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Monthly Archives: April, 2020

Senator Hoeven (R) Does Business Like Biden| 中国洗衣

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); Firstly, there is no company that I have located called Finger Lakes Company that is...

OPINION: President Trump’s Best Decision Is To Not Make One-But Delegate It

President Donald J. Trump is contemplating a decision that is indeed a very difficult one. Does he open up the country for business or...

BREAKING| Former Microsoft Exec Now ND Governor Rolls Out Chinese Social Credit Score System

During the National Governors Association Convention in February Secretary of State Mike Pompeo addressed the governors and told them that he saw a list...

EVIDENCE: They Are Terrorizing The Nation With Skewed COVID-19 Death Tolls

What we are observing today is the healthcare industry laundering deaths. Scientific data I drew from the pooled site showing mutation rates and codon shifts...

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