A tragedy struck Texas. Over 15 children dead and two teachers. In an instant, gun control was back in the news. A disaster is an opportunity to fuel a plan for all cogs in the corrupt machine. Here are the chances they are seizing and what you missed.


Incredibly, the NY Times self-proclaimed as themselves mouthpiece of the people, almost ORDERING the White House to do something. The self-proclaimed representative of the people from the NY Times, who was the only person wearing a mask, suggested that the Executive Branch attempt to hold the gun manufacturer accountable for the shootings. Which is a “brilliant idea”? Next time a driver runs over my lawn, I will call the car manufacturer and use them to pay for repairs. Manufacturers should be held accountable for irresponsible users getting a car. Here is the clip.

In other words, manufacturers of consumer goods should be careful who consumes them. Their products are to be purchased by ELIGIBLE consumers. Essentially, items are ONLY to be sold to “responsible” people. How do you calculate that? Let me guess; a social credit score would allow or disallow you to buy things. They always tell you what they want. Aside from being a ludicrous statement – the guy is not stupid; he’s on a mission. Let’s start the conversations that people identified as a risk can’t buy cars cause if they are drinkers, a car company can be sued if there is a DUI accident; therefore, alcohol consumers are ineligible to buy a car. See how that works?


Fang Fang’s ex-boyfriend (Fang Fang died in a mysterious plane crash), Beto O’Rourke, who self proclaims himself an “hombre,” demonstrated their objective with Uvalde. While this was a stunt and some cringy grandstanding, it’s evident the purpose of this “outburst” was not just a PR stunt but to reinforce what NY Times masked “reporter” inferred. We need to implement red flag laws. We can implement a list of eligible ammunition and gun consumers and identify those that are to be ineligible. A little further into this statement: Digital state currencies are being deployed. The states are examining the programmability of the digital currency or ability of purchasing power. Your salary will land in your account after taxes. You will be able to purchase things with housing credits, luxury, and or food credits – but your “personal flow” will have restrictions like guns if you are ineligible for such a purchase. If you want to eat twinkies, but your health insurance says you need to lose weight, your credits will have restrictions on junk food. See how that works?


Children’s juvenile records are sealed and not available to the public. If a child does something criminal, it is sealed and never brought against them as adults. The theory to this is that children can be reformed if done correctly. In essence, children can unlearn bad behavior and cultivate their moral compasses due to their age as they are still growing. Children are not allowed on social media, and advocating for putting all their records in a database is being supported. Here is a clip from 2018.

Spinning the narrative even though it was destroyed

Many people claimed that RAMOS was one of the children referred to in this video. State Troopers have confirmed that he is not, but the media and Congressman Gonzales (R-TX) are pushing this narrative.

Here is the report claiming that sparked and prompted the Texas Rangers to respond.


As for the questions people should ask rather than fall into the rabbit hole of a false flag.

  1. Who’s the company that sold the gun?
  2. The gun was purchased on credit? How did that credit be extended to a kid that just turned 18 that would have a paper thin credit file? Did he provide income? ID?
  3. What is the financing company? Expensive guns and free financing ?
  4. Was there fraud? Was their financing?
  5. Why is a former governor’s family fortune behind this?
  6. Why was CPB there?
  7. Police were holding people at bay?
  8. How was the door unlocked?
  9. Oasis Outback? Briscoe? What are these companies?

How come this article was scrubbed from the internet and only found in the archive?

Let’s be fair. This looks odd. Especially in a town of just 20K people with an insane amount of federal funds pouring in. Why would DHS spend millions in a city to build ROADS? When did Homeland Security take charge of road building? In fact, where is this road cause there are no “new roads”? Most are dirt? Billions in federal funding and an “old money” company worth billions are in the middle. Is it a conspiracy or coincidence? All eyes are on this small city to demonstrate their end game- are they treating it as a political move that happened CONVENIENTLY a few days before President Trump speaks at the NRA convention in Texas. How many coincidences before it is mathematically impossible?

As per the substance of this? Children were KILLED (or not), whatever the theory you have. Make-believe or real children were killed. Can people not grieve for them? They were innocent children. Did they shove illegal migrant children and sacrifice them? Did they just cold blood die? Humanity is not resonating with the mass death – it’s being seen as a political talking point this young lady put into perspective for all.

False flag? Happened? It happened but was it planned by the government? They orchestrated a kidnapping with one mentally ill person against the governor, therefore, this notion is not far-fetched. Cartels?

Whatever the reason – the story portrayed in the media is horrific. People should be grieving for the state of our nation. Those that claim to represent us or are elected to protect and foster our communities should be grieving, not campaigning or pushing tyrannical agendas.

Armed with facts, whatever the details of operations or tragedy. The facts remain the same.

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  1. Good write-up. Helps explain a lot. I listen to your podcasts. As for #4 “Was their fraud? Was their financing?” Did you mean to write “there?

  2. That video you included with that woman was spot on. This is a great article with so much information. As a Texan in the greater San Antonio area, my heart grieves for the evil. Whether this actually happened or not. The fact that I know in my soul that my government either recruited and groomed the shooter and facilitated this whole thing OR they knew it was BS but pushed fear on us once again to take rights away is abhorrent and plain evil. I pray to God everyday and I thank HIM each and everyday for trusting my husband and I with the souls of our two children and blessing us with their presence and love. Forgiving God, please forgive us!

  3. My heart is broken, I am so exhausted from the chaos & evil that surrounds this world. Heavenly Father please forgive us of our trespasses, please protect & guide those as they fight & expose such evil. Thank you Tore for shining light to what has been hidden, may God continue to bless & protect you. 🙏♥️🇺🇸

  4. I read the whole thing. 😉 15 years ago I would’ve took it as face value with what the news was portraying. The last 10 years everything that seems to be a tragedy, I take a step back and tell myself well in a couple days we’ll have more facts and see things differently. And sad enough we’ve seen so many false flags that now we question everything, as we should I guess. Grateful to have the eyes to see in the ears to hear. Unfortunately due to reading your article, my social credit score is going to take time away from my Internet use?!? lol (kinda).

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