Today on February 9, 2021 the current SELECTED members of the Senate have decided that impeaching a former President of the United States of America is constitutional.

This historical event creates precedent for what has been a long standing desire to impeach Barack Hussein Obama by many. Their actions cannot be remedied UNLESS the Democrat majority decides to IMPEACH the whole nation if they chose to before they are voted out.

In all fairness, why stop at President Trump when they can impeach and undo every single bit of history this nation has simply by impeaching President George Washington or Eisenhower, or JFK, or Adams, or Nixon, or Bush Sr, or Clinton- Apparently they all make the laws and rules as they go. The question is does their decision imply that one can impeach a President posthumously? If so, George Bush Sr. should be tried for the assassination of a US President.

The notion simply sounds absurd. To be frank, there are a lot of absurd things lately. Free speech isn’t really free unless your speech matches the platform you are on. The Amish are not suffering from COVID because they lack televisions. A vaccine is being distributed and enforced- but the death rate post vaccination is around 50% … but the Main Stream Media (MSM) tells you it is safe. After all, we must all trust the media because apparently they are the authority on selecting and declaring Presidents too.

The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) Results Form (

What may seem like a loss for President Trump today is actually a huge win. Precedent is most delightful when those creating it do not realize it is exactly the result conservative America wanted. #impeach44

As the nation stood by and watched Corporate America SELECT our President – threaten to stop funding those that refuted what the new Election Authority, the Associated Press declared they were emboldened. Cancelling Americans, calling for re-education camps and silencing all speech that dared to push back on their authoritarian ways was done with utter silence coming from citizens. Most likely because they are in AWE of the brazen actions. Never mistaken silence for inaction. There are over 80 million Americans that came to the polls that has now risen to the likes of 120 Million that with the FORCED vaccines, bad policies and radical actions of the selected administration, lack of transparency and lunacies such as handing over power grids to China this impeachment trial will only bring President Trump back into the White House before the Ides of March.

Wishful thinking of conservatives? Possibly, but nevertheless a strong possibility.

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  1. We’ll have to have a conservative majority in the House to start an impeachment. I don’t see that happening with the current corruption in government and in elections.

  2. Am I reading the chart right – 453 events, >45%, 55% deaths. Footnote says not necessarily related to the shot but we know there are no coincidences. Still how can we see results from all shots given? I think we need at least 1000 for a statistically sound effect.

  3. Well well was quite a day young lady watching this chess game play out. You’ve a very loyal audience, they stayed through the criminals trying to save face with their supporters, waiting for you to return. Impressive, almost as impressive as your loyalty to your friend.
    I chuckle when you tell everyone who you are, most haven’t a clue when you tell them who you are. Most haven’t a clue how deep the swamp goes, do they? They’ve no understanding of the depths of the swamp. What they’ve been doing for oh so long. I believe I’ve over estimated the intelligence of our people? Not you, you drag em thru the mud.
    Interesting most in your position never turn on their masters, never risk losing their life of complacency, stuck within their debt servitude trap created for them. Whar happened Tore? What made you turn, the tipping point, what was your catalyst? I know you won’t answer, that’s okay. I appreciate all your doing.

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