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Monthly Archives: February, 2021

The New Order (UK EDITION) Plagiarized Adolf Hitler’s Playbook

No shoes, no shirt, no animals (except service animals) - No service. Quarantine is for sick people. Lockdowns and curfews for healthy people is called...

Dominion’s Own FROG Destroys Their Claim

Dominion has been crying on television peddling the overused heart felt story about how the company started in a basement by Greek-Canadian Poulos. Same...

Twitter Committed A Crime By Fabricating Evidence For Impeachment Trial

Today the second attempt to impeach President Trump officially began. The Democrats began narrating and trying to convince the Senate that President Trump was...

OHIO| President Trump’s Legacy Was To Turn Every Citizen Into A Leader

Many Americans feel demoralized, spent and lingering with a heavy heart that their vote was discounted at the ballot box, their patriot's day was...

Will They Impeach America?

Today on February 9, 2021 the current SELECTED members of the Senate have decided that impeaching a former President of the United States of...

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