It was a little over three months ago when we reported how independent investigative journalists came together to help fight the war on Human and Child Trafficking in the state of North Dakota for the past year and had offered information to local police and they failed to act.

North Dakota: Prostitution Hubs Exposed Local Police Fail to Act

When local law enforcement failed to conduct investigations we alerted the FBI in Washington DC to provide all detailed reports IN WRITING and contacted the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children . Our contacts within these institutions advised us that they had intervened and ensured that the allegations were taken seriously on April 13, 2019.

Turns out action was finally taken! Minot PD supposedly went undercover to unmask the human exploitation in one of the five “massage parlors” in Minot ND that allegedly offer Epstein Massages aka sex. They specifically investigated the one establishment we actually called to advise of their presence on the RUBMAPS site. It was also the ONE site that we had information that an City of Minot elected person obtained such illicit such services there. There may or may not be photographic evidence on that.

As predicted the local media put little to NO effort to educate and inform their local citizens. They simply put out a little blurb in the news. The local paper of the city of Minot which is #FAKENEWS obviously felt they needed to expand on it and divert the attention AWAY from the prostitution thing and more on the not licensed to give massages thing. The reasoning? As mentioned in our previous write up a City of Minot elected person was a CUSTOMER of that “Massage Parlor” and the Minot Daily News is quite simply their mouthpiece.

The Minot Daily News “investigative reporting” provided only two simple paragraphs on the prostitution and focused on unlicensed massage parlors as predicted. This is because culturally NoDakers are “North Dakota Nice” and NEVER like dirty laundry and or evil doings in their state exposed which in essence is WHY human and child trafficking is one of the largest black market industries in North Dakota.

A prostitution arrest at a Minot spa Tuesday is a sign the community isn’t immune from national concerns over illicit business being conducted under the banner of legitimate massage therapy.

Minot Police arrested Ling Zhang, 57, an employee at Minot Bodyworks Spa in Town & Country Center on the Class B misdemeanor charge of prostitution.

Minot Daily News

It’s incredible how national media outlets can have more information that local “reporters” or “journalists”.

As stated in our previous article, it seems that the local police in the State of North Dakota and BCI seem to have no interest in cracking down on human and child trafficking because if they did this nefarious and horrific industry would not be thriving in the state of North Dakota. We gave them a road-map and yet reviews were left on the site only four weeks ago!

Now that Minot got cracking will Bismarck PD and all other cities of North Dakota get cracking too? We did all the work – we gave them and the people of North Dakota all the information – now it’s time they do what they are supposed to be doing – ENFORCE THE LAW. We have already started looking into the owners of these properties and businesses and the information we have is astounding with 2020 Elections around the corner.

** Important Note** We noticed when our link snapshots of the site were updated with the website RubMaps newer reviews were added since April 13, 2019 when published. We apologize for not retrieving screenshots to compare as the linked snaps updated with the website.

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