Almost every single candidate for office running under the Republican Banner is THIRSTY and BEGGING for President Trump’s endorsement. They constantly call, constantly beg and know that an endorsement gives them votes and a clear path to victory. Almost all RINOs I know are sweating their Mar-a-Lago contacts — it’s embarrassing.

The enemies circling our President also know that. They are taking full advantage of that. Anything to demoralize President Trump’s base.


May be an image of text that says 'SAVE AMERICA PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP -March 18, 2022- Endorsement of Senator John Hoeven Senator John Hoeven, who was with us on both of the Fraudulent Impeachment Hoaxes perpetrated by the Radical Left Democrats, is doing a great job as Senator for the People of North Dakota. He is a fighter for our Farmers, Military, Vets, the Second Amendment, American Energy Independence, and a Secure Border. I've known John for a long time, he is with us, and has my Complete and Total Endorsement!'

John Hoeven is one of the most corrupt politicians in the RED state of North Dakota. Remember North Dakota is RED not because they are REPUBLICAN but CHINA RED.

Rick Becker, a physician and a true fighter for Freedom and is running against the incumbent Hoeven for the North Dakota Senate seat. Rick is a doer, he’s a patriot and loves his state – the good the bad, and the ugly. When the late corrupt Attorney General came with full force this local legislator offered an ear and guidance. He fought against CONTACT TRACING, AGAINST MANDATES, AGAINST RED FLAG LAWS. He fought for the people.

Hoeven made a lot of money with his ventilator investments and other healthcare investments during COVID. Hoeven’s bank-funded cities and projects that don’t pass the smell test – GAO investigation requests have been filed against him and his actions for years. Hoeven owns a building, that is worth millions but for some reason, the state values it at a few thousand and he pays no taxes. He has one company address that houses over 7 shell companies.

Hoeven does not represent the people of North Dakota and today North Dakotans are losing their minds with the endorsement announcement. No one can believe that Hoeven was selected over Becker.

John Hoeven has BlackRock healthcare investments, Pfizer among others. John Hoeven is not representative of any of the values President Trump represents. John Hoeven is the Pelosi of North Dakota approving Chinese energy companies, Chinese investments and applauds Bill Gates. Hoeven serves himself NOT the people.

Whoever is advising President Trump is PURPOSELY directing him to endorse people that THE PEOPLE don’t want. Whoever is advising President Trump, their purpose is clear – they are trying to maintain the REPUBLICAN establishment.

President Trump, if you are reading this – FIRE THEM. Your advisors are destroying your credibility. All you need to do is listen to the people and keep being you.

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  1. Mark Meadows. It’s mind blowing that God’s gift to sheet rock made it this far without DJT throwing him overboard.

  2. Sorry to hear that, but Trumps Team has made great choices in MI , 9 outta 10x‼️In 2020 it was not the case – many RINO endorsements.

  3. He will need to re-evaluate some of the people who are advising him now. Trump is not the type to repeat mistakes. I have faith in him and don’t see anyone else, not even DeSantis, that would do a better job !

  4. It’s all script

    God is Sovereign over All though so..
    No Fear
    if our vote was our voice and it mattered in the script, ‘they’ would have constitutionally,lawful, fairly bound elections, and not selections (illegally canceling our voice)period.
    Trump is not off script, he’s just an awesome con man.
    (In my opinions)

  5. I once found John Hoeven sniffing through my trash. I left my credit card statement there and he wanted to sell it to the china. FIRE EVERY ONE

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