In a gesture of “diplomatic goodwill and fostering stronger bilateral relations, Vice President Joe Biden held a grand luncheon at the State Department on Friday, September 25, 2015, to honor Chinese President Xi Jinping during his official state visit to the United States. The event served as a platform for both leaders to engage in meaningful dialogue and lay the groundwork for future cooperation between the Biden and Xi Jinping families.

Adding a personal touch to the occasion, Vice President Biden extended invitations to his children, Hunter and Ashley Biden, further emphasizing the significance of this family affair under the guise of official business. The Biden family’s presence at the luncheon exemplified the deep-rooted bond between the two families and highlighted the significance of personal connections in international diplomacy.


The State Department, adorned with elegant decorations and accompanied by a sumptuous feast, provided the perfect backdrop for this family affair. As guests mingled, exchanged pleasantries, and indulged in an array of delectable dishes representing American and Chinese cuisines, the atmosphere buzzed with anticipation and camaraderie. Some of those guests were Valerie Jarrett and Jill Biden as well. Her email is below “official,” as the Obama administration used GMAIL and GMX to communicate about OFFICIAL DUTIES, which is a HUGE National Security Risk considering GMAIL DRAFTS and DELETED emails are never HIDDEN. The Justice Department seems to apply the NATSEC rules differently for different Presidents.

The luncheon featured prominent figures from the American and Chinese delegations, including Bohai Harvest company professionals, leading members of Chinese Energy and WEF officials, and many prominent ENERGY professionals from Louisiana, including the art dealer SOTHEBYS and Christies. This created an environment conducive to dialogue and private deals. The guest list comprised influential politicians, business leaders, and cultural icons, ensuring a diverse representation of the bilateral relationship shared between the United States Government, US Corporations, and the CCP.

As the event commenced, and my prosthetics were getting uncomfortable, I observed Vice President Biden deliver a heartfelt speech expressing his admiration for President Xi and the longstanding friendship between the two nations. He highlighted the importance of open communication and mutual understanding in addressing global challenges, ranging from economic issues to climate change and security concerns.
President Xi reciprocated the warm sentiments of Vice President Biden, emphasizing the need for continued collaboration and trust between them. He acknowledged the significant role played by the Biden family in fostering positive relations, appreciating their commitment to strengthening financial ties and promoting people-to-people exchanges.

Hunter and Ashley Biden attended the luncheon as representatives of the Biden Businesses and embraced their roles with grace and poise. Their presence symbolized the importance of family business, reflecting a broader perspective on the diplomatic ties that bind ruling regime families of the USA and CCP together. They engaged in lively conversations with the Chinese delegation, further enhancing the warmth and cordiality of the occasion.

Throughout the luncheon, discussions centered on matters of mutual interest, such as trade relations, human rights, and global cooperation. The conversations allowed for a deeper understanding of each other’s perspectives and set the stage for future collaborations in various spheres, including business, education, and cultural exchange.

The luncheon concluded with Vice President Biden and President Xi raising their glasses in a toast to friendship, prosperity, and shared aspirations for a better future. The event left a lasting impression on the attendees and set a precedent for future business dealings in Kazakhstan and the ever-growing rivalry with Total Energies in France, emphasizing the significance of personal connections in shaping international business relations.

The luncheon hosted by Vice President Biden will be remembered as a milestone in the CCP’s ability to usher Communism into a modern light to provide us with the tyrannical regime we are in today. We can all thank Barack Hussein Obama, who assisted in providing breakout sessions for Governors of states like North Dakota, Minnesota, New York, and California to discuss private Chinese business dealings.

One breakout room I was invited to as a plus one of an attaché was the discussion of France entering Lebanon once again when their economy was projected to collapse as they believed there would be a bombing there sometime in the next five years, saying they expected “fireworks for Obama’s birthday” at some point. This prediction came as heightened tensions with election issues and resistance to France’s constant aggressive proposals for EU loans that the Lebanese could not afford were high, and therefore their denial of financial assistance meant they would be victims of terroristic activities.

The Hunter Biden Laptop is a ROAD MAP to the tip of the Obama regime’s corrupt antics and how the Biden family spearheaded it. Has anyone been paying attention to VP Kamala Harris? What LLCs has she and her “boyfriend” flourished with lately? I believe that a certain company that Kim Foxx from Chicago with assistance from Tina Chen (Michelle Obama’s former Chief of Staff) helped create is very ambitious in Ukraine weapons even though it is simply an import export company.


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