“Spyfall” is the term I have coined to describe a RICO operation that involves corrupt agencies and covert activities. The name is a play on the word “spy,” while also conveying the concept of a downfall or loss of reputation, which is appropriate for a corrupt government-led operation.

Within the intelligence community, information is like a mosaic, where every piece is guarded, as you never know which piece might be crucial for someone else. The reason for this utmost secrecy is the methods used, as once they are unraveled, the entire operation can be exposed, along with the identity of the “project managers.”

In early July 2022, insiders within the Intelligence Community informed me that the Department of Justice was preparing to conduct a raid on President Donald Trump. Despite skepticism from other journalists, I knew that my sources are reliable. However, by the end of July, I was surprised that the DOJ had not yet carried out the raid, given their alleged possession of a warrant. It wasn’t until August, during a visit to New York City to keep observe the actions of Leticia James’ office, that I learned of a crucial development: Mar-a-Lago had been raided while President Trump was in New York City. The timing of the operation was a significant factor.

In my investigation of the Mar-a-Lago raid, I pieced together information from various sources to uncover the method used, the unusual timing of the raid, and rumors of an operation planned by the Biden Transition team in December 2020. Despite my efforts, I was still missing a crucial piece of evidence that would connect all the dots. However, fortune smiled on me when a DHS-funded work order fell into my possession, and suddenly everything began to make sense. What had initially appeared coincidental turned out to be a well-planned cover-up. A wiretap had been installed, along with CCTV cameras whose footage is viewed daily by FBI agents in Florida and at a secretive facility in Fairfax, VA, dedicated to monitoring high-value targets. The timing of the operation was clearly strategic.

The company responsible for storing cloud data is currently being attributed to Eagle Harbor Solutions LLC, although this has not been officially confirmed. However, it’s worth noting that the company’s recent strategic hires over the past three years, combined with the controversy surrounding the bid protest, could potentially be an indicator of validity of chatter and it’s certainly something to keep an eye on.

The implications of this revelation are staggering, raising serious questions about the motives and methods of the Department of Justice and other agencies involved in this operation allegedly called Operation Shadowfall. It is a shocking reminder of our justice system’s need for transparency and accountability.

This article will give you a Deja Vu of the “Eric Ciaramella, but it was a wire-tap” saga that starred Adam Bennett Schiff but more sinister. This revelation should provoke outrage among politicians and citizens alike, with many questioning the legality and ethics of such actions, primarily because they used taxpayers’ dollars.

President Trump should raise two critical questions: first, who was responsible for selecting the contractor? And secondly, is Roger K. serving as the US Secret Service Liaison? I will explain why later.

However, there is one question that every American should be asking in this situation: are we willing to continue appeasing those in power, even if it means putting ourselves in danger? The current state of affairs is unacceptable.

Operation “Shadowfall

In order to install equipment or tap voice/data lines you must have access to a location and not be suspected. You would have to be invited and provided access to devices that are installed or be asked to install them by your target. This would require someone close to your target to facilitate that situation.

An operation like this requires three individuals, the contracting company, the US Secret Service Liaison and someone within President Trump’s close circle (someone who would have weighted input in contractor selection) who suggested and or placed the work order.

What if "SpyFall" is bound to happen due to the actions of "ShadowFall"?

The Work Order

Former US Presidents receive lifelong security protection from the US Secret Service, also responsible for maintaining their security systems and communications operations. If any new equipment or security networks, like CCTV, need to be installed to enhance their protection, a funding request must be submitted to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Then DHS reviews the contractor selection and generates a work order for the US Secret Service, its sub-agency, to execute the necessary security measures as requested.

The date the project was to be completed was July 28, 2022 and the FBI raided Mar-a-lago 10 days later. The timing reminded mne of when I discovered Purchase Order with PIID: DJF151200P0007649, shows that the FBI paid Crowdstrike $150,000.00 in U.S. Federal Taxpayer dollars on July 7, 2016. This payment was made just two days after the then FBI Director James Comey had cleared Hillary Clinton of wrongdoing, despite the controversy surrounding her use of a private email server. Crowdstrike was the company hired to assist the FBI in their “Midyear Review” of Hillary Clinton. The FBI was sloppy paying the contract after it ended which made it visible, which gives credence to the reasoning behind the 10-day delay of the FBI raid in the case of Mar-a-Lago.

The timing of events is noteworthy as the warrant was prepared around July 10, 2022, and my sources told me they intended to communicate that to the Secret Service for execution based on information obtained in late April. However, the authorities decided to postpone the execution in order to gather concrete statements and legally obtained audio/visual evidence to support the warrant. This included but was not limited to information related to the Agency (NARA) they were purportedly acting on behalf of.

Surveillance cameras have become a ubiquitous part of modern life, found everywhere from public spaces to private homes. While they provide an important tool for monitoring and security, their widespread use has also led to complications in legal matters, particularly in law enforcement operations.

According to reports, the Secret Service did not comply with the FBI raiders’ request to turn off the surveillance cameras inside Mar-a-Lago. The fact that the FBI requested cameras to be turned off is suspicious. They know US Secret Service has a duty to maintain all security measure intact regardless of warrants and situations. This raises concerns about the motives behind the fourth unelected branch of government’s efforts to gather information on President Trump, and an investigation into the matter should quickly confirm or deny these claims. This situation raises comparisons to the Watergate scandal, which led to the downfall of former President Richard Nixon, and underscores the need for transparency and accountability in government operations but also gives credence to one person who appears to be present in both scandals.

Interestingly there are a few reasons why the FBI would demand to turn off cameras on the property of a former president during a raid. One possible reason is to ensure the safety of the agents involved in the operation by preventing potential interference or surveillance by third parties through the cameras. Another reason is obfuscating the identities of the agents involved. In addition, turning off the cameras could also help maintain the element of surprise during the raid, making it harder for anyone inside the property to prepare a defense or escape or understand what they are looking for. The most important reason is to deter a close security system analysis or inspection by a third party that may detect “leaky transmission modes” if a full system analysis is done instead of just footage retrieval.

Upon examining the selected contractor to build out surveillance and security systems at Mar-a-Lago, I discovered a lack of bidding (as anticipated), and no previous contracts within the federal billing system. However, despite the red flags, they were still the top choice.

The fact that CMN LLC has only recently begun receiving federal awards despite being in operation since 2008 is noteworthy. Furthermore, it is striking that all of the contracts awarded to them seem to be directly related to the work they were hired to do at Mar-a-Lago. This situation raises concerns about the potential for conflicts of interest or impropriety in the contracting process and underscores the importance of transparency and oversight in government operations.

The Contractor

Duns & Bradstreet records indicate that CMN LLC, a company based in Arkansas, was founded in 2008. The company’s initials correspond to the name of its owner, Charles Michael Nally, who is known as “Mitch”.


Charles Michael Nally has worked under many Generals as a contracting DCGS-A, or the Distributed Common Ground System-Army. He is familiar with such systems that include the Fixed Multi-Function Workstation (F-MFWS); the Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) Workstation (GWS); the Intelligence Fusion Server (IFS); the Cross-Domain Solution Suite (CDSS); the Tactical Intelligence Ground Station (TGS); the Operational Intelligence Ground Station (OGS); and the Intelligence Processing Center (IPC) components that make up an intelligence-gathering system These include physical items such as laptops, workstations, servers, processors, and other hardware that enable the Army to effectively collect and process intelligence data.

To showcase the skills of Mitch and the team he has assembled for these projects, I conducted a brief search to highlight the diverse roles they assume; you can see below from Zip Recruiter.

It is noteworthy that a significant number of individuals employed by Mitch to manage these projects operate under the auspices of CMN LLC, a company that had not received any federal awards prior to 2021 but has employees worldwide. Interestingly, many of these employees have worked under General Petraeus, General Jones, and General Hayden and provided services to the Intelligence Community. A quick search on LinkedIn reveals the curious discrepancy between the numerous job titles held by these individuals and the absence of federal contract awards for their company. It is worth noting that the majority, if not all, of these employees work for a common company called Mission 1st, which is very popular contractor/subcontractor within the Global Intelligence Circles.


Mission 1st and CMN LLC seem to have the same motto.

We do what others will not.

Mission 1st & CMN LLC

Here are some of the employees listed on LinkedIN for CMN LLC.

The timing of the contract’s dates gave me cause for concern. According to my source, the FBI received information in April, which was around the same time that CMN LLC provided DHS with an update through the system in the form of a progress report.

The affidavit which is highly redacted makes mention of CCTV footage and testimony by a confidential informants located here.

Furthermore, the CMN LLC contract was set to end only 10 days before the raid took place, which struck me as suspicious. I found myself feeling uneasy about the contrasting timelines of the early and late reporting, as well as the delays, which appeared to be all too convenient and potentially suspect.

In order to address my concerns, I examined all of the contracts awarded to CMN LLC on the system, both as a prime award and a sub award. However, upon review, I found that there was a lack of work on the system for a company over 15 yrs established and with employees around the world. This compelled me to carefully scrutinize all of the awards received prime and sub. As per all prime awards – both work and purchase orders, I discovered were related to surveillance and security work, including CCTV, at President Trump’s residence of Mar-a-Lago and another one was just awarded this past January for CMN LLC but the Federal System logged it differently this time.

Award ID 70US0921C70090048 claims the work is done in Washington DC but the notes say different. This location “error” is purposeful when hiding work orders without protective orders.

As stated at the begin of this article President Trump should raise two critical questions: first, who was responsible for selecting the contractor? In other words, who has a weighted opinion in selecting a contractor and or proposing updates to surveillance systems from his close circle?

According to a report by The Times, the National Archives and Records Administration, responsible for storing records from previous presidential administrations, reached out to Trump’s legal team earlier this year after discovering that crucial documents were absent from the Trump administration’s records.

Sources familiar with the investigation, as reported by Business Insider citing the New York Times report, it was reported that the FBI’s concern grew after they reviewed surveillance footage from Mar-a-Lago, which they allege they obtained through a subpoena. It is unclear whether this subpoena was related to the April update and whether a secret subpoena (NSL: National Security Letter) was issued directly to CMN LLC. However, according to the New York Times, the footage allegedly revealed something alarming in the hallway outside of a storage room to prompt a more aggressive approach.

As per the same report, The Times stated that the agents also obtained evidence from a witness, who may have been employees of CMN LLC, alleging that there were still more classified materials in the storage room. However, the report did not disclose what the officials had observed in the footage.

Occupy Democrats clearly knew that this was illegal when they read through things. Why were the Republicans not outraged? That would demonstrate that CONGRESS promotes spying, right Nancy?

The selection of a company with little federal contracting experience to install security surveillance systems at Mar-a-Lago for a former President is concerning. Furthermore, if there was already a subpoena for footage when the first surveillance update was provided by CMN LLC to DHS, why was the work order location listed incorrectly instead of being accurately documented? This raises questions about whether a protective order was in place and suggests that the footage may have been obtained illegally.

The primary point of contact between CMN LLC and President Trump’s staff is through the US Secret Service Liaison, as that is normal procedure. In my search through leaked and published documents related to the investigation, I attempted to identify the gatekeeper but found no relevant information at first glance. However, I did come across a previous communication I had with a career employee at NARA from back in February 2021. Revisiting those communications with today’s perspective puts the situation into a whole different light.


According to a source who provided the picture below, the 10th Archivist of the United States, David Ferriero, violated three rules that his late special assistant, Sam Anthony, had cherished, which caused tension among NARA employees specifically in January 2021.

One of the Archivist’s responsibilities during US presidential elections is to oversee the custody of Electoral College documents, including certificates of ascertainment and certificates of vote produced by electors of each state. This was a significant topic of discussion in December 2020. David Ferriero stood firm in light of the ERA controversy but weaponized our agency in other matters, and his political views have influenced our agency ever since President Obama left office. He left his position abruptly as part of a deal with the FBI according to many co-workers of mine at NARA.

NARA Source- public programs office

I can remember watching the Trumps Leaving the White House and getting off in the helicopter that day, and someone carrying a white banker box, and saying to myself, ‘What the hell’s in that box?

David Ferriero told The Washington Post.

Ferriero announced his retirement the on January 18, 2021 and in his own words on his NARA blog demonstrated his political viewpoints in a measured way.

As I wrote to President Biden, it has been the honor of a lifetime to serve my country once more, this time to lead the Executive Branch agency charged with ensuring that the American people can hold their government accountable and learn from the past by accessing the records of our country.

David Ferriero

The resignation letter of the 10th Archivist of the United States demonstrates the politicization of an agency that serves as a repository of our recorded history, not a watchdog. This stands in contrast to the Obama era, which saw mishandling of documents and the use of non-government channels for communications, including GMX emails that are linked to German Intelligence and outside the domain of the NSA. Why wasn’t NARA concerned about Obama/Biden regime records evasion?

Why didn’t NARA ask the DOJ to intervene in the Hillary Clinton emails? The servers in a bathroom?

In a related development, in 2021, a source with knowledge of the matter informed CBS News that federal investigators interviewed a Mar-a-Lago aide who claimed that he moved boxes of documents on the ex-president’s orders. According to my sources this happened in late January of 2021. That would be in timeline tandem with the Archivist using his agency’s full power allegedly under the direction of Congress as it has been widely reported that SAA and OHA persons were in and out of the building Dec 2020- Feb 2021.

Curiously, Congress’ involvement, specifically the J6 committee it very telling. In fact, a letter sent by attorneys to Congress omits some crucial information regarding the federal inquiry into how Trump dealt with potentially sensitive records. This includes the fact that the Justice Department is also looking into possible obstruction of federal investigators as they sought to retrieve the potentially classified documents.

The US Secret Service Liaison

The alleged aide’s interview triggered a new setup from within Trump’s circle, with news reaching him immediately. CMN LLC was promptly mobilized to hire a US Secret Service Liaison with an unusual resume, who has publicly referred to Intelligence and Law Enforcement Professionals as “Wizards” publicly.

The Liaison had retired from a 29-year career with the US Secret Service as a Senior Security Specialist in March 2021, and immediately started with CMN LLC in March 2021, as well as creating his own LLC and working for another obscure LLC simultaneously. While working for CMN LLC on the buildouts at Mar-a-Lago, he was rehired as just a Physical Security Specialist by the US Secret Service again in February 2022.

As the evidence continued to pile up, it became increasingly clear that the retired Senior Security Specialist had played a key role in assisting the FBI’s illegal and unwarranted investigation. His connections and expertise had made him an invaluable asset, and it was likely that he had provided crucial information and insights that had assisted the FBI/J6 Committe to build a case. Despite Roger K.’s attempts to keep a low profile and juggle multiple jobs, it seemed that his new position being re-hired after retirement could be a reward.


Sources close to the situation allege that individuals with foreign ties have been spreading whispers about President Trump’s inner circle members being responsible for recent events. Boris Epshteyn as a potential culprit due to ongoing investigations into his international communications and involvement in a crypto scheme that has attracted serious attention from the Financial Crimes unit of the FBI. I believe that they have more than enough considering the alleged FISA warrant and pen registers on Boris to not have to utilize him to propose contractors and surveillance updates. He’s just not that smart.

Initially, I suspected the sleezy womanizer and sexual harasser Boris Epshteyn. While he is a plausible candidate for complicity, based on ongoing probes into his global communications (Ukraine/Russia) and association with a cryptocurrency plot that has piqued the interest of the FBI’s Financial Crimes division. Given the alleged FISA warrant and pen register on Boris, I opine that the bureau has ample access to not necessitate his involvement in the procurement of contractors and the implementation of surveillance upgrades, as his cognitive abilities are lack luster.

I then turned my attention to Roger Stone, who knowingly and willingly openly promoted and propelled a child predator named Ali Abdul Razaq Akbar, also known as Ali Alexander into President Trump’s inner circle. Stone vouched for and promoted this individual he knew targeted minor children and was a sexual deviant as there are many pictures of Roger Stone and Akbar’s potential victims to “casting couch” antics with homosexual young men. Stone had struck a deal with the Department of Justice and when Mueller began investigating into his lies of claiming to be in contact with Julian Assange. To avoid being charged with legitimate financial crimes, he struck a deal with the federal government. This deal is not publicly known but he is considered a cooperating federal witness.

Possibly, Roger Stone is not the covert asset in this latest effort to “GET TRUMP.” His main concern is to uphold his supposed “federal deal” and evade inevitable federal charges that are not public, rather than working against the former President in this capacity. The fact that Stone maintains his connections with President Trump, General Flynn, and Democratic Candidate Robert Kennedy Jr. indicates that he is more likely involved in other intelligence-gathering operations that date back to 2017, rather than being tasked with the J6 Commission- NARA centered plot. WHO IS IT?

The reason why former President Obama would resort to subverting President Trump during his term and deploying the full might of the federal government to harm him could stem from a profound animosity towards Trump’s administration and policies. Obama and the political establishment perceived Trump’s policies as eroding the gains they achieved during Obama’s tenure and jeopardizing their interests. Thus, Obama has resorted to using his political clout and resources to mobilize the best “game theorists” globally and under his direction fabricated plots such as Russia Gate, which had foreign involvement and emboldened the foes of our nation. His moves culminated in instigating probes against Trump and his associates. Moreover, Obama might harbor ambitions to stage his comeback to power in 2024, or someone close to him does, and views Trump as a formidable obstacle to their aspirations.

My recent trip to Washington D.C. confirmed this notion. In fact, Obama is becoming increasingly demanding interjecting nominations for positions such as Archivist and FAA Administrator to ensure that he has the TRANSITION team in place for the 2024 Candidate he will endorse.

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