It seems that almost every year, people are discovered dead on the beach of Plum Island. Not Plum Island that was a Bioweapons Research Lab but Plum Island Massachusetts. SAME NAME – DIFFERENT LOCATIONS – BOTH HORRIFIC

Hunter Biden and his criminal activities such as using the State Department to “smuggle friends” into Mexico, falsifying information to obtain a weapon, having sex with a minor and taking pictures of it, globe-trotting with a “BLACK CARD” that he billed to us the taxpayers and selling our intelligence, our nation and even HAVING CONVERSATIONS about the 2020 ELECTIONS with the AFL-CIO are “smear campaigns.” Can Hunter Biden also get away with murder, or is that where the MEDIA and Corporations will draw the line, or does he have a free pass?


ONE laptop has a lot of information, and those who have it should research it well. They would have seen that he kept LOSING his phone at crack houses in California, hotels in DC, Virginia, and even Dubai. He used TILE sometimes to find them. What’s to say all those devices were not IMAGED and contain his dad’s “alias” pictures from places you would never expect to find them both?. Communications about elections that were coming up. When devices are imaged, so is the access to clouds that live indefinitely. I guess SECRET SERVICE can’t even protect the “FIRST sELECTED” son’s information and texts until today landing onto obscure imageboards on Freenet or Tor Tor. Imagine if Pelosi’s laptop and Devi’s stuff were there too via Smollett’s careless communications. #LOL

I wonder why more recent reports aren’t online?

Nevertheless, a creepy and eerie finding has popped up concerning PLUM ISLAND. He would PAY people to do “WORK” and “CLEANERS” at Plum Island for many years. The digital age is WEIRD like that. Digital cyber footprints are difficult to erase.

Allegedly From Lost and or Imaged DEVICES — #WeARETHENEWS
What’s the police say about all these murders and dead bodies? Looks like a HABITUAL THING.

The email below is between Hunter and some middle person about the PROPERTY he and his shrink “Life Coach,” who is being investigated for a barrage of crimes would frequent.

Albow’s victims have made statements like: “He would have me on my knees and begin to beat me with his hands on my breasts, occasionally saying, ‘I own you,’ or ‘You are my slave,’” the Globe reported. It sounds like something a crazed person who would partake in more serious crimes. Nothing is off the table for HUNTERS ISLAND, especially when it comes to their prey. When will the FBI actually make the HUNTERS HUNTED, or do they have a 00 PASS?

Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others ~ George Orwell

Then there are these ransom payments to people who use Venmo for Child Support, School Supplies, and Pizza. He has another VENMO account, but I think Selected Secret Service took care of that one.


The numbers are not his PIMP’S. Here is a link to the chats he’s had with his PIMP. According to information sources within the FBI investigating ABLOW, a visit to PLUM ISLAND with Hunter Biden MAY has gotten out of control right before Christmas 2018.

Ketamine Therapy (going theme on texts)
Handler is getting worried

The access to these communications of Hunter’s Island escapades led us to Joe’s communications and much more. #StoryComing

It would be a crime to find that the VICE PRESIDENT in his capacity as VICE PRESIDENT enacted in some odd stuff like appointing certain people in certain places for reasons that don’t benefit the country but himself – and it’s DOCUMENTED.

For now, it would be great if the FBI that is SUPPOSED to be investigating ABLOW also works with PLUM ISLAND police and see if any of the dead bodies that keep popping up are somehow linked to Hunter’s trips. We don’t have all the details because “We don’t comment on ongoing investigations” or “We can’t confirm or deny that X amount of dead women turned up in 2016, 2017, and 2018 if they are part of ongoing investigations”.

Did Hunter Biden have his “play things” killed?

No one knows. All we know is that for over a decade, women, young and old, men, young and old, go missing on Plum Island, and no one seems to see a pattern. Reports from the media have reduced, people seem to turn a blind eye to MURDER.

One thing is for sure. Hunter Biden seems to be in the middle of a lot of things. Selling off US businesses, smuggling people into Mexico, getting paid to ask his dad to put people in certain positions, crack whores, having sex with minors (his daddy and the parent of the child also knew), purchasing a weapon with false information on the application, discussing ELECTIONS with the AFL-CIO in 2019 and 2020 and more. Therefore, murder would not surprise me, considering Plum Island is a hot spot for many creepy “elected” officials that make the Standard Hotel’s history pale compared to Plum Island. Do the residents of Plum Island not care about what is happening in their neck of the woods?

To All Those in Law Enforcement that serve the people :


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  1. Whom is the more guilty? Those who commit the crime, or those who do not seek to solve or prosecute a crime?

  2. Those who look the other way. Those who allow crimes to continue. Those who profit off of the crime and not doing their job. They are perpetuating and incentivizing the crime against humanity.

  3. Damn ToRE, Ur bustin out Article after Article!! Ur a machine!! Keep up the GREAT work!! The DeepState Trembles and wets themselves a bit when ur name is spoken!!

    { [ToRE + PandorasBox] }
    { —————————— } = “Im Glad ToRE
    { [Psychological Weapon] }. Is on our side”

    #Pandora #ToRE #Tor #Wizards #Warlockes #JsocUSV

  4. Damn ToRE, Ur bustin out Article after Article!! Ur a machine!! Keep up the GREAT work!! The DeepState Trembles and wets themselves a bit when ur name is spoken!!

    { [ToRE + PandorasBox] }
    { —————————— } = “Im Glad ToRE
    { [Psychological Weapon] }. Is on our side”

    #Pandora #ToRE #Tor #Wizards #Warlockes #JsocUSV #L00kingGlass

  5. Tore thank you I listen to you faithfullly and SO PROUD that you can share your knowledge and Truth…Love and Sunlight Thank You …Your braces Look Amazing Beauiful

  6. Holy Crap, I am from Mass went to Plum Island as a teen something not right there , Also Keith used to be on Fox news hmm I actually consulted with his office about an independent medication eval for my mom with dementia , glad I never followed through

  7. Wow, Tore! True investigative reporting at its finest, as always. Thank you for raising awareness on this Hunter issue that no one else is taking about! Damn amazing, you are!

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