Rep. Kevin Cramer (R-ND) defeated Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND) in the North Dakota Senate race on Tuesday.  This win was “expected” say many Republicans in the state of North Dakota but it wasn’t.

The NDGOP communications director, cheered Cramer’s win in a statement on Tuesday, saying:

Congratulations to Senator-elect Kevin Cramer on his well-deserved victory. This is a win for the people of North Dakota and a clear rebuke of the liberal policies and harmful actions that defined Heidi Heitkamp and her campaign. For the first time in decades, this Senate seat will be filled by someone who puts North Dakota first.

According to Breitbart, Heitkamp told Breitbart News in an exclusive statement that she would support partial border wall funding and increased border security. Heitkamp joined other red-state Democrats such as Sens. Joe Donnelly (D-IN) and Joe Manchin (D-WV) who also came out in support of partial border wall funding.  This was Heitkamp’s way to appeal to the conservatives of her state. 

The NDGOP sound like they are happy with the outcome – but they weren’t.  Cramer beat Heidi Heitkamp in the ND Senate Election against all odds.  The ND GOP did not really do much for Cramer during his campaign.  Heitkamp came close and lost the election for a mere 30K votes. 

Allow me to elaborate.  yesterday Cramer won the North Dakota Senate election on Tuesday and did so with thousands of voters turned away.  Was it really about Native American voters?  

On October 12, 2018 CNN reported on this whole ID debacle and Supreme Court making the case for this voter ID mandate all about hindering Native American votes and thus advocating that the Republicans are trying to stymie Democratic voters because they infered that all Native Americans are democrats. 

A voter ID decision could impact Native Americans — and the Senate race — in North Dakota

North Dakota was headlining in late October when the Supreme Court decided voters in North Dakota MUST show proper identification. What is proper identification?  A driver’s license.  You were not allowed to vote if you had a passport/passport card/military ID with your proof of address.  All they would accept for identification is a driver’s license. If you didn’t drive or had a suspended license or are active duty and haven’t changed your hometown driver’s license you were not able to vote.  

Remember anyone can have a Driver’s license – US Citizens , legal immigrants and illegal immigrants. So, the Driver’s license helps to ensure electoral integrity how?

This ID mandate that Secretary of State Al Jaeger put forward was intended to support “election integrity”. Did it though?  It did not. 

Thousands of men and women in uniform were turned away and unable to vote in these elections.  THOUSANDS.  Proper identification was a driver’s license because they needed proof that you reside in North Dakota.  So a tax bill from the state, water bill, electric was NOT enough.  They wanted a driver’s license or you were not able to vote. 

I tested that. I couldn’t believe when I saw many active duty men and women texting me, posting on social media stating that they were disallowed to exercise their constitutional right to vote.  These are men and women that literally put their lives on their line every day for you and I to enjoy our freedoms.  They disallowed them to vote.  Thus, I attempted to vote with my passport.  Watch the video here

I had my passport.  I voted before.  I am registered at my current address.  You could find me on the system in a snap but hey refused.  I was ushered to a table where hundreds of sealed envelopes were stacked by the wall and people filling in ballots at a special area who had no driver’s license.  A lady by the name of Pam said “You can fill this ballot out but it won’t be counted until you come to the auditor’s office by next Tuesday with a valid North Dakota Driver’s license”.  

I insisted. Tiffany, the Auditor of Ward County was called up on the phone. 

I said “According to state and federal laws a member active duty stationed in any state or territory may maintain their car license plates of their home state and driver’s license.  Are you saying these laws don’t apply to elections?” 

She said “You aren’t active duty are you?” 

“Why does that matter?” I responded

“I’m sorry we do not accept military ID or any other form of identification other than a driver’s license from the state of North Dakota” she said. 

“So someone on active duty that exercized their right to maintain their license of their home state is not allowed to exercise their right to vote?” I asked

“Sorry  but the Supreme Court ruled” she said. 

“Fine, well I am a drunk and have had 30 DUIs and am no longer allowed to get a driver’s license is passport suffice?”  

“No you need a driver’s license” she said.  

I hung up on her.  I realized they were using a script and saying what they were told. Remember the man that “implemented” this mandate is a “Republican”

Cramer won even though his own local GOP and fellow Republicans did everything they could to ensure to limit conservative votes.  It was never about Native Americans – it was about ensuring Heitkamp was re-elected but too many conservatives showed up to the polls and they couldn’t discreetly “fiddle with the votes” and I am of the impression from sources that there was fiddling specifically the Secretary of State race.  The incumbent Jaeger actually lost the Democratic candidate Boschee. If I was Boschee I would request a recount.  Apparently, 25K votes are missing to their tally and the difference between a tie and loss is 22K.  I would not want a democrat as SOS, especially Boschee but, it’s all about election integrity and honesty and if the local GOP , SOS and election officials fiddled they need to be held accountable. 

Kevin Cramer will make an outstanding Senator as he was an outstanding Congressman.  He won with the chips and his own against him.  I am very proud he was able to overcome the slump of the GOP NOT giving him funds to campaign as the DNC gave to their candidates.  Cramer had President Trump stumping for him and that was enough to help cover costs and overcome his own trying to sabotage him. 

The ND GOP as well as the RNC need serious overhaul. 

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