No shoes, no shirt, no animals (except service animals) – No service.

No shoes, no shirt, no service. - Imgur
This is implemented for indecent exposure and liability for lawsuits.

Quarantine is for sick people. Lockdowns and curfews for healthy people is called HOUSE ARREST. Forced attire to enjoy services is also discriminatory as no one can force you to wear something unless it’s “offensive” to do so.

This is exactly what the Nazis did. They forced people to identify with their policies and mandates by wearing visible patches and bands to do so.

A UK Supermarket giant Morrisons has explained its rules after it was outed for forcing shoppers who are exempt from wearing a mask to wear yellow stickers in stores.

The supermarket has been trending on Twitter, with some shoppers even threatening to boycott it as a result. A boycott won’t help a mass movement of NOT wearing MASKS will. Will they turn away ALL their customers? Can they prove that the customers are a threat?

That is why the YELLOW STICKERS are being pushed. As I had warned in a broadcast in March – you will see the YELLOW STAR come back. It was only a matter of time. While liberals claim they want to “punch Nazis,” they fail to see that they are INDEED the NAZIS and ANTIFA is their SA.

A man who had a medical exemption went shopping. He was disobedient and refused to wear a mask with him breathing in his own air to satisfy the authoritarian rule. The security guard and the manager who said her name in the video told him he could wear a YELLOW STICKER to demonstrate compliance.

He refused.

Security: “It’s new Morrisons policy we’re rolling out that everyone has to wear a mask or [with] an exemption letter you wear a sticker.

“It’s more to explain to the other people in the store that you are exempt and that’s why you haven’t got a mask on.”

The shopper replies: “I shouldn’t need to explain to other people, I’ve got a medical exemption that should be enough.

“I shouldn’t have to declare my medical exemption that’s a Discrimination Act thing.

“If they ask me , I can tell them, I’m perfectly capable of communicating myself to them.”

“I am just doing my job”

That is what the NAZI soldiers would say when they committed crimes against humanity, and that is what EVERY single worker enforcing slave rules to fellow citizens say. How did people forget in less than 100 years? The MSM, of course. By terrorizing the public, repeating false and unverifiable data, misrepresenting data and information, they have been able to CONVINCE their audience that masks are “constitutional or an “obligation.”

Why don’t the Amish have COVID? Because they don’t have televisions.

First it was refusing service, next you won’t be able to work or go to school and in the end you will be “recycled” for the greater good … of course.

In essence, you either comply or use online services, providing them UNFETTERED access to your data and helping them complete your CITIZEN score. It’s all about DATA, and the CORPORATIONS will stop at nothing to get it.

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  1. Hello again Tore
    Been awhile, had to upgrade, the last updates finally made my iPad obsolete. I bartered for newer Samsung at the local pawnshop. It has taken a few day to switch my neural network around to the Droid OS.
    Where to begin, you’ve really dropped down into some very deep rabbit holes. If i may offer an observation. Your discussions into the quantum world, they may be a little to deep for most of your audiences. Inasmuch as I love the depths that you dive, I believe its way over most of their heads. You and I both see the magic symphony of the world and our bodies. Yet so few do, seriously I only know of a couple who do. Sometimes its hard for one to see how very far ahead of the class that one is, like you are. You spoke of the moment when all the pieces fall into place, in this link below was mine. Its very basic talk about the atomic structuring yet so very important when trying to comprehend the magic dance of consciousness and matter.

    Thanks for all your very hard work and your service to others.

    PS I’m able to now play Scrabble go on this new tablet. I know how busy you are but if you get a free minute, same name over there. See you tomorrow, Take Care.

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