Across the nation people are in outcry in Adam Schiff’s comments, posturing, handling of the “impeachment” inquiry and his creepy past. Schiff is linked to a very bizarre “non-profit” that teaches adults how to massage infants in orphanages in nations with the highest child trafficking rates and linked to pedophiles across the nation that are being arrested and charged with little to no media coverage.

Show Me Your Friends I Will Tell You Who You Are

Schiff was born in 1960, that makes him exactly 59 years old. As a graduate of Stanford and Harvard he came into Congress after his stint as Assistant Prosecutor for the US Attorney’s Office. His pivotal case that got him primed and ready was retrying a case against an agent and convincing the courts the agent was a double agent or Russia. This win came after Schiff completed training at the FARM.

Schiff, a graduate of Langley he was ideal to enter Congress in 2001. The pivotal year, 2001, that will forever be etched in America’s heart is immortalized point in time where the people, US citizens voluntarily forfeited their rights and “elected” those that have been usurping our nation ever since.

Interestingly, in 2010, Schiff sat on the House Appropriations Committee and the Judiciary Committee. He also sat on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and the Select Intelligence Oversight Panel. Nine years later nothing has changed. #TermLimits

In the picture above, Schiff poses with a GUEST at his 50th Birthday party celebration that was coordinated by Patricia Horton (AKA Patty-We will get to her at another time). His special guests included big donor Ed Buck and close confidant Emmy-winning correspondent for NBC Dr. Bruce Hensel.

Dr. Bruce Hensel, former Chief Health, Medical and Science Editor/Correspondent for NBC4 attends the Official Launch Party Of Dr. Garth Fisher's BioMed Spa at Garth Fisher MD on August 22, 2017 in Beverly Hills
Getty Images Pedophile Dr. Bruce Hensel

It seems that NBC has a problem with having staff that are rapists and pedophiles and they ensure to fire, bury or refuse to cover any stories concerning Jeffrey Epstein that Patty Horton, Schiff’s very well paid campaign manager/handler can allegedly speak to.

Yesterday, Wednesday November 13, 2019 as Schiff was putting on his circus of an impeachment hearing that felt more like “Facebook Court” by using gossip and hearsay be presented as facts, his BFF Dr. Bruce Hensel, 71, was charged with asking a 9-year-old girl to send him sexually explicit photos. According to the Los Angeles Times reported the 9-year-old girl was the child of a friend of his and he solicited the photos she sent him.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department they discovered that a 9-year-old girl had actually sent SEXUALLY EXPLICIT photos to Hensel over a messaging app which if we would have to guess is KIK messenger since KIK Messenger. This may be connected to a case, which has not been confirmed, as part an ongoing investigation into LIDDLE KIDZ.

I can’t tell you how we found out about these messages nor confirm or deny that the messages were discovered due to an ongoing investigation into something or someone else. All I can say is that we had more than enough for a search warrant without his presence and expect to find more.

Los Angeles PD Source

In other words, this investigation was triggered possibly by pedophile NBC correspondent Hensel forwarding messages to someone else currently under criminal investigation. The warrant was awarded to them by a magistrate to search his home without him present back on October 16, 2019.

Hensel was arrested and almost instantly released on $5,000.00 dollar bail ane his arraignment date has not determined yet. His lawyer, Steve Sitkoff said that Hensel’s arrest was a “surprise”.

We are cooperating fully with the authorities and we are looking forward to a speedy and complete exoneration.

NBC4 in Los Angeles.
 Hensel reportedly supplied Little with six DVD’s full of child pornography.

Pedophile Hensel, had co-directed a documentary that aired on Showtime, “Beyond the Opposite Sex” about transgender relationships demonstrating the normalization of gender dysphoria. IMBD summary :

Forty-seven-year-old Jim Alter pursued manly roles so successfully for so long — playing football, starting a family, running auto-shop and construction businesses, hanging with the guys — that the shock was total when he announced he would now cross-dress (and, eventually, undergo sex-change surgery) as a woman. Reactions range from his mother’s earnest bewilderment to the scandalized fury of in-laws. Only wife of 25 years Brenda retrospectively sees signs she’d ignored of the cross-dressing, then hormone-taking “alter ego” he managed to keep secret for decades.Josh Aronson

Rep. Adam Schiff and Ed Buck (center) outside a house in California.
Rep. Adam Schiff and Sex Offender that drugged and killed men Ed Buck (center) outside a house in California.

According to the NYPOST, if convicted he ONLY faces an 18 month sentence!

I believe that penalties for Crimes Involved Against children should be rewritten and gutted. The penalties should be a lot harsher than what they are receiving.

If I were Schiff, I would be applying for citizenship in New Zealand like Comey did. Historically, Australia and New Zealand were where the CROWN would send their criminals to back in the day. No wonder he wants to remove President Trump, all his friends are going to jail.


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