Robin Ware was LOW hanging fruit and NOT his SECRET EMAIL – HERE IS THE TRUTH.

This article has been sent to my Congressional Representative. I urge every American to do the same and demand an investigation into the Obama Administration and Biden “Administration” use of FOREIGN ISP unsecured emails while communicating and transmitting information in an official capacity. It is widely known that the email service they used was CREATED by GERMAN INTELLIGENCE, and they still used it.

Why? TO EVADE NSA detection.

To understand the Biden Crime Family and how they operate, you have to see it through the lens of a RICO prosecutor/ Financial Forensics Investigator with a dash of Intelligence Community Ghost. Robin Ware, the code name that is supposedly a shocker, is not a shocker. It was low-hanging fruit. We knew that name within 24 hrs of accessing Hunter’s emails. It wasn’t that important.

We needed to discover the REAL aliases he used to communicate business dealings with foreign governments, events scheduled with Barack Obama and his sons’ business partners, and foreign dignitaries and agents possibly engaged in other relations with Vice President Biden OUTSIDE his capacity as VP of the United States.

The biggest concern every American should have is that the Bidens and his staff did not use official emails to communicate about events, gatherings, meet and greets, policies both foreign and domestic. Using unofficial and non-secure modes of communications means a significant concern regarding National Security but more so regarding CORRUPT- under the table antics. More incredible is the TYPE of email SERVICE used. GMX mail which is widely known for being the “GERMAN INTELLIGENCE’S Backyard” to all cyber traffic, was what President Obama, Vice President Biden, and “President” Biden used as an incognito email which meant that he was EVADING COMMUNICATION DETECTION. As President or Vice President, you don’t get PRIVACY; you get discretion. As President or Vice President, you represent our nation, and therefore every time you fart, text, hiccup, or swallow, you are being monitored or recorded. 

Wasn’t it a massive deal that Hillary Clinton was using her own private server to communicate? How do you know that Vice President Biden did not transmit classified information using a GERMAN server? You don’t – All you know is what we have available, and it’s not INSIGNIFICANT.

Here are their Secret Code Names and confirmed.

  • Obama – RENEGADE
  • Valerie Jarrett (Obama’s Babysitter) HURRICANE
  • Joe Biden STINGRAY
Email EVIDENCE also linked up at LOOKING GLASS in one multi-page PDF.

In addition, Joe Biden’s “incognito” name was Peter Henderson not ROBIN WARE. Robin Ware was what others would use to communicate with, and Joe would sometimes have them send messages for him.

Email EVIDENCE also linked up at LOOKING GLASS in one multi-page PDF.

Peter Henderson was his incognito email between him and Obama. Both of them were using a GERMAN ISP provider for OFFICIAL White House communications and he was using it for communications after he was OUT of the White House. Robin Ware was NOT.

Here is PETER HENDERSON’S video approval – on the original site of the person that created it. OXI means NO – This was for NO DAY – and the Greek – American Community should be pissed that he made their HOLIDAY about them.
We Have Archived it just in case someone decides to disable this. Who is Tim Martin? He seems familiar – he may indeed be in those “ZOOM CALLS” where Federal Employees were planning ON VIDEO a COUP before the elections.


Congress should immediately investigate the Obama Administration and the “Biden Administration” for using foreign intelligence ISP’s emails to communicate, negotiate and act on behalf of the people of the United States of America. If you think Hillary Clinton using a private server monitored by Pakistani intelligence (ISI) assets in her basement bathroom was bad, wait till you see what is on the GMX drafts, sent and archived boxes that UNITED INTERNET host.

Here is the email EVIDENCE also linked up at LOOKING GLASS in one multi-page PDF.

First of all – It’s interesting that the REAL CLEAR POLITICS ARTICLE that Dr. Jill who’s GMAIL email is still in use today as “First Lady,” is [email protected], is missing and never archived. Maybe they can share that as it concerned them because OBAMA and BIDEN used PRIVATE EMAILS for OFFICIAL BUSINESS – and actually had German Intelligence all monitoring it all.

In addition, in the above email, we see that Joe Slade White, who they are “BALLOT INITIATIVES” anyone?

67[email protected]

[email protected]



Germans are deeply unsettled by the latest reports on the potential interception of communication data,” Deutsche Telekom CEO René Obermann said in a statement. While the protection can only be ensured when an email is traveling between those three services, the initiative is open to any other German email providers that wish to join. But even with those protections, it’s not clear if they’ll go far enough to guard users from government snooping. Germany’s intelligence community reportedly takes advantage of the same tools that the NSA does, and it’s even said to have a close relationship with the US agency.

THE VERGE : Deutsche Telekom reacts to NSA spying with initiative to protect German emails

It’s important to understand that CONGRESS has a duty to DEPOSE them all. Anthony Blinken, formerly on the board with Hunter Biden of the Truman National Security Project, is now Secretary of State. The State Department is NOW hiring ALL TRUMAN-affiliated people for “jobs.” Blinken should be deposed on using FOREIGN ISP SERVERS to communicate with the then President and Vice President of the United States and the “President” of the United States today.

Email EVIDENCE also linked up at LOOKING GLASS in one multi-page PDF.

Louisa Terrell, who also worked on legislative affairs at the White House and is known to have been good friends with LOW IQ Erin who got fired from the ODNI because Richard Grenell showed her the door, is now the Director of Legislative Affairs and seems to be well versed in the law but was OK with then-President Barack Hussein Obama and Vice President Biden using GMX emails that are MONITORED by German Intelligence for official communications?

Their drafts, saved emails, deleted emails, and actual emails are STILL ACTIVE until today as of PUBLISHING. THIS ARTICLE is available for anyone with access to German Intelligence backdoors, and the emails are riddled with crimes, collusion, and treason…allegedly.

Could you imagine if President Trump used a FOREIGN ISP server for Presidential communications CREATED by German Intelligence? This happened on purpose; To EVADE NSA monitoring. Where is the IG of the NSA, Robert Storch?


Hillary Clinton used her private server to EVADE government oversight; Obama and Biden used German Intelligence controlled email to evade NSA detections. What were they hiding? What are they hiding? Treason, Bribes, and Crimes Against Humanity, to name a few.

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  1. That’s how they found out about the Nordstream pipeline and Merkel allowing its use while Russia was under sanctions. Energy wars. Great show tonight, I’m glad you outed these faketriots. Wouldn’t it easier to name the good people out there reporting truth.

  2. Miss Tore I am a monthly subscriber of yours on Twitch but the administrator has had me blocked for over a tear it seems on Telegram. I’d like to be able to comment and also follow the comments by others. Also, I’d like to have an Odessa TX group. I’ve no idea why I am blocked. Would you please take a few minutes to look into the matter. Blessings. @marvin7777 on Telegram. Marvin Mayfield

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