An article titled Why I’m protesting the Congressional Baseball Game was published by the Washington Post, written and accredited to a guy named Mike Tidwell. This is the most recent example of the MSM and social media giving a platform to ACTUAL Domestic Terrorists.

The 87th Congressional Baseball Game is tomorrow, July 28, 2022, and Tidwell and other government-funded, government-organized, and J6 Committee-linked groups training in secret will be PROTESTING. Tidwell, an organizer of one of the domestic terror cells that are mostly “peaceful,” have been allowed to use the Washington Post as an outlet to promote its views and “event.”

Here is author of the WAPO article Mike Tidwell leading the “training” on how to PROTEST

There are protests all over the nation. Air Force members are demanding the right to make their own medical decisions and religious rights. Still, they get no coverage since they aren’t funded by the outlets that promote them, such as the fourth unelected branch of government and foreign entities.

In an unlisted YOUTUBE video they make a statement that the left considers VIOLENT when someone who is not a climate change activist says it.

It’s incredible how Mike Tidwell gets to write a puff piece – a manifesto about what they are planning. He omits to state the actual plans. Five years ago, DeSantis (now governor of Florida) and Jeff Duncan (R-SC) were spared because they exchanged words with 66-year-old James Thomas Hodgkinson. Hodgkinson was part of the same organized groups planning to cause havoc and fear at an event that brought opposition parties together. Five years ago, Hodgkinson was part of their RED GROUP training.

Red Group training is training “volunteers” to sign up for an undergo if they are willing to commit acts and/or offenses to go to jail. They are trained in how to assert their rights, provide contact information to lawyers and ensure that the task they wish to execute is well supported. The FBI has been receiving death threats and statements. Twitter houses most of the violent threats these “groups” make.

DAPL Deja Vu with Ruffalo rearing his head again. Do they have him on some type of activist CAA retainer?


In the manifesto he’s explaining their “ideas” but he omits to talk about the CLASSIFIED RED TEAM training that happened at the EATON HOTEL in DC today at 1800. Instead he spoke of their movement as if it’s benign.

On July 28, I don’t expect to see much baseball. I’ll be arm in arm with college kids and pastors and parents calmly protesting with our bodies outside Nationals Park. We’ll be appealing to fans entering the Congressional Baseball Game to pause long enough to hear our message: Congress must stop playing games with our one and only, life-giving climate.

Why I’m protesting the Congressional Baseball Game

This is one of MANY government employee groups that organize violent “protests” and riots. They sort through by making sure they know what limitations each volunteer has. It doesn’t sound peaceful if they anticipate or train “RED TEAM” for arrests. James Thomas Hodgkinson was a RED TEAM guy. He was the union guy who shot Rep Scalise during the 2017 congressional baseball game.

Could you imagine if there as a sign-up sheet like that for Pro-Life groups? They would be in jail faster than they could blink.

But the left freely discusses and say things like:

Medics-We’re looking for trained street medics, EMTs, Medical professionals, healers, body workers, herbalists, and anyone else to support the health and well-being of everyone participating in the protests….

Legal- We’re looking for law students, lawyers, trained legal observers, or anyone interested in helping staff the legal hotline or jail support.

Not only that TWITTER harbors the domestic terrorists and that would make sense since the MSM prop them up like heroes even when they kill people, harm people, burn buildings down and terrorize the general public.

The state of our Mainstream Media isn’t just propaganda, but they are providing a platform for terrorists. I am old enough to remember the Mainstream Media sympathizing with Ayatollah Ali Khamenei because his henchman Qassem Soleimani was dead.

These groups BRAG about their HOLLYWOOD and MSM promotion. They are smart. Engagement is low because the activists watch and follow without leaving a social trail.

These “climate” terrorists have no bounds and see anyone questioning their actions, motives and modes as an enemy too.

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