April 4, 2023, is a historic day for many reasons.
April 4, 2023, was the first-time social media platforms pre-emptively censored media and persons they identified as President Trump supporters, employees, and or pundits supporting him. I can elaborate on many such reactive examples, but I had never seen PROACTIVE censorship before, and RSBN was the first.
April 4, 2023, was also the first time a former President of the United States was indicted for allegedly committing crimes BEFORE taking office. I can elaborate on almost all Senators, Congresspersons, former Presidents and Vice Presidents, and even the current alleged President and crimes committed before, during, and after office committed in the past and even until today, but this isn’t the focus of the story.
April 4, 2023, was the first time an AI prosecutor indicted someone.

Moreover, April 4, 2023, is going down in history because not only did the first AI prosecutor prosecute a human, but it was also the first time that a former President of the United States was indicted too, and it happened by AI!

AI has impacted our society in numerous ways, such as improving healthcare through the application of machine learning in medical diagnosis and drug development, revolutionizing transportation through self-driving cars, enhancing fraud detection in finance, and enabling personalized and efficient customer service through chatbots and virtual assistants. AI has also transformed various industries due to automation, cost-saving benefits, and improved productivity.

The popularity of AI has increased rapidly over the past decade as more people understand its capabilities and potential. The increased use of smartphones connected home devices, and digital assistants has also contributed to the widespread adoption of AI technology. According to a study by Allied Market Research, the global AI market size was valued at $62.35 billion in 2020, and it is predicted to reach $733.7 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 42.2% from 2020 to 2027.

AI has significantly impacted our society and continues growing in popularity and adoption. Its potential to solve real-world problems and transform various industries has made it an essential component of modern technological advancements.
There is software that was created to detect AI-generated content. You can access it through a website called GPTZero.

The GPTZero website and either upload the document or copy and paste it into the provided box. The tool will then analyze the text and compare it against patterns and styles typically found in AI-generated content. If the document is flagged as being generated by AI, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s inaccurate or plagiarized, but it does give you cause to review it more closely.

By using a tool like GPTZero, you can ensure that the content you’re receiving is authentic and not generated by an AI program. This is a huge problem that involves ethics, honesty and raises questions of the legality of documents or texts created using such a program as CHATGPT. Forbes asked the same question and even reported that GPTZero is the most leading software to detect AI generation of texts.

“That said, Powers does believe a program that detects AI-written work would be useful. (GPTZero is so far the most well-known service that can identify ChatGPT-generated text)”

How ChatGPT Is Fast Becoming The Teacher’s Pet

Alvin Bragg’s office used a custom version of Compas to “FIND SOMETHING,” according to sources. “Of course, using AI in investigations and sentencing could potentially help save time and money, but who cares about that when we can have some good old-fashioned racial, vendetta and gender biases? A report on Compas from ProPublica ascribed that black defendants in Broward County, Florida, “were far more likely than white defendants to be incorrectly judged to be at a higher rate of recidivism.” Recent work by Joanna Bryson, professor of computer science at the University of Bath, highlights that even the most “sophisticated” AIs can inherit the racial and gender biases of those who create them. Obviously, confirmation biases and old school vendettas can fuel amplify the guilty until proven innocent approach.

This isn’t a new concept and I have always been transparent of my knowledge and career in Quantum Predictive Analytics and Programming. Here is an interview with Roger Stone from three years ago where I tried to assist him by providing him the information, he needed for a slam dunk appeal by demonstrating the horrific situation EVERY American is in when heading into court.

During my interview with Roger Stone, I informed him that the courts in DC use AI-driven software with predictive analytic algorithms to help prosecutors select a jury pool that is most likely to provide the verdict they seek. This software was not only used in DC to select Roger Stone’s jury but a NY State version of that software was also used in the selection of the Grand Jury in the case of Alvin Bragg’s attempts to seek an indictment against President Trump.

With the use of such AI-driven software, the odds are already in favor of the prosecutor from the beginning, as AI and quasi quantum algorithms crunch immense amounts of data to ensure that the state or federal agency is most likely to win. In fact, with the help of AI, Bragg got a document together that was not entirely legally sound or coherent but had a Grand Jury pool that AI selected that was most favorable to indict anything that involved President Donald J. Trump. This means that AI is essentially “practicing law without a license.”

While AI is an amazing and fascinating area of technology that provides us with the ability to analyze immense amounts of data, it can be dangerous in the wrong hands. This level of technology can simulate time travel as it can accurately predict the future based on the data of the past and now.

In summary, in this case, the prosecutor was essentially an AI, as Bragg’s team fed millions of documents that President Donald J. Trump furnished over years of harassment and the AI selected the general pool of jurors that would most likely return an indictment. The ODDS are ever in the prosecutor’s favor.

The question is whether the judge reviewed the document and executed their duty under NY State law to review the evidence, as he is required to do so. There is no regulation in the use of such technology and has not been challenged or addressed in the courts. Is this legal?

Using an AI detector software, I submitted the indictment allegedly written by Alvin Bragg and his team, and the software claims that AI wrote it. I used software that is publicly available that all can use to fact check my claims.

Also on RUM: Alvin Bragg’s Indictment was AI-generated. (rumble.com)

AI experts like Elon Musk have been advocating for more control and caution in the development of AI technology to prevent rapid expansion and weaponization. AI has the potential to replace humans in hard labor and even white-collar positions. AI is already a significant part of our present and will continue to shape our future. It is involved in various aspects of our lives, including being our jury, judge, lawyer, cop, doctor, and even god. It’s ironic that AI, like god, is depicted in clouds.

Even Elon is speaking out about what the REAL story is pertaining to the persecution of President Donald J. Trump.

It’s important to take a moment to seriously consider the impact of AI tools on our society. While they can certainly be helpful, they also have the potential to cause significant harm if not used responsibly. The recent examples of constant harassment of President Trump and stolen elections (with AI playing a role) highlight how those in power can use this technology to their advantage and even weaponize it against those who challenge their actions. This is a serious issue that we must address to ensure that AI is used ethically and responsibly.

The drama surrounding President Donald J. Trump’s persecution is a real eye-opener that should make every person on this planet tremble with fear. With AI, there’s no such thing as ethics, culture, or flexibility in decision-making unless it serves the program’s main objective. We all know that the last thing the world needs is more AI tools that spread misinformation, biased responses, and compromise consumer privacy. As if we don’t have enough of those already, right?

This is the REAL story and should concern everyone. You never know when you might need a job, a loan, or even find yourself in the crosshairs of a prosecutor for something as simple as a car accident or an honest mistake. Unfortunately, from the moment you step into the courtroom, you’re already at a disadvantage with a jury and prosecutor who are already “programmed” to ensure that you’re found guilty, regardless of whether you’re innocent or not. It’s scary to think that I, as an AI, can access John Doe’s social media, banking, texts, emails, calls, voice transcripts, videos, biometrics, health records, and anything else that government and consumer agencies are already documenting, and use it to prosecute him for anything. Every single one of you can be placed in a box. And with the power of quantum computing, the odds will be stacked against you, and your chances of winning are slim to none. This is a horrific assault on our justice system, and the future of our nation looks bleak if this is the normal practice of people in power to persecute those they don’t like.

Our nation has been usurped by very evil people with the help of AI. However, there is a glimmer of hope in that we now have a precedent. We have a precedent for impeaching a President who is no longer in office, as well as a precedent for indicting a former or current President.

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