Not only did China admit to harvesting and editing over 100 versions of the coronavirus, but they also fingered the National Institute of Health (NIH) as the government agency responsible for awarding close to $4 million in research grants to the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

According to an article published by Daily Mail, “The Wuhan Institute of Virology undertook coronavirus experiments on mammals captured more than 1,000 miles away in Yunnan which were funded by a $3.7 million grant from the U.S. government.”

Experimenters grew the virus in a lab and injected it into three-day-old piglets. Intestinal samples from sick piglets were ground up and fed to other piglets as well.

Daily Mail

The same article states that it’s a “conspiracy theory” to think that COVID-19 came from the Biosafety Level 4 Laboratory (BSL-4) in Wuhan, and stressed that the virus originated in a bat conveniently located only 20 miles away from the lab at Huanan Seafood Market. There’s a big problem with this however. No bats were ever found being sold at the Huanan Seafood Market.

This seems like an appropriate time to note that the Biosafety Level 4 Laboratory (BSL-4) in Wuhan is a specially designated World Health Organization (WHO) research lab.

Demystifying the P4 laboratory: 10 doors that can lock deadly ...
Wuhan’s P4 Lab

In addition to there being zero bats sold at the Chinese wet market, white papers show that in all the years of researching, studying, and yes – editing strains of the coronavirus – the virus has not had the capability of jumping from animal to human without interference by way of genome sequencing.


In other words, the virus did not have the ability of being passed from animal to human until those working in the bioweapons lab edited elements of the virus that would make that possible. Though the Chinese want to place all blame on the virus originating from bats (in a seafood market no less), the science speaks for itself and it’s telling a different story.

The novel coronavirus COVID-19 so closely resembles two different bat SARS-like coronaviruses that it appears COVID-19 was created through “copy and pasting” the exact amino acid similarity and cannot be a natural mutation within bats or any other mammal.

The issue is in the S protein, otherwise known as the spike protein (seen in the image below as the blue rods that align the outside of the cell), which in natural occurrences of SARS-CoV-1 don’t have the ability to penetrate Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme 2 Receptors or (ACE2 receptors) ripping the veil, and allowing the pathway of the virus to invade humans cells and destroy them.

SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein 3D

An article published in The Scientist in 2015 mentions infectious-disease researcher Ralph Baric, along with the effort of his team at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s in their gain-of-function research to create a chimera, mixing the SHCO14 coronavirus spike protein from Chinese horseshoe bats with that of the SARS-CoV-1 virus.

Could this be the true reason behind NIH, under the direction of Dr. Anthony Fauci, and during the Obama administration in 2015, awarding $3.7 million in grants to the Chinese for further research?

2017: NIH Director Anthony Fauci says Trump will deal with a “surprise outbreak”

We know that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation collaborated with the National Institute of Health (NIH) investing $100 million each to develop gene-based cures for AIDS and sickle cell, but is that as far as their connections reach? How much has BMGF donated to NIH over the years?

Dr. Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, and Dr. Francis S. Collins, Director of NIH appointed by Obama

Remember, Bill Gates is the same man who wants to issue mandated vaccines to everyone on the planet who wants to leave their home and travel freely.

Call me crazy, but I don’t trust anyone who has such high stakes in offering a solution that includes a vaccine with technology that houses everything about you and your medical history by connecting you to “The Cloud”. Why would anyone trust a software engineer who created a computer virus to make money off of an antivirus? Gates is looking to repeat the process, only this time using our bodies. He has no medical degree, but his obsession with vaccinations and eugenics cannot be ignored.

Here’s a pretty solid and concise breakdown of Bill Gates before he became one of the richest men alive, his family, his ties to different organizations, and political affiliations by @reallygraceful:

But, what if China is only partially lying and the weaponization of the virus? What if it’s weaponization wasn’t done at the P4 bioweapon lab in Wuhan, but by the recently indicted Harvard Professor Charles Lieber who ran his own facility in exchange for a monthly payment of $50,000 by Wuhan University of Technology as a “Strategic Scientist”? The Chinese government also paid Lieber $1.5 million to set up and run the nearby lab, according to a court affidavit.

Source: Science Photo Library

Why wouldn’t the Chinese government be interested in a Harvard Professor whose expertise lies in NANOSCIENCE? It’s impossible to not add 2+2 here and come up with 4. Conspiracy theory, or just rational speculation?

Was Lieber being paid to work on the weaponization of the virus, or even a vaccine for the virus?

The Lieber Research Group’s website identifies its principal sponsors as NIH and DoD, including the Office of Naval Research (“ONR”) and the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (“AFOSR”). Based upon records maintained by NIH, DoD, and Harvard University, I know that the Lieber Research Group has received more than $15,000,000 in grant funding from NIH and DoD since 2008.


Lieber was working on a transistor as early as 2011 that could penetrate cell membranes. Could this have been why his research and development was so important to China, Wuhan specifically?

So what does all this mean? It appears that while working on weaponizing the known bat-like SARS-CoV-1 (coronavirus) in China, a new strain was created that allows for the permeability of human cells.

Is this more misinformation from China, their attempt to take no responsibility for the origin of the “Chinese Wuhan Coronavirus”, point the finger at the U.S., or blackmail the deep state? Time will tell.

The coronavirus had to be engineered in a lab based on the virus’s RNA, as author of Biowarfare and Terrorism, Dr. Francis Boyle explains in the following videos:

Boyle, March 2020

Dr. Francis Boyle on Coronavirus as a bioweapon with Mike Adams w/Natural News Feb 2020 which has been SCRUBBED from the INTERNET*

One thing is for certain, we see the same entities connected to EVENT 201 and similar annual events who have been studying the effects a pandemic would have on the world as the ones offering solutions. Note the “players” in the “exercise”. If these organizations sound familiar, that’s because they all have a role in the COVID-19 response we see playing out today.

Want to talk about coincidences? Let’s start here, with this thread. #Event201 #EVENT201 #coronavirus #CoronavirusOutbreak #CoronaVirusUpdate

Who wouldn’t turn to what appears to be an All-Star team for anything pandemic related? They have run war games concerning similar pandemics involving viral outbreaks since 9/11, would they not be the first ones you would naturally be drawn to in order to provide professional guidance? You might even choose these people to be part of your “Task Force” until you find out who they truly are, their connections to nefarious donors, generational eugenicists, deep state actors, and other unelected powerful global elite technocrats.

You must ask yourself Cui bono?

This story is developing.

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