It’s 2022, and people still demand information about the 2020 elections. After audits, symposiums, data parsing, and so much more, it looks like the ONLY affidavit that outlined all the findings in the past two years that the press had a field day with is the ONLY one that had all the information needed to rectify the situation on legal grounds and has been factually accurate until this day. Who is running the elections, and why are machines not certified according to the Congressionally passed legislation HAVA ACT of 2002?

While many post-2020 elections had a barrage of theories and misinformation floating around, J6 was the perfect cover for the Mainstream Media (MSM) to coin the election theft of 2020 a big lie and call people election deniers. It was reminiscent of the Spanish Inquisition, and rabid cults that executed anyone who dares defies their deity. Misinformation is sometimes necessary; many Americans were swept up in denying MSM narratives and concurrently supporting them when it was against people or movements that did not make them wealthy or like. Many made a lot of money off disinformation, but there was one group that organically grew from late 2018, getting work done while others were acting like jesters both verified by social media platforms and not, and danced on the carnage of a broken America for CLICKS.
One of those people in that group is from Kansas; Ms. Collins took note, listened to everything, and got to work requesting information from her County Board of Elections and sourced communications. As you will see from the evidence, her Director of Election Brian A. Caskey lied.

Ms. Collins, has a binder with many communications she sourced from her election officials in the mighty state of Kansas. She is one of the thousands of Americans who will be part of a very effective class action suit to be filed in the next few weeks.

One of the documents in her binder the IP address is an echo of Governor Kemp’s spine to when he fought for the people of Georgia.

Ms. Collins after collecting all the data, records and emails sent them an email with questions based on information share from the OBFUSCATION – SPECIAL REPORT ( podcast. Below it the correspondence she sent and received.

As per the response by the Director of Elections they denied any agreement with CIS Security Inc, by anyone of them and or the Secretary of State’s Office. That statement is in FACT a lie. How did he not know when he was emailing with them trying to cover up the fact that the machines in Kansas like the affidavit given to Sidney Powell said – were NOT CERTIFIED.

In previous requests Ms. Collins obtained this document with correspondence that not only shows that Mr. Caskey knows CIS Security and DHS are involved but also discusses how to violate a congressionally passed law to get Kansas elections up and running.

Here is the email snapshot in the document below – Bryan Caskey talks with CIS security all the time.

In the fully sourced document where you will find them discussing how ES&S did a software update just prior to the election without getting any approvals or EAC certification which may be a direct violation of the congressionally passed HAVA ACT 2002. Those would be crimes, right?

Hopefully law enforcement in Kansas will act on such crimes but also, enjoin the state from conducting elections with any technology would be key. There is SCOTUS precedent for that.

Circling back to the OBFUSCATION: SPECIAL REPORT ( podcast, it’s important to note that the critical word is OBFUSCATION. Some contracting companies or subsidiaries of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and other federal entities use different names for budget reasons and to avoid immediate indication as federally contracted entities. The significance of this is that they have been getting away with election interference by using company aliases, in the way that Hunter Biden did to launder money, but I think it would be fair to say here – laundering votes. 

How do you know which private foreign or domestic entity is actually working on behalf of DHS and the unelected fourth branch of government is interfering with your vote? It’s simple – find the source, and it seems that both J6 and elections are DUTCH at first glance. CT Corporation is a registrant whose business is collecting all companies and capturing and storing information. It is essential to look up the address cited. Suppose CIS Security claimed its location in the Memorandums of Agreements with various state entities across the nation, but the site is a closet. In that case, that is another actionable item as that would mean that our election officials, including the secretaries of state, did not do their due diligence or were just fine with “ghost locations,” which is in fact, UNCONSTITUTIONAL in itself. What is comical it looks of it the Dutch/Hague were involved with elections and J6, so weird-Companies and filmmakers; What are the odds? It would be interesting to see their role in the “Russian Collusion” Hoax that former pResident Barack Hussein Obama used to federalize elections in the sneakiest way.

Now, one may argue that we need all these foreign and domestic private and not so private entities to secure elections, but the US Constitution is clear. Federal and State funds are paying federal agencies and Ukrainian, Google and Open Societies funded companies like Crowdstrike to “help” with elections.

Another piece of evidence in the federal lawsuit being filed Maras vs LaRose, DHS, EAC among others.

Technology is used for efficiency. Elections need not be efficient they need to be accurate. If technology in elections forfeits the rights of the people to conduct elections in their states handing over the majority of the process and the whole infrastructure under the Homeland Security Act of 2002 and the Patriot Act, then the solution is simple. No machines, no federal government therefore no violation of States and the Election Clause | Constitution Annotated | | Library of Congress Article I of the U.S. Constitution. Pen and Paper can’t be hacked – stop trying to reinvent the wheel. Elections using technology is not about elections it’s about data.

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