Why Would the 44th Administrtion Use Non-GOV emails and foreign intelligence servers?

TO EVADE NSA Detection

As previously reported while in office the 44th Administration was using non-gov emails to circumvent Presidential archiving of communications, circumvent NSA surveillance, and execute deals “back envelope” style.

ARTICLE: EVIDENCE| Secret Emails Used By Obama and Biden Are Hosted By German Intelligence

The biggest concern every American should have is that the Bidens and his staff did not use official emails to communicate about events, gatherings, meet and greets, and policies both foreign and domestic. Using unofficial and non-secure modes of communications means a significant concern regarding National Security but more so regarding CORRUPT- under the table antics. More incredible is the TYPE of email SERVICE used. GMX mail which is widely known for being the “GERMAN INTELLIGENCE’S Backyard” to all cyber traffic, was what President Obama, Vice President Biden, and “President” Biden used as an incognito email which meant that he was EVADING COMMUNICATION DETECTION. As President or Vice President, you don’t get PRIVACY; you get discretion. As President or Vice President, you represent our nation, and therefore every time you fart, text, hiccup, or swallow, you are being monitored or recorded. 

Once again, this email further verifies that the email identified in the previous email as Valerie Jarrett who is Barack Hussein Obama’s live-in minder was accurate.


The website mentioned – that was linked up in the document had over 400 “glamour” shots of Joe and Jill Biden. Here is a collage of them HERE.

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