What we are observing today is the healthcare industry laundering deaths. Scientific data I drew from the pooled site showing mutation rates and codon shifts allowed me to realized the mortality numbers are NOT adding up. The COVID-19 virus is REAL but the conflation of the mortality numbers is criminal.

Sources and contacts around the world across global medical communities I communicated with had a common theme: The numbers are not adding up.

How is the city of NY which has more square mileage and less of a population than MANILA have thousands fold more deaths? Why are African Americans getting hit harder with the virus – especially in Chicago?

My first assumption, that I saw so many “good” analysts TODAY a month late to the party are subscribing to is that FLU deaths being counted as Kung Flu deaths. That was most likely what was initially going on since most confirmed COVID cases have had positive tests for Influenza before COVID.

Digging into it more I discovered that in Italy and the United Kingdom ALL deaths no matter what were being recorded as COVID-19 deaths. For example, a friend’s father died of a stroke in their home and they were documented as COVID-19 victim. I had to find evidence that they were skewing the numbers- laundering the deaths of people. I didn’t have to – the President of the United States let them pull their own EXPERT EPIDEMIOLOGY pants down.

During the April 7, 2020 CoronaVirus task force member Dr. Birx (who’s not a practicing MD – her license expired) said they are LIBERAL in labeling COVID-19. In the video below she says it herself.

In other words, anyone that has tested positive REGARDLESS if that is their ultimate cause of death will be documented with the Office of Vital Records (OVR) as COVID-19 or Coronavirus Disease-19.

Two days ago Mark Levine, NYC Manhattan Council member mentioned that they are thinking of using PARKS in NYC to “temporarily bury” people. How do you temporarily bury a human being that is supposedly infected with something contagious? The protocol is incineration.

“I’m not going into details,” de Blasio said. “I don’t think it’s a great thing to be talking about.”

NYC To Bury COVID-19 Victims In Local Parks As Morgues Face “Equivalent Of Ongoing 9/11” | Zero Hedge— Mark Freeman (@markfreeman_us) April 6, 2020

NYC To Bury COVID-19 Victims In Local Parks As Morgues Face “Equivalent Of Ongoing 9/11

As a born and bred Manhattanite I know for a fact that IF this disease was as contagious as they say and IF my council members even thought of burying the dead in our parks I would be the first one advocating incineration. Thus, I believe the statement was made so that the people of NYC would do the same.


Primary concern for Chicago| What IF all those African American deaths in Chicago are linked to gun violence which an unconfirmed source has told me? Will they incinerate the bodies to avoid being charged with a crime for falsely claiming COD as COVID-19–or at the very least publicly shamed? China was burning bodies – even live ones!


The statement by NYC Councilman Mark Levine further confirmed my notion that they are covering up the real cause of death and slowly but surely many journalists around the nation may have actually heard my “battle cry” or read the mass email I sent demanding them to ask questions like this with the photo below attached to the email.

When have VITAL RECORDS had ASSUMED information? N E V E R

One reporter was able to dig a little deeper in this interview with a Senator that is also a doctor. Chris Berg of West Dakota Fox parsed it out.

The Main Stream Media (MSM) seem UPSET that people aren’t dying, advocating for mass vaccinations and another impeachment plan in full swing. The impeachment committee was nestled in THE CARES ACT and not one REPUBLICAN Senator or Congressman saw it or did they?

I am glad that the President assisgned a task force of “experts” that seem to have VERY close relationships with the MSM . The President has denounced their demands for mass testing and mass surveillance every step of the way and made it clear he knew the virus was a problem when he mentioned it at the State of the Union and vowed to do everything he could to keep American citizens safe. Notably, if the President had a huch they are conflating numbers and have ulterior motives as to why they are fear mongering he couldn’t say it because:

  • He is not a doctor or epidemiologist
  • The Democrats and MSM would be activating their 25th amendment claims calling him crazy for saying that COVID-19 isn’t that serious (the already tried) fueled by the money hungry vaccine, pharma and hospital industry.

Nevertheless, the health mafia initiated their first round of FEAR mongering making claims that they project as many as 2 MILLION DEAD. Then they said it was 100,000 to 240,000 DEAD considering the Anti-Malaria and Z-Pack combo were being Fauci-ed and stymied by many blue states…as if they WANTED people to die? The argument of demanding drug trials is moot. People are dying TODAY and off-label use never needs drug trials. #RightToTry

As of yesterday, within a day, the numbers have dwindled to half estimating that only an estimated 80,000 DEAD will be seen due to COVID-19 and that still seems like a stretch. Considering their “LIBERAL” use of Cause of Death (COD) that ANY death can be assumed CORONAVIRUS the number can easily be achieved.

What they are doing is CRIMINAL! They are terrorizing the nation, causing severe distress to patients and their families that are hospitalized and for that they must be held accountable.

The Key Question is WHY?

One thing about nature is clear…all actions and responses are grounded in a motivating factor. Evolutionary changes occurs because of environmental changes which are motivating factors. The same goes for human nature. There is ALWAYS a motivator behind actions. What is the motivation of the Healthcare Pharma Industry that is being amplified by the Democrats and MSM (who they fund heavy handedly)?


MONEY| $ 100 BILLION to be exact and then some. The CARES ACT “rewards” COVID-19 clinics and hospitals and reimburses them for lost “income” because of Coronavirus.

Are the insane African-American deaths in Chicago linked to their gun violence? Could gun violence victims that test positive be classified as COVID-19? It was determined by labs in South America and Europe that African descent DNA is LESS prone to cater to the angiotensin II type attack as in others DNA lineages, hence the VERY FEW COVID-19 deaths in Africa. Having said that, anti-malarial medications are widely used in the heart of Africa so that can also possibly aid to the non-pandemic numbers we are being told exist.

CONTROL| They want mass vaccinations for a virus they can’t KNOW without patient zero and most of all digital certificates or identifiers.

Here is where Chuck Todd channeled a bit of Scarf Lady Birx and Bill Gates giving us a sneak peak into what they WANT :

“We’re never reopening this economy fully until we’re able to GPS this virus” – Chuck Todd

The truth about using #COVID-19 to push Real ID, ID-2020 & collecting biometrics finally comes out.

What does Cuck Todd mean when he says “GPS this virus“?

GPS as in tracking the people? Like micro-chipping us like cattle? Maybe making us walk around with a yellow star like Hitler did to the Jews?

It seems surreal that leaders across our nation and college drop outs that are programmers, like Bill Gates are telling the world what we should and shouldn’t do. You are no longer free when you are forced to put SOMETHING in your body against your will. This dystopia the isnane MSM and the GATES and Co. successors of the Payseur / Astor fortune drool at the thought of all citizens COMPLYING. You want your child to go to school vaccinate? A job? Benefits? A bank account? You must vaccinate.

Even Henry Kissinger chimed in demanding a New World Order. The Wall Street Journal published a response from the relic of the old guard who helped take down many Presidents under the guise of an adviser. He even channeled key words that Hitler stated such as social solidarity.

Sustaining the public trust is crucial to social solidarity, to the relation of societies with each other, and to international peace and stability. The world’s democracies need to defend and sustain their Enlightenment values… (and) safeguard the principles of the liberal world order.

Henry Kissinger – WSJ Response

FEAR is a good motivator and coupled with the stress and depression US citizens are experiencing due to this INFODEMIC under locked down, the minute the “Stay At Home” orders are lifted people are willing to accept anything for freedom. Bill Gates will finally get his wish. Mass vaccination that he once said will help with population control.

This notion is so nefarious. They are terrorizing people for money and control. The Coronavirus Task Force INCLUDING VP Pence are gold carrying members of PEPFAR which is a Payseur,Soros, Epstein, Clinton and Gates applauded and funded initiative.

Vaccines for TAGGING people with nanotechnology? If we are the tagged cattle… who are the masters?


Right NOW income has dried up, businesses closed their doors possibly forever. The CARES ACT stimulus aka #TrumpBux have yet to arrive, banks are not handing out loans that easy, people’s credit is ruined all while people are being terrorized by the Main Stream Media and the PEPFAR Gates Clan aka Coronavirus Task Force with constant threats of instant death.

Meanwhile, patients across the nation that have been sick for some time, ailed with many other conditions are in the hospital dying without their loved ones by their side. Mothers separated from children, spouses that are elderly separated dying alone in the name of COVID-19. What the US population is undergoing is INHUMANE and those amplifying the stress with TERROR should be held responsible. We have the CURE why are they so reluctant to provide it as the President has requested?

FAKE NEWS HUFF POST published an article that didn’t define the “stake” the President had in Hydroxychloroquine. You know how much? UNDER $99 in stock portfolio somewhere – NINETY NINE DOLLARS that is how much INTEREST President Donald J. Trump has by default of the porfolio.

President Donald Trump reportedly owns a stake in a company that produces hydroxychloroquine, the anti-malaria drug he has repeatedly touted as a coronavirus treatment even though his experts say there’s no strong evidence it works. 

Donald Trump Has Stake In Hydroxychloroquine Drugmaker: Report

Want to take a guess at the interests in the Pharma industry of those that work/own the Huffington Post, MSM, Senate and Congress? Yes the Pharma lobby is MASSIVE and the portfolio even greater.

The HUFFPO article continued to say there is no evidence the drugs work according to experts. Who are these experts? FAUCI and SCARF LADY Birx. Doctors around the world are rejoicing at the combination of anti-biotics and anti-malaria drugs and how they combat COVID-19, SARS, Influenza A / B , HIV and H1N1 viruses just to name a few. Thousands of patients that come back from the “dead” with the drug combo but the MSM and the CoronaVirus Experts are telling you it’s no good?

In fact one of the Governors that have “banned” the use of hydroxychloroquine was found to be STOCKPILING the medication. Just imagine what a disaster this would be if Hillary Clinton were President. Most of us would be in gulags being incinerated for being social dissidents refusing to accept socialism.

Full Article | Townhall

COVID-19 is REAL the Mortality Rate numbers are NOT. The terror and lies being peddled are crimes against humanity. The same group of clowns parading around like experts today -have been committing such crimes against humanity around the world for decades.


What will America look like after CoronaVirus? It definitely won’t be the same. The America of yesterday is definitely not that of tomorrow, but I have faith that our resilience will shine.

The post-coronavirus USA will be one that demands accountability, puts America first so that we are not vulnerable again and promotes TRANSPARENCY. Most of all because America Works Together is why I have a feeling that the Best Is Yet To Come.

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  1. Tore, I adore you but how can you write this article without addressing Trump’s push for the Covid Vaccine via
    Operation Warp Speed? I can’t figure out how our President gets out of his association with the vaccine. I have hoped that the vaccine is being substituted with the flu vaccine but many people are dying here in the US shortly after taking the vaccine. We know even one life lost from a fraudulent and/or nefarious vaccine is a tragedy so what’s the deal?

    I appreciate your public or private reply.

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