It’s easy to sit on your lawn chair and shout at the TV and look at stumbling blocks and failures people experience while fighting for what they believe is crucial. It’s also easy to look at pictures, and evidence (both actual and manufactured) and draw premature conclusions. The hard thing to do is actually put the pieces of truth together to get the REAL picture because TRUTH is hidden in all the lies that opportunists, losers, globalists, paid mouthpieces, posers, and wannabe social media stars push.

Russia Collusion failed. J6 WILL FAIL. Election Fraud Claims #DANGERZONE

Over 65% of Americans believe that “some election fraud” happened. One instance is too much, let alone “some,” which can be anything from many to almost all cases. 

Many consider the Maricopa County Audit a failure because MEDIA told them so. The Media also advised you that President Trump was a Russian agent for almost four years and the MEDIA also said that Hunter Biden’s Laptop was Russian Disinformation. In addition, multiple “intelligence officials” also signed off claiming the laptop was Russian Disinformation as well, and now they are being officially questioned about that letter they signed. Therefore if you are listening to the media both left and right, it’s your fault you are ill-informed.

In the age of DECEPTION, where MISINFORMATION and DISINFORMATION are standard practice, how do you discern what is factual information and what is propaganda?

Truth is facts. Not versions of facts, but FACTS.

How did we know that the Russia Dossier was propaganda and phony?

First-hand knowledge from both conventional and unconventional whistleblowers is first and foremost. The MEDIA skews facts, and usually, slander taints or applies the labels such as that of a conspiracy theorist, fraud, grifter, and liar because they know how expensive defamation litigation is on genuine whistleblowers. (The fake whistleblowers get movies and book deals or join some leftist 501c3 or write books filled with lies and drunken or drug-induced rants) 

How did we know that ELECTION AUDIT FAILURE is a lie?

We know this for the same reason as why the RUSSIA HOAX was a lie; Common Players.

Simple. For starters, consistency and common factors. The same guy who worked on the Hillary Clinton email scandal investigation also worked on sabotaging President Trump’s image. He was motivated to run interference, build a false case, and run with it. 

That guy’s name was Peter Strzok. 

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Before Peter Strzok, another player was running interference on Hillary Clinton’s emails. He bowed out of the government game and jumped into the Non-Profit Organization game to continue his efforts to support the Obama regime. 

No one has heard much about him, but he helped Hillary Clinton get away with Benghazi and Barack Hussein Obama (so he thought). He worked with Linnick, the AG of the State Department, who used OUR tax dollars to help hide their antics, money expenditures (upwards of 3 Trillion), and emails that exposed all of it. 

This article intends to introduce you to this “superstar.” It will show you where John Durham will land the following year. Marc Elias seems to be at the center of it all. This “hidden” player got caught because of his “reward.” He was rewarded with a cushy job at the Department of Defense as Special Counsel. More on that to come but he tainted, ran interference, and allegedly blackmailed or bribed judges and state legislators to destroy the Maricopa County audit- he failed to do so but achieved something else. Evers is scrappy. He found a workaround.  

While working at the Deep State Department, he blocked all Freedom of Information Act (FIOA) requests during the investigations into Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server for government business.  Both Duval and Evers allegedly had no previous experience handling FIOA requests but were put in charge of them. The firm that was hired to represent Hillary Clinton during the email scandal was Williams & Connolly, and both Duval and Evers worked for that firm before they were hired and assigned to those positions.

Oddly enough the article, in-depth that Sarah Westwood wrote for the Washington Examiner  “State Dept. Hired Lawyers from Clinton’s Law Firm to Handle Emails.” Washington Examiner, October 21, 2016″ has been scrubbed – remnants of it are found in this archive HERE.

Washington Examiner SCRUBBED LINK

Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), in a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry Wednesday, inquired about the role State attorney Catherine Duval has played in classifying Freedom of Information Act requests for information. Evers is key. Duval and Evers ran the interference. 

“Have notified the Intelligence Community Inspector General that department attorneys reviewing Secretary Clinton’s emails appear to have a conflict of interest or reason to question their objectivity.”

Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa),

Goodlatte sent a letter to the IG of the State Department. He wrote:

 “at the very least, this suspect arrangement raises questions about the State Department hiring process, but at worst, it suggests willful obstruction by handpicked Clinton associates at the State Department on behalf of former Secretary Clinton to ensure damaging or incriminating documents never saw the light of day.” 

Then-House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) 
Why is this important?

Evers. Evers is important. He left as counsel from the State Department in January of 2017 after he founded and created a “non-profit” called American Oversight. American Oversight was formed in January 2017 with the following mission statement. 

“We are holding the Trump Administration accountable because Congress won’t .”

That is weird, considering President Trump hadn’t even been sworn into office yet. #Details

Regardless, this organization has the whole enchilada for Durham. Evers continued to do what he did best at the State Department when in charge of FOIA requests for Hillary Clinton emails – RUN INTERFERENCE. 

This has all come and gone, right? Evers was all about “transparency.” Fortunately for our nation, there are oodles of communications that MAY be on a drive somewhere especially communications directly with Dominion that would quickly dispel any notion of why American Oversight interjected themselves into this. Including the SEED CAPITAL to start it. Origins matter.  

Evers also lead the case against the Maricopa Audit as well as all audits across the nation that he needed to run interference on. Sources tell us that judges, state legislators, and state employees were coerced, bribed, and or blackmailed to assist in trying to tie the Maricopa Audit to President Trump’s PAC, companies, and or anyone that can provide proximity to President Trump. 


Cyber Ninjas was forced into bankruptcy and is constantly being fined because Evers led an effort to have the court demand Doug Logan provide all names of all volunteers, all emails, and messages related to the audit. Why? They are hell-bent on creating a case that indicates that President Trump deployed, funded, and or had a hand a direct hand in the audits that happened in various states.  The why is important.

Not convinced that Austin is leading this operation and his “non-partisan” organization? American Oversight targeted all states investigating election integrity and conducting audits. In this article, they write:

The documents include an email to Vos from Trump-allied lawyer Victoria Toensing, sent in early June 2021, less than two weeks after Vos announced that he would be hiring investigators to conduct an election review. Toensing, a longtime associate of Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, had worked with Giuliani to dig up dirt on the Bidens in Ukraine and later assisted in the former president’s legal efforts to overturn his 2020 election loss.


This is a DOD investigation – that is building a case to CHARGE President Trump with an attempt to overthrow the government. The very people you are “voting” for are the ones building the case and interference guys like EVERS are running point on connecting those dots, obfuscating the data and information as well as manufacturing the arguments.

Holding the “Trump Administration” accountable did not end with the witchhunt for Russian Collusion. As you read this, Evers is Special Counsel within the Department of Defense. Once again, he is running interference, BUT he is also part of a clandestine task force seeking to charge President Trump with a serious crime. They are using his closest team members to trickle back information regarding that. There are 24 Secretary of State, including and not limited to Katie Hobbs and Frank LaRose helping build the “Election Disinformation” case to charge him with Advocating to Overthrow a government.

If they can make a solid argument that he funded any of the audits – even a pen donation they will bring those charges forward because the Secretary of State(s) are aiming to do the same. Listen to their OWN words. This “zoom call” was from 2021.

In a zoom call in 2021, the Secretary of State of 30 states got together to find ways to silence, quell and combat election integrity conversations and how they PLANTED seeds to battle anyone talking about Election Fraud in 2020 and applauded themselves.

I am confident that if Durham was to request emails from this specialized, secret task force, would he see that Barack Hussein Obama is being briefed on this matter.

Evers and many working with him over the years exist to get ahead of things, target those who have information, or that promote transparency. Running interference is manufacturing evidence and burying actual evidence. How does one succeed in this?

The communications between them [the Secretary of State(s)] and Evers are frequent. In Wisconsin, he was able to flush out many friendlies to obtain information in regards to the efforts; Specifically lawyers we encouraged to place there such as Sorelle and others to ensure that we can confiscate their communications in the future by ways of other means; Many of them spoke with senior leadership and persons close to Trump; Our sources within Trump’s camp has been vital; He (Evers) believes the information he can obtain from Cyber Ninjas is imperative as he placed his own people there to “attest” to poison the results but failed so their testimony will be used; Dominion has failed to provide such information yet but Evers is working with Sidney Powell’s team to obtain that information and the DOJ is working with us to provide immunity for fiscal crimes if she cooperates; Jenna Ellis and Bernie Kerik are also a target as they raised money for election integrity but we haven’t see that applied, a deal is in the works for them;

Source at DoD Counsel – Collection of communications between sources and primary source (DOD COUNSEL) discussing mutual efforts-combined out of chronological order to protect sources.

It seems that many are working with Evers to connect all the communications and data collected by “American Oversight” and the Secretary of State(s) to silence the people once and for all by once again creating a narrative of Orange Man Bad that will not end well. You cannot disenfranchise 120 Million voters and expect them to go out with a whimper in the night, and they know this, this is what they anticipate. It would be interesting to see if and how much funding has been allocated to this super-secret Special Counsel that Austin Evers is part of.

Running such an op under the DOD banner allows compartmentalization and black budget allocation. It was a genius move by Obama. Finally, if I have this information, many others do too; one should ask, WHY IS NOONE ELSE REPORTING IT?

Many people subscribe to the guilty by association tactic, and it works! Look at all the divisions on the right? If you are associated with the right person, you are a good guy – yet it’s former Trump campaign leadership working with people like EVERS. If you are associated with the wrong people, you are bad – no 5D chess. ACTIONS vs. INACTIONS, Complaining vs. doing something, Actual Information vs. Propaganda


Are you telling me your “trusted” media isn’t talking about him because they don’t know? That means they aren’t doing their job, or maybe not talking about him IS doing their job. 

In closing, aside from all these manufactured attempts to tie President Trump to election fraud, we had Ali Akbar create proximity ties to claim President Trump was behind J6. Wait, there is more. 

Trump’s advisors advised him to ENDORSE people actively working against him. Such horrific endorsements serve one or both purposes: 

  1. Show the world President Trump “lost his touch” on picking winners
  2. So that his base LOSES faith in him because he keeps making bad decisions

Coming up next| Forgetting about the Chinese PR firm owned by the Clintons- TENEO. TENEO was based in CHINA outside the United States. You thought only the Bidens were in bed with the Chinese? All of Obama’s cronies are. Discussion about China and the succeeding companies formed to obfuscate activities are non-existent. Sometimes people forget to scrub migrated databases. #oops

The things to keep an eye on? Daniel Bostic – Ali Akbar’s boyfriend. He’s a trap that posed for Les Wexner’s companies (Les Wexner was Epstein’s BFF).

Never forget. It’s ok to be wrong. It’s ok to make mistakes but trying to cover up your mistakes leads to downfall. OWN THEM. ~Tore

Armed with truth there is no need for war. No need for civil unrest. Clean and swift.

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  1. You write a pretty good article , I however have to question its authenticity cuz didnt see the word fuck in it even once.Regardless you have some kindof super warrior heart I hope its catching.

  2. So we are now under the rule of NAZI’s and communists. The term criminal attorneys fit DC like a glove. The people of this country shouldn’t stand for elections being controlled by a bunch of totalitarian criminals, yet they go on. There is nothing so absurd as the criminals controlling investigations. We should fear for our nation.

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