California: Leading State In Abortion Charges Woman With Murder Of Unborn Child

California is the state with the highest abortion rate in the nation for over 40 years, yet a woman is wanted for killing her “unborn” baby.

Chelsea Becker is wanted for murder of her stillborn baby. Hanford police got a murder warrant for her arrest because her baby was stillborn. She gave birth to a stillborn male that had toxic levels of methamphetamine in his system.


We ended up getting a murder warrant for her arrest, so we have been checking several different areas in and around the city of Hanford .

Hanford Police Sgt. Justin Vallin
Chelsea Becker

In September 2019, Becker gave birth to a stillborn baby. Medical staff noticed something was wrong and an autopsy was conducted. The Kings County coroner who conducted the autopsy found toxic level of methamphetamine in the baby’s system and the case was ruled a homicide.

Becker is an addict and according to Hanford police she was using drugs throughout her whole pregnancy. In fact, Becker has lost custody of her three kids already because of her drug use.

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Doctors had informed Becker during her prenatal visit of what drug use could do if she was pregnant or while she was pregnant about the harmful effects it could have on a child and this is why police claim she had intent.

Why would the state of California rule the death of an unborn child as murder if it is “her body her choice”? We asked that question and were told INTENT matters.

Intent to kill the unborn child is how this was ruled a murder. She knew the implications of drug use during her pregnancy and knew that the drugs could kill her baby.

Spokesperson Hanford Police

I am pro-life. I do not believe abortion should be legal – EVER. Don’t want a baby, don’t have sex or make sure to use protection. The hypocrisy is what is important to highlight.

Isn’t the procedure of abortion or taking “Plan B” done so with the intent to kill an unborn child? During an abortion procedure the unborn baby is literally brutally ripped apart limb by limb. The horrific, painful and gruesome procedure of abortion isn’t murder – but a woman who takes drugs and kills her baby is?

Hypocrisy at it’s finest. This makes absolutely no sense. I thank the CEO of BabylonBee for bringing this to my attention.

It seems that the Democrats talk out of both sides of their mouth. On the one end it’s her body her choice and on the other it’s murder. Could it be murder because the fetus was not a profitable product or it’s “parts” were not able to be reused? Is there fine print that requires the death of an unborn child to be done in a state controlled environment and not at the hands of the woman who houses the unborn child in her body?

This complicates the state’s position and these are questions that should be answered. You can’t say it’s her body her choice but then turn around and charge a woman with murder because she chose to end the baby’s life on her terms.

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Abortion, by drugs or medical procedure is murder in my eyes but it’s curious as to how the State of California can charge a woman for murder when they support her right to terminate an unborn child. Intent is not an argument because having an abortion is in itself intent to end the life of an unborn child.

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