As a WHISTLEBLOWER, I have FIRST-hand knowledge of ELECTION SYSTEMS and their creation from “hanging chads” and on. Former Secretary of Defense and Former CIA Director Richard Gates, along with Paul Brinkley( now CEO of Cerberus), helped lobby for the HAVA ACT 2002. That congressionally passed law, like Obamacare, is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Reading the HAVA ACT of 2002 in its entirety spells out their long-term goals. They wanted to emulate the Chinese and bringing us all into the digital system of voting. To create, build and successfully deploy such software, deployments of simulations must occur with actual data. They needed DATA, and they got it all in 2020.

The data is not simply voter data but employee data. Employee data is required to run “clear force” type programs that could determine if employees would remain loyal to authority and NOT meddle in operations. In 2004 when this election software was created, we (the United States) sold it to Venezuela (from McDill Airforce base- since Curtis ratted Bush out in Congressional testimony that he was paid by the Chinese firm Yang and that Bush ushered it). We (the United States) assured Chavez this software would ensure he was “re-elected” while allowing us (the United States) to alter, upgrade and tweak the details. We literally “trained” the algorithms for a dictator. Venezuela was a working model for proof of work and previous administrations sold it to other governments. Clinton had pushed the developed software to other nations as a solution showing the end product to be what KONNECH was working on.

According to the arrest, Eugene Yu was arrested for having election employee data and not voter data. I do not trust this report. CISA and the DOD were well aware of KONNECH and Eugene’s operation from 2010. As you can see from the information below, voter data for the states of Montana, Nevada, and New Jersey were provided to him by the DEPARTMENT of DEFENSE, and they paid him a total of over $240,000 US TAXPAYER dollars, and this CCP company also got loans and COVID relief.





How did Eugene move the data? Konnech used EDGE-Akamai – via UNICOM servers as it happened during the 2020 elections, which was one of the biggest data heist in world history. This is why Alaska hung in the balance for days. There was so much data being pushed that it stalled. While the hanging was interpreted as manufacturing evidence to match the digital election numbers – it wasn’t the ACTUAL primary goal. Everyone was so distracted by the election theft – DISTRACTED everyone missed the data heist. This is why it was so blatant. No one suspected the largest US CITIZEN information heist in history under the guise of election theft. How do I know this? John Owen Brennan discussed it in my presence in 2010 in lieu of Obama’s re-election and in recruiting Mitt Romney to play along. Mitch McConnell knew that too. The plan is to deploy digital blockchain currency and voting. It was Secretary Clinton who had pushed back against such a deployment because she believed she would be able to do it in conjunction with a pandemic that was planned in a better way. She and other world leaders thought it would be better accepted by the US population if the change happened under her tenure, and John Podesta backed that idea. How do I know? I was there. My affidavit that has never been contested or disproven gives you information on AKAMAI – UNICOM relationship.


The 2016 Obama Presidential transition team had it all laid out. They had employees placed all in the right places. Even insane Erin Turnmeyer (WMD asst to Obama- had a position in DNI HR). I have no idea how that person (Turnmeyer) ever had a government job. Obama planned to Declare elections critical infrastructure, get DHS to run cover, then prepare the data transfer by PRIVATELY OWNED (Google/Facebook) fiber cables. For some bizarre reason, no one reported that the private underwater cables were bifurcated and routed to Taiwan almost a year before the elections by private that have no government OVERSIGHT. Sounds like a National Security risk to me. How come all these exceptional journalists missed that? No one thought twinning underwater data cables from the US to China was an issue.

According to a report in 2019, Google and FACEBOOK partnered in their Chinese pipe up from the US to ASIA. Remember, it is PRIVATE, so they get protection. Unfortunately, this is a conversation NO ONE was having because they were too busy with COVID and then with ELECTION THEFT. Both distractions offered plausible deniability. It’s not like Equifax sold your data to China, did they?

Keep in mind, they used stealing the election that was utterly BLATANT and UNAPOLOGETIC with suitcases, water leaks, and ballot stuffing as COVER for the data heist along with singling out ONE voting company to get gag orders on anyone who spoke about it. The plan, was genius, if I say so myself. Nevertheless, it is one of the most significant crimes ever committed against the people of the United States, and it is TREASON. The brilliance of their plan was so simple- while one side sought to rectify the election, no one examined Alaska’s overloaded servers pumping out data to the Far East via CA, and the other side was busy with getting sick and panicking about COVID-19 and therefore data heist never crossed anyone’s mind.

Unfortunately, even though I came forward days after the election begging people to inspect the routers on our base in Alaska because there were crimes being committed – people were literally busy following the actual detailed BLUEPRINT of how they were going to steal the elections that Millie Weaver gave me from her whistleblower. In other words, we would have seen the crime simply by investigating it. The routers in Alaska would have said WHO gave the GO (CISA) and who was the recipient.

Hopefully, this arrest will assist in dispelling the concerns we have with the security of our information, denounce notions of electronic machines and voting, and use technology to serve us- not the other way around.

Our ballot is a representation of our VOICE, and that VOICE represents our FIRST AMENDMENT. We do not require efficiency in elections. We need ACCURACY and SECURITY. You can’t hack paper, but you can hack anything that connects to any network, even if it is a VPN. You know it, I know it, the world knows it and CISA knows it – that is why they have been sitting on the Halderman report for over five years.

I had HIGH HOPES, and I am still optimistic about this investigation into KONNECH, but the fact that they omitted to state that US VOTER data was also discovered concerns me of a possible federal cover-up. The DOJ knows EXACTLY who Eugene Yu is. Hopefully, these receipts-of federal tax dollars were spent to provide better insight into the matter. It will be very hard for the DOD to say they didn’t know. If I were the agents investigating, I would be checking out to see the money being paid out by Blackstone Group (which houses Cerberus’ Office- it’s like a closet with its name falling off) to Eugene Yu under a different name or LLC formation.

Actual Picture from 2021

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