During the National Governors Association Convention in February Secretary of State Mike Pompeo addressed the governors and told them that he saw a list China had with “scores” ranging each one of them from “friendly, hardline, or ambiguous.” He continued by reinforcing the notion that China knows who is “friendly”. In other words Secretary Pompeo told them he know who are the Sell-Outs. According to the Chinese list Governor Burgum is a sell-out and China loves him long time.

Governor Burgum is looking more like a willing Chinese asset than ever before. Notably he is also a Bill Gates loyalist. Bill Gates purchased his company years ago and still sports Burgum’s company name with Microsoft.

In recent news, Gates has been spearheading the Gestapo – Nazi notions to force citizens to wear a badge or have markings/ microchips or digital certificates to be easily identified as people who are immune to COVID-19. Considering that Burgum has already created a SOCIAL CREDIT SCORE app for fans of the NDSU Bisons it would be a no brainer for him to kick off the first SOCIAL CREDIT SCORE MONITORING app in US History where a score of risk is designated to each user.

Bison Tracker

The Bison Tracker tracks behavior location and spending of fans in order to create more targeted advertising and to understand their demographics, activities, location movements and incentive driven actions better. In exchange for using this app, users got some points or rewards. Their data will now be used to model other apps and is being used for other purposes…. LIKE COVID-19.

Here is Doug Burgum and his bestie Bill Gates

Burgum after selling his company to Gates was an executive at Microsoft. He recently had a brainstorming session with Microsoft engineers and decided to use the data models created by Tim Brookins who is the actual creator of the Bison Tracker.

Brookings is a principal software engineer for Microsoft at the Fargo, ND campus and the CEO of a sport app company Proud Crowd.

The app Burgum is pushing is called CARE-19. The app claims to provide anonymity which is false because your DEVICE ID and EMAIL are documented when you download it. This app once downloaded assigns a unique ID number to you. It will track and cache all of the your location data throughout the day and evidently all those who interact with you.

TRENDING:EVIDENCE: They Are Terrorizing The Nation With Skewed COVID-19 Death Tolls

The fear of contracting a disease simply by proximity is paralyzing. In England people are downloading a similar app in order to be able to see WHERE COVID-19 positive persons are. The app was intended to help people avoid the areas where COVID-19 positive persons were but it has caused a surge in violence. People are very unstable when they are living in fear.

CARE-19 Is identical to the Social Credit Score System that is implemented in China with one difference it’s not mandatory …. for now… and hopefully never will be.


The app will track your location throughout the day. If you simply leave your home just to go get supplies or food you will be given a LOW RISK SCORE. If you are working you will have a HIGH RISK SCORE. If you are an essential worker that goes from home to work only your score will reduce. If you are a person who is LOW RISK but socializes and moves about you will get a HIGHER RISK SCORE than essential workers.

Care-19 is supposedly beneficial to TRACK the movements of citizens and help RETRACE their steps for those who test positive for the virus. That way instead of health officials having extensive interviews with people to find out who else they may have infected or WHO infected them they would be able to do so through the data.

This is terrifying and concerning. I don’t remember our Founding Fathers saying that the Constitution doesn’t count when the nation is stricken with disease. Even Governors across the nation have been rewarding “karen-like” behavior rewarding snitches, imposing fines and claiming that groups of more than one are not allowed (When has ONE PERSON been a GROUP?).

In Philadelphia today a man was attacked by police, threatened to be tazed and forcibly removed from a bus because he wasn’t wearing a mask – even though the state of Pennsylvania has not IMPOSED ANY LAW forcing people to wear masks.

The China-friendly Governor of North Dakota is teaming up with former CHINESE resident Governor of Minnesota to start using data from this app. Imagine if you didn’t adhere to social distancing and they saw you are visiting family, friends or sitting in a group of more that one (??)?

Then what? Do they come and round you up? Arrest you? Take your kids away for their safety. One thing people should do is NOT download the app and remember NOT to vote for Governor Burgum who on MANY occasions has taken advantage of his public position to pacify people who vocally oppose his totalitarian tactics.

BREAKING: Burgum Signs Off on Legislature’s Power Grab of State Auditor

Bill Gates is a college dropout, NOT an engineer, not an immunologist, not an epidemiologist, not a doctor but is somehow running point for the World Health Organization (WHO) and nations worldwide on response to this INFODEMIC. The Main Stream Media (MSM) are also parading him around with his expertise and promoting tagging people like cattle. If they are tagging us who are our masters?

This man holds patents on viruses and vaccines while promoting the notion of mass depopulation of the world. Notably, he holds interest in the patent to the actual CORONAVIRUS plaguing us. All his employees or sponsored tools like Fauci – Birx and Burgum seem to be promoting the same thing he is SOCIAL CREDIT SCORE Systems and biological tracking.

Bill Gates Admits using Vaccines to DEPOPULATE the planet

It’s ODD how the Democrats are INSANELY against Voter ID but are jumping at the opportunity for a COVID-19 ID – like a badge or microchip or yellow star or digital certificate. This is what nightmares are made of.

With such data and in the name of “health” they would have the ability to remove people from their homes. China used the SAME model to remove people from their homes that may or may not have been infected because they came in contact with someone that may or may not have been infected.

I wrote about this Modern Day Slavery about a year ago on Loomered. “Modern Day Slavery: Obedience Quantified By Your Social Credit Score” where attention was brought to the “Fast Company: Silicon Valley Is Censoring, Punishing Conservatives With Communist ‘Social Credit System“. It seems that rather than ROLL OUT a full blown SOCIAL CREDIT MONITORING SYSTEM that is comparable to the Black Mirror episode “Nosedive” it’s being rolled out in installments in the name of “safety” until one day we wake up and are no longer free.

During a conversation with investigative journalist Millie Weaver about the topic she said “CARE stands for Chinese Are Ruining Everything” and it seems that that statement can never be more true than it is today. This app is not only anti-American but it should terrify you.


North Dakota residents – do your job make sure this guy is VOTED out of office come November 2020. America is NOT a communist nation.

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  1. Morning Tore,
    I was the first person I knew to acquire a smart phone, a hand held computer by any another name. What a great tool it was for me. I’ve always had a thirst for knowledge. Being on the road so much it allowed me to learn and study on so many things. Such as what the bad actors were doing with them. I then became the only person I know that gave up the phone. It’s been going on 5 years now. The point of this comment being two fold, we’ve been socially scored for a decade at least thru our phones. Likely your aware of this so I won’t elaborate further of how your cellphone number is so close to the Mark of the beast, it is now more you than your name, in many ways. The other more poignant point is life without a tracking number.
    One basically becomes a non person, Everything and I mean everything ties into your number. Being without that number, not only excludes you from digital world, it as well excludes you from the physical world. Every digital application requires you to provide your number. Leaving that field blank, is not permissible. Everyday I am astounded at what I cannot participate in without one. I couldn’t even send a package thru UPS the other day because of this. I wanted to join you at Telegram the other day, nope, not possible without that number. No licensures are possible, no banking, so on and on. Just thought I’d get you to think about this aspect thru the eyes of one without a number. Truly, without this number, if they take away cash, your ability to buy, sell, trade or even be a part of society is gone. It isn’t tattooed upon your head or arm like the bible states, yet in all other aspects, it fits the bill as the mark. I hope this gave you food for thought. See you at noon.

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