Everyone knows that when buying furniture or anything off Craigslist, your odds of getting scammed or mugged are pretty high. Therefore, if anyone pitched to you the idea that Craigslist is the way to go for election security you would ask for a 72-hr. hold. In fact, seems that Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn F. Benson and Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose of House LaRose/ Jobs Ohio among others, believe that when it comes to Election Security, Craigslist and Facebook are the way to go.

On September 2, 2020, a report by the Tennessee Star pointed out that Michigan and Ohio state secretaries Jocelyn Benson and Frank LaRose endorsed $300 million directed to elections by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan.

Many didn’t understand where or how that “Facebook money” was used. This week, a federal lawsuit demanding a preliminary injunction will be filed in Ohio. This lawsuit has evidence and showcases how some of that money was used and how elections were federalized under the Obama Administration’s last directive on January 6, 2017. Allegedly, this is why Rice sent herself an email, but that has not been confirmed in a court of law yet.


Craig Newmark himself is HIGHLY involved with a “task force” pertaining to Election Disinformation and his work at McKinsey group demonstrates that. Imagine, that the Intelligence Community, Law Enforcement and other federal entities have vested our most important asset as citizens of this great nation our VOICE into the hands of CYBER OLIGARCHS that also believe they should be in charge of who you perceive is governing you.

LINK ( screenshot of Evidence produced in Maras vs Frank LaRose, DHS, EAC among others)

While this seems overwhelming for many people, the implications are incredibly deep-seated and seem unfixable. That is far from the truth. Here is a LINK to what people across the United States of America are doing right now. Take the document, read it, customize it, and send it to your county Board of Elections, your county Judge, or the Secretary of State.

Reporting the concerns is one thing and holding them accountable is another. Use your pens; they are the mightiest of weapons. Remember, they work for you. You (at least for now) pay their salaries; you are their boss. This is how you assert your rights and demand accountability.

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