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Government Corruption

Mattis-Kissinger-Bilderberg-Blood Research

General "Mad Dog" Mattis. When he was appointed he was approved by the Senate without a hiccup. It's always the story...

Clinton FIX: Uranium One to RussiaGate

As reported many times the law firms, that represent the corrupt clowns of at the "foggy bottom" and the White House are the real...

RussiaGate: Part 3 Unmasking Methods & POC

In order for a plan to be successfully mobilized MONEY was key. The "plane full o' cash" was one way, but a very little...

Did Perkins Coie BLOCK access to DNC & HRC server?

Perkins Coie is also curiously involved with the probes into to Hillary Clinton from Benghazi, Uranium One, missing emails and her bathroom server on behalf of their client and as counsel for her campaign organization Hillary for America.

William Barr – Bill Clinton 5,242.7 km, $100 MIL & DOPE

I challenge anyone to refute the authenticity of these documents. The Court of Neptune. Pollywogs on Navy boats now anticipate this time.  You get a...

“Heroes will come of this, and it won’t be Mueller…”

Back to The Future: Comey was tipped off about the Bush Administration going behind Comey's back to Ashcroft, to legalize captured communications of elected officials, intelligence and law enforcement. Who tipped him off? Rod Rosenstein was appointed US States Attorney in Maryland that following year.

Socializing TV: Free Speech Under Attack on All Fronts

Socialism. This is what socialism is – this is socialized media. The aim of socialism is to create monopolies. That is how you make sure you have absolute control of all information accessibility in order to be able to censor that which counters your goals.

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