • 32014000000000074 – filed March 2014
  • 42014000000000181- filed April, 2014
  • 42014000000000375 -filed April, 2014
  • 42014000000000805 -filed April 2014
  • 42014000000000999 – filed April 2014
  • 42014000000001095 – filed April, 2014
  • 42015000000001283 – filed April 2015
  • 12017160000000208 -filed January 2017
  • 42018000000000407 -filed April 2018
  • 52018000000000748 – filed May 2018

Incredibly, we are talking billions of dollars in laundered cash, kick backs and lining of pockets. Investigations that kicked off way before the staged call with Zelensky. It’s incredible how the MSM (#ABCKILLEDEPSTEINSTORY imagine what else they are killing) won’t report actual facts. How did President Trump ask that the Ukraine investigate his political opponent (as if Biden had a chance!) when the Ukraine and the Trump administration have been working on the criminal proceedings against Biden and Kerry way before Biden’s announcement on April 25, 2019?

Are they inferring that the President should have FORESEEN Biden was running or that the mere thought of Biden running is threatening (seriously?)? Whatever the matter may be, the Bidens-Energy-Ukraine and kickbacks happened. Those are crimes and if the Democrats had any dignity and honor for the positions they hold they would be holding Biden accountable. Besides, the Ukraine scheme with Obama-Biden will soon be of national chatter.

In the meantime a simple request for criminal proceeding transfer on one of these cases involving US officials and or citizens committing crimes in the Ukraine is the fastest way to bring justice on our own time with results so cases don’t magically “close” like they do in the Ukraine.

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