In the past weeks Project Veritas has exposed rabid bias against President Trump and American citizens that support him. The level of explicit bias is evident not only on a national media platform, but local too!

The state of North Dakota is predominantly Republican and support President Trump with an overwhelming 70% approval rating. Former Senator Heidi Heitkamp was recently on national television and said “A third say hang him from the highest tree,” referring to President Trump

For any current and former senators of the United States, this is egregious and normalizing violent statements of death toward the President of the United States that we have observing too often by deranged leftists.


There are endless threats and wishes of death against the sitting President of the United States, but this is the first one from a former senator on a national platform.

Bias of the mainstream media (MSM) can be depicted from the LOCAL media in North Dakota where Heidi Heitkamp’s brother, who “plays a radio show host” in North Dakota on KFGO, sets the tone.

State senator from Minot, ND, Oley Larsen posted a funny photo of a Somali terrorist in training on his PERSONAL Facebook page that looked like Ilhan Omar (Not her real name). While everyone has lost their mind over the past 48 hrs protecting Ilhan Omar, Heitkamp normalized death scenarios for the sitting President on national TV, and no one said anything?

Heidi Heitkamp’s brother couldn’t resist this being his main talking point, but made sure to not mention the horrific statements his loser sister made in the process.

On his own personal Facebook page, Republican State Legislator Oley Larsen posted the following:

Every conservative knows the picture is bogus and was simply for fun. Hence the laughs, and the comments were gold. We all know the deep seated hate Ilhan Omar (not her real name) has for this nation and the nation of Israel.

Why is it the fake news cycle did not even remotely mention the horrific hanging statement of a sitting president by former Democrat Senator Heidi Heitkamp? A round blogger, paid a salary to blog by a leftist rag posing as conservative started this fake outrage.

The Rob (Re)port - Say Anything
“Conservative” Blogger Rob Port

Obviously a slow news day, he decides as every “conservative” blogger does, to make a comedic post on someone’s personal Facebook the center of drama. Leftists created outrage because the president had two scoops of ice cream. This is nothing.

Where are my fellow Republican Local Senators? #Spineless RINOs

Local national affiliates chimed in, even after Senator Larsen took the post down following the “media storm”. Today’s “reporting” – for the second consecutive day – is to add fuel to the fire, as the Mockingbird Press does, because Joel Heitkamp (Heidi Heitkamp’s brother) says so.

Where are the OTHER ND Republicans?

Why do the low life Democrats stick together but GOP stand alone?

Round blogger Rob Port was very upset that even after removing the comical post Senator Larsen was not apologetic enough. In fact Senator Larse had the post below on his Facebook page which prompted Port to blog his feelings.

Who loves Oley Larsen? Vet over Jihadi sympathizer any day!

Just to be clear about what we’re talking about, Larsen made a post last night in which he claimed Rep. Omar is or was a member of al Qaeda. He has since deleted that post, but has subsequently created a second post in which he also refers to her as a terrorist.

That’s unacceptable. People who do this sort of thing aren’t fit to hold elected office.

Rob Port

The excerpt above also makes me wonder if he was crying while he was blogging. It seemed emotional.

Reading Port’s follow-up article on Senator Larsen, who had shared his sentiment along with millions of Americans of the America hating, jihadi sympathizer, who once said “Some people did some things,” (referring to 9/11), was not informative, but simply liberal propaganda and dog piling to say the least. It seems like he is protecting Ilhan Omar at all costs.

Maybe those of us at didn’t get the memo. Seems like Ilhan Omar is off limits and anyone that criticizes or mentions her terrorist sympathizing way, her Qatari funding, and Turkish meetings, is quickly met with the wrath of her PR firm the Star Tribune.

Remember, former Democratic Senator of North Dakota, Heidi Heitkamp made references to hanging a sitting president on national TV, and the local media says nothing. Meanwhile, a local state senator on his own private page sharing things he finds amusing like cat videos, fake Ilhan Omar (not her real name) pictures, flags, cars, posts reinforcing Omar’s terrorist sympathizing, and even terrorist nature in general on his PERSONAL Facebook page: OUTRAGE

Are local bloggers now Facebook police? God forbid you share something you find amusing that isn’t factually true on your OWN PERSONAL FACEBOOK PAGE, yet normalizing morbid scenarios and death of a sitting president on national television: ZERO OUTRAGE

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Originally posted by Tore on October 21, 2019

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