President Donald J. Trump is contemplating a decision that is indeed a very difficult one. Does he open up the country for business or does he maintain it in shut down mode? Is the choice really BINARY? If so, any of those choices is a loser. Victories are enjoyed when opportunities are found during a time of turmoil.

The Democratic Party has shown the world that they will stop at nothing to maintain power and push their own agenda even though Americans are suffering. Thus, they have a “plan” for each of the obvious options the President has to chose from. But there are more than two options.

What does he do? All of us are asking that question. What he should do is to NOT decide but delegate that decision. As a constituent and a self-proclaimed game theory expert since I am a string theory dabbler I believe there are alternative avenues and the most favorable one in my humble opinion is to NOT decide but delegate it.

This is the United States of America and the people are the ones that drive policies and the laws of this great nation. Obviously, this is only on paper since both parties have shown the people that they have complete disregard for their voice and needs. How does the President give the voice back to the people and remedy this situation?

Simple. A declaration allowing governors to decide their states’ fate. The people voted for them now let them take lead and show their constituents who they really are. Though, the federal government will not just sit back and watch.

If a state violates civil liberties of the people the federal government will sue them. If the state does not allow the federal government to AUDIT the deaths claimed to be COVID-19 or their justifications for the removal of liberties then they will NOT be eligible for federal aid – PERIOD.

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Since the “shut down” we have seen state Governors rise up and enforce policies that you would think came from Venezuela or China. Governor Newsom is rewarding people with cash for telling on people. Where is he getting this money from? California is so far in the red their residents need 100 years with no expenditures to pay it off with their going rate of state taxation, so how does he have money?

The Governor of Michigan has disallowed their citizens to grow their own food and to visit family or friends. The Governor of Ohio didn’t even sign an Executive Order to “stay at home” but somehow it’s being enforced. The Governor of Minnesota is DOXXING the people who have COVID-19 by flagging their residences as plagued. The Governor of ND is issuing citizens a risk score with respect to their compliance to his mandates. The Philadelphia police are forcibly removing people from public transit and threaten to use tazers if they are not wearing a mask-even though there is no Executive Order or mandate of such in place.

People have loved ones in hospitals right now that are dying from cancer or other conditions without their family by their side. Americans dying alone and mass graves in NYC burying them with dump trucks as if they are cattle. Houses of worship shut down. The list is long and cumbersome of such actions and civil rights violations across the nation and it will inevitably lead to civil unrest if something isn’t done immediately.

How does the President deal with it? Let the Governors take the wheel. Governor Newsom made it clear in his speech reminding people that states are Nation-States with their own constitutions. Therefore, the best strategy is to do absolutely nothing and give the power to the Governors.

This will accelerate unrest across the nation but it will also allow the federal government to rectify the wrongs easier. Each Governor can do as they chose according to their state’s constitution (or not) but with the federal government watching.

How will this work? All federal aid will be scrutinized. Access to the Cares Act $100 BIL promised to the Health Care Institutions for treating COVID-19 patients will be audited. Violations of Constitutional Rights will be prosecuted and ONLY at the citizens’ request will the federal government intervene. The intervention will be to immediately impeach all elected officials of the state, restore order and expedite new state elections.

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This strategy will allow each citizen to realize JUST HOW IMPORTANT it is to vote. An election held under such circumstances will allow people to see just how IMPORTANT the US Constitution is and just how IMPORTANT it is that ONLY citizens of the United States vote. They will finally realize that all policies their “elected ” officials imposed were driven by interests either that be interests of the people or other. In such a predicament constituents will understand that a public servant means someone serving the public, not the other way around.

In my humble opinion, this is how we fix this. Hold the people accountable for who they elected. Give them the responsibility to take charge and realize just how important elections are but reminding them that the President of the United States will be with them every step of the way watching and stepping in when they ask for it.

In the end, the people will understand that the Constitution applies at all times ESPECIALLY during a “pandemic”.

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