This write-up is a response to a press request for questions from myself, a whistleblower. The MSM today formulates their “reporting” based on some truth or little truth or no truth as long as it fits their targeted narrative. The press in the United States of America is no longer impartial and obviously works for someone other than the truth. Fact-checkers aka the Ministry of Truth is comprised of the same organizations that peddled the Russia Collusion theory for four years. #NeverForget

For over two years, I have been reporting how the REPUBLICAN PARTY was responsible for helping rig the 2020 elections in collusion with the Democrats. Cindy McCain, along with representation from the IRI, had a delegation go to Ukraine to “observe” their elections. Zelensky was (s) elected in a landslide win with over 70% of the votes. His story is an interesting one. Before becoming President of Ukraine, he was simply a comedian – and not even a well-known one. People usually mocked Zelensky, calling him “twinkle toes.”

Though what no one speaks of is the established, and now verified, close relationship between Ukraine and the 44th administration, which includes Barack Hussein Obama and Joe Biden. Obama helped “usher” in their 2014 elections after Joe told them to fire a prosecutor or get no money. Ironically, in that same year, his son Hunter Biden is appointed to the board of Burisma. This is cited on page 27 of my 2020 Election Fraud affidavit. The whole affidavit, completely cited and sourced, has never been disproven. In fact, almost everything I have declared under penalty of perjury over two years has been corroborated.


In 2014, your federal tax dollars were given to Ukraine for elections and 2000 temporary employees and 250 permanent employees to “help execute the elections” in Ukraine. The 2020 elections would suffer the same fate as the 2014 elections. Ukraine stopped counting votes in the middle of the night. By the morning, the person trailing behind won, and they blamed it on Russia. They quickly swept it under the rug, and declared a victory for the guy Joe nominated.

While our tax dollars are funding PBS (Public Broadcasting Systems) to berate and obfuscate actual election fraud, individual organizations, like Pro Publica, are “Fact-Checking” something they already deemed to be untrue and coin as the big lie. These are the same “fact-checkers” that perpetuated the BIG LIE that there was Russian Collusion and that Hunter Biden’s laptop was “Russian disinfo”.

While Pro Publica sent me questions to answer in the course of their “fact-checking”, they were also attempting to convince people, who know me personally, that they, in “fact” know me better and that they should be embarrassed to be my friends. I have never met either of these fact-checkers.

For someone who is a “conspiracy theorist,” I sure am right a lot of the time. In fact, right now, I am the only one fighting for election integrity with standing in Federal Court and in one Supreme Court. One could reason that if I was the “loser”, “grifter”, “conspiracy theorist” they claim, they would be mocking and laughing at my cases. Instead they are all SILENT and defer to rumors and defamation to make their point. This is why Media Matters for America pulled the big guns with Soros lapdog Marc Elias’ firm to defend them in my defamation case.

In this spirit of truth, I decided to make the process public so you can see the types of questions asked and the information I am providing. Despite the reporter being courteous to me, the questions I was sent had a nice strong undertone of a hit piece.
Here are the questions and answers I provided. Now you will see how, and if, any of that information will be conveyed into their alleged “impartial” report.

The Introduction

Dear Terpsichore Maras-Lindeman, I’m reaching out because ProPublica will soon be releasing an article that includes a description of your actions related to various attempts to challenge the results of the 2020 presidential election. We appreciate the questions you’ve answered in your conversations with my colleague Ali Berzon (who’s on this thread). Now we are reaching the final fact-checking stage of our article.

Please review the following list of questions for accuracy and to provide comments, clarifications, or further context. For our story to include your responses, we need to hear back by 9 a.m. on March 18, 2022. We want to have a complete understanding of your responses and any other points or material you’d like for us to consider. Please add any clarifications or comments you feel are necessary for your answers.

The Questions and Answers

Q: Is it correct that the spelling of your name is “Terpsichore Maras-Lindeman”?

No, but you already knew that. I have a birth certificate and GOVERNMENT ID to prove that it is not. The misspelling is a reminder of previous employment and that I was a victim of domestic violence both directly and indirectly that including being a victim of identity theft by a spouse. There are laws against that—Marsy’s law. You know, harassing and weaponizing crimes against victims.

Q: Is it correct that you go by the online handle Tore Says? 

Yes, but unfortunately, not all handles with the name Tore Says online are mine. Social media companies that have NOT verified my handle as mine are not to be taken at face value – unless I confirm them myself, they are, and remain, unverified. Although Tore Says is trademarked, I don’t have time to sue everyone using that handle. Just as there are sock puppets misusing ToreSays handle, disgruntled failed Lincoln Project operatives, like Ali Abdul Razaq Akbar aka Ali Alexander (who I am suing in federal court for defamation), are also misusing it.

Q: Is it correct that you’re a social media influencer?

What does that even mean? I am a former private intelligence contractor, whistleblower, and investigative journalist with one of the most popular podcasts globally. Social Media Influencer sounds like consumer brand prostitution – I don’t have consumer brand advertisers – the brand is me. 

A lot of companies hit me up to promote their products to get paid. I respectfully decline as my employer is the people. Pushing gold, silver, t-shirts, and VPNs is for people who need others’ coat tails to stay afloat.

Q: Is it correct that you have promoted content related to the QAnon conspiracy theory? 

I don’t know what QAnon is. 

Q- is short for a Quantum Computing Program that is still classified. Few people have had the privilege to interface with. This quantum system “time travels” by way of quantum number crunching using fancy algorithms – aka intricate predictive analytics. The Department of Defense and of Defense Intelligence Agency can give you specifics if they are able to declassify.

I searched the term Anon online. Online anon is defined as SHORT term for anonymous. I am no longer working as a subcontractor with Intelligence Agencies like the CIA. Therefore I have no affiliation with the Anonymous Contracting Network that they run.  

I don’t understand what QAnon conspiracy theory is. I do, however, know of the Russia Collusion conspiracy theory that you reported as fact for over four years and the conspiracy theory that Hunter Biden’s laptop (which I also have) was Russian disinformation.

If you are refering to the flaming Q that I use as satire in my name, I should state that I may no longer have access to the Quantum Computing Program. Nevertheless, the Q is simply there to “troll” and “trigger” media personas like Will Somner, who purport to be institutions that promote journalistic integrity that is now synonymous with propaganda.

Q: Is it correct that you traveled to Washington D.C. in mid-November and met with Patrick Byrne, to present yourself to him as a witness to election fraud?

A few days after the election, I traveled to Washington D.C. At this time, Alaska was paused in counting ballots – even though ten people live there. I encountered Patrick Byrne when I was in Washington D.C. to provide EVIDENCE and DIRECTION on documenting and capturing evidence of election fraud. All evidence provided was NOT taken at face value – that was a regrettable factor as everything I presented has been proven correct and corroborated. All they needed to do was capture ONE router from Alaska and trace the route of the stolen data and PCAPs to determine the hack that seemed to be Shellshock, among other digital manipulation strategies, to change the election outcomes. 

The attack was identical to the one deployed under the 44th administration in Ukraine in 2014. I am under the impression the same method was used in 2019, and this is why a comedian won the election for President in a landslide election. Notably, at the Munich Security Conference in 2019, Joe Biden stated that he was not willing to run as President unless their own “person” won the election in Ukraine. Once Zelensky won in a landslide, Biden announced his alleged run. While he never campaigned, he still “won.” I am pretty confident that there is recorded audio of that conversation, and if memory serves me right,  Yovanovich was present for it

Q: Is it correct that a team working for Patrick Byrne debriefed you about the evidence of election fraud that you claimed to have witnessed? 

Claimed? It’s a fact. My affidavit tells you everything you need to know that I have made public. In fact, in my defamation case, I filed two UNREDACTED summaries of a report unlawfully under seal in Georgia that demonstrates that ELECTION fraud is 100% real, unlike the fake Russia Collusion stories you ran with for four years.  I made public a 20+ page declaration of Dr. Halderman this morning in my defamation case. I’ve attached to this correspondence for you to review. 

As you can see from today’s filings in my defamation suit, Halderman’s attorney is no longer his attorney even though he identified himself as such, and therefore, it was important I filed a supplemental brief with the new materials in my motion to compel.









We did get a nastygram from Dominion Voting attorneys almost immediately after the Magistrate intervened about our subpoenas and filings but I don’t like embarrassing people unnecessarily.

Q: How do you respond to Byrne’s description of that debriefing, which he wrote later in an email: “Tore was taken out and interviewed by some people I know from the intelligence community who are absolutely on our side. They came back telling me: ‘She knows some things and has been behind the curtain, but she also lies, exaggerates, deflects, changes subject rapidly trying to throw people off, and we cannot rely on her for anything factual because we caught her in too many lies and exaggerations over three hours.” 

I made it no secret that I was knowingly attempting to deceive those asking me questions. I had NO IDEA who I was talking to. I told Patrick Byrne that immediately. I was en route to an undisclosed location and had no idea who these people were. As the interview became specific, I tried my best to deceive them. I was scared and alerted the close confidants of my last location by pin drop before my devices were in faraday cages. 

Remember, only a couple of months prior, I had admitted to having copied all the passport data as instructed from the state department in the documentary “Shadowgate” on two drives. I had full permissions, access, and bar code identification of the system I used. I had no idea it was to be reported as a hack later. The drives had passport information, including Barack Hussein Obama’s passports, and details about his trip to Karachi, Pakistan, where he trained. 

I don’t remember most of the interview/interrogation. I thought it was one hour as I had not shifted position or used the bathroom in 6 hrs. I was very scared. 

I remember parts of the six-hour interview/interrogation where I even revealed that I was the one who organized the boat that took Chris Stevens across the Mediterranean to Libya the year before he became Ambassador. 

I had arranged the decoy and the actual mode of transport. I also remember telling them that the Annex in Italy would have all the communication that then-Secretary Clinton had in response to the Benghazi situation that she lied about. The mode of payment of the “rioters” and “agitators” may still be somewhere in those files in Naples.

Q: Is it correct that soon after being debriefed, you then began helping election fraud researchers at various hotels around Washington, D.C.? 

I have been whistleblowing on election fraud for over a decade. In fact, in 2015, I started reaching out to Secretaries of States to ensure that voter roll issues were addressed. In fact, your outlet, Pro Publica, wrote a hit piece about my vocal stance in 2016, about my efforts to draw attention to voter roll integrity by demonstrating that non-US citizens were registered to vote. Though the article was to minimize my whistleblowing efforts, and to attempt to shame a minority woman, it backfired as it shined more light on how the DMV automatically registers people in the state of Kentucky. Days after someone signs documentation for a Driver’s License, if they have not selected party affiliation, they are automatically registered to the Democrat Party by DMV clerks – regardless of their citizen status.  Notably, in Kentucky, my identity compromise was also realized via DMV, and I sought assistance from a Congressman to rectify my documentation. 

The undertone of the statement question resonates with a grifty tone – me popping out of nowhere is unsubstantiated. 

In October 2016, while in Washington D.C., I was present when McCain and Graham were talking about Harry Reid taking the infamous fabricated 44th administration paid dossier to Mother Jones. You know, the dossier you and every other media outlet used to perpetuate the FAKE RUSSIA COLLUSION theory that the Obama for America, Clinton for America, and the DNC paid for through a bank account where they comingled their assets by Perkins Coie. I think one indictment against Sussman (their shared attorney) has already been publicized. 

For the record, I didn’t need debriefing. I had the goods.  Though, working with the teams there, I was able to compile and analyze data with a proper chain of custody. Patrick Byrne and General Flynn had outstanding cyber experts.

Q: Is it correct that Sidney Powell filed an affidavit a few weeks later that you had provided? 

Sidney Powell and Mike Lindell cited my affidavit in their lawsuits against Dominion Voting.

Q: Is the Washington Post’s identification of you as the witness in that affidavit correct? 

Yes, though, notably, I was identified way before the Washington Post’s defamatory article about me and my affidavit. I did not enjoin them in my ongoing suit against Media Matters for America, among others, as they did not embellish or lie; they simply regurgitated false statements by the now-deceased Attorney General of North Dakota. They didn’t weaponize crimes committed against me, so I gave them a pass.

Q: Is it correct that in 2021, you and Patrick Byrne became allies, and that he has praised your activism and the lawsuit that you filed seeking to expose election fraud? 

Allies?  I consider Patrick Byrne, a personal friend who I admire for his intellect and ability to deconstruct complex notions and have intellectual debates with. I have personally known Patrick Byrne for over a decade without formal introductions, but through assignments in my capacity as a private intelligence contractor – most of the time being around him in disguise. 

I filed a case suing for defamation damages to reclaim my reputation, not election fraud. I have been consistently wrongfully trashed before the entire world for fighting for my country. Because I filed an affidavit detailing my knowledge and evidence of ELECTION FRAUD – not just by Dominion Voting, but also by all MACHINE/COMPUTER VOTING SYSTEMS currently used within the United States and abroad. Their software and operation systems are Weapons of Mass Destruction; that is why the DOD, using federal taxpayer dollars, created the system in 2004, to use overseas. This product is part of USAID’s “weapons” cache after its first deployment rigging elections in 2004. Ironically, the first-ever electronic voting system fraud was documented and discovered in Ohio in 2004 using voting systems like those in 2020. 

I am not an activist. Activists are protestors in the streets, getting naked, dancing, dressed as vaginas, waving dildos, screaming, throwing bricks, stealing handbags and shoes because they are oppressed, and blocking roads. That is entirely unnecessary in today’s day and age because the best way to protest is to use the law.  FACTS over FEELINGS.

Q: Is it correct that in September 2020, you were found in a civil fraud judgment in North Dakota to have made false online charitable fundraising solicitations and created “an entirely fake online persona”? 

No, that is not correct. I was found in CONTEMPT, and a DEFAULT JUDGEMENT was made based on the allegation and narratives that the late Attorney General made. They remain unproven allegations. The late Attorney-General admitted that no monies were lost, no victims were identified, and no complaint was ever filed in his own filings. 

“Fake Online Persona” is something that is an accusatory statement. In my line of work, false identities were imperative for me to execute my duties. Assignments and or projects I was assigned to by my contracting employer, Global Security Group, and / or TAC, and /or Stanley, and / or other companies based out of Luxembourg under the purview of John Owen Brennan, former PERSONAL advisor to Senator Barack Hussein Obama, former Personal Advisor to President Barack Hussein Obama and former CIA Director appointed by President Barack Hussein Obama. 

I never solicited ANY FUNDS for charities; that was an allegation the Attorney General made to substantiate his apparent violation of my civil rights simply to “go fishing” with secret subpoenas hoping to find a crime that didn’t exist. Instead, the AG and his agents witnessed crimes against my children and I, and sat idly. They observed such actions for two years, and even used crimes they knew were committed against me, in their civil suit to formulate a narrative to justify why I shouldn’t use the internet, among other things.  In the course of this, my HIPAA was violated, making it public that I was being treated for cancer, which is a violation of federal law, among other things, such as falsely claiming that I had a criminal record, which I do not have.

Although he was allowed to depose me, I was not able to, in turn, depose John Owen Brennan. How is that justice? How is this fair?? As a litigant, I had a right to depose him but was deprived of this right. This should concern you and every other citizen of the United States when politics and “loyalty” to one person supersedes the law of the land and confirms that justice is no longer blind. That is communism—rules for you but not for me.

More specifically to the case, anyone who fails to register as a charity should be disallowed to use the internet, have secret subpoenas issued to search all your bank accounts and any other records they want, and wiretap your home, among other things, with no complaint and/or victim or monetary loss, right? That is what happened to me.

Keep in mind, not many people in the United States can go through a complete fishing expedition by law enforcement and come out unscathed. They couldn’t find ONE CRIME, yet they had access to everything – can you say you would be confident of that outcome for yourself if that were to happen to you? 

In August of 2021, the Supreme Court of North Dakota found that even though the lower courts were wrong in their orders, they were still orders, and I had to comply. They also denied the late Attorney-General attorney fees. 

Moreover, the monetary judgment that people love to throw around of $25,000 was not because of money that was stolen or claimed by anyone, but it was his demand for fees that he wanted me to pay for him maliciously and illegally investigating me.
You can reach out to my attorney at xxxxxxxxxxx or xxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxx, for specifics about my court complaint, and on behalf of myself and my minor child, being filed against the state of North Dakota for (1) negligence; (2) defamation (civil libel and civil slander); (3) Marsy’s Law violations; (4) malicious prosecution; (5) abuse of process; (6) obstruction of justice; (7) intentional infliction of emotional distress; (8) negligent infliction of emotional distress; (9) any and all additional claims discovered as the parties proceed through discovery.

Do you have any comments or clarifications?

How does an Attorney General get secret subpoenas and violate my Fourth Amendment rights before even filing in court without a complaint or conviction to justify such a violation of my civil rights in a CIVIL SUIT? I have no criminal convictions. I have no criminal record. I have never been charged with a crime other than a traffic violation for inadvertently dropping a cigarette out of a car window while it was raining. It was the most expensive cigarette ever.

I take great offense as a minority, woman, single mom, and survivor of domestic violence (both direct and indirect) to be constantly scrutinized for being revolutionary and speaking the truth as a whistleblower in the age of deception. People believe they get a free pass to harass me or my children for being victims of crimes, which is disgusting. I make no secret of who I was and what I did. I served my country in uniform (discharged honorably) and non-uniformed. 

A comment about Patrick Byrne: I don’t understand your obsession and why you would assume that someone like Patrick, who is not a Trump supporter, and I cannot be simply friends. We both agree on many things, and personality-wise, we are similar in many ways but also disagree a lot. He is not my employer; he is a friend and a fellow citizen concerned about his country.  Therefore, his efforts sometimes coincide with mine as we are both striving to accomplish the same thing: TRANSPARENCY. 

As per election fraud that you consider to be a conspiracy theory or “big lie”, I wish to remind you of the Russia Collusion lie; a lie so big that we, the taxpayers, paid many millions of dollars to run cover for the liars who were investigating themselves – yet the election fraud you can’t fathom. Stahhhhhp.

The irony is, is that I have been called a conspiracy theorist by people who pushed a fake, fabricated, and ultimately treasonous narrative for over four years because President Trump was duly elected and some people didn’t like that. 

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  1. Tore..
    You are an amazing and brave woman. You will always hold a place in my heart. May the sword of truth cut thru every lie. God Bless You 🙏

  2. People don’t READ anymore, least of all “journalists.” I have read your ND court case more than once. Nothing. There’s nothing there. It’s frivolous against you, and now ALL the major players have resigned or “died”…that Stenjem story was the worst PR debacle!

    I have READ your affidavit in its entirety. All the substance WITH EXHIBITS is there. These ministry of “truth” clowns wouldn’t be able to follow it. It’s far above their intellectual capacity.

    Currently, your cases are rock solid. Everyone who has bothered to READ them understands this. Everyone who bothers to READ them can see the big picture of how we have been defrauded, victimized, and devastated by these weapons of war used against us by the most violent, evil, criminals in the same league with Nero and Caligula. They have enslaved us with technology and destroyed the psyches of at least a couple of generations of CHILDREN. Woe be unto these monsters!

    Galatians 6:7 Be not deceived. God is not mocked, for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

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