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In his first ever interview as National Security Adviser, Robert O’Brien held great composure while the petty Chuck Todd did nothing but aggressively and angrily express contempt for the elimination of an ISIS leader. O’Brien kept circling back to reinforce what a win this was for the world and the United States. It was the most pathetic version of Fake News. Shameless.

In an announcement that brings relief to many people around the world that an ISIS terrorist was eliminated during a long planned strategy to capture him, NBC’s Cuck Todd and many like Jake Tapper of CNN were noticeably upset. It would be comical if it wasn’t real.

The President Describing The Death

He was very specific in expressing how upset he was that President Trump explained how the ISIS Leader Al-Baghdadi was killed. Todd didn’t understand that the president’s goal of describing the death – being that of a coward and like a trapped rat – was to DETER all potential recruits within our nation, like Little Mogadishu Minnesota and around the world to NOT want to die like that. Al-Baghdadi blew himself and others up (including three of his own children) to evade capture in the outskirts of Idlib, Syria.

POTUS brilliantly provided counter propaganda in our ideological battle against ISIS in describing Baghdadi’s last moments as a pathetic, terrified coward who used children as human shields. It serves to demoralize & defeat the enemy. This isn’t hard.

Jordan Schachtel

Chuck Todd Was Upset The President Thanked Russia

The President of the United States, in a very coordinated and planned attack, thanked Russia first because RUSSIA has a mutual defense agreement with Syria and we require permission to enter the airspace territory Russia protects on behalf of Syria so that our choppers, coming in from Greece, could carry out the attacks. Greece had the most widely known destroyer, USS Gonzalez, as a guest housing this secret operation. The same destroyer that saved Iranians in 2006 from Somali pirates and rescued Americans from Lebanon during the Lebanese-Israeli conflict of 2006.

If media think they are in the clear on the Russia hoax ...

Schmuck Todd thought that thanking Russia first was a concern because the Kurds were thanked after Russia. Seems that he missed the part about this being an airstrike in air patrolled by Russia and that Kurds were ground assist. No choppers – no capture. The #FAKENEWS strike again with rhetoric, while Todd’s cheap shot attempts to get O’Brien to say something negative about the president rolled off his back like oil on water.

Chuck Todd Tried To Point Out Turkey Being Excluded From Plan Execution

Todd asked O’Brien in his usual questions (that are actually statements) to agree that Turkey was excluded for knowledge in this plan. O’Brien held well and firm to simply reinforce that Turkey is a NATO ally, so what he is proposing is preposterous.

Chuck Todd Mocked The President Wanting To Secure Oil Fields

ISIS controlled the oil fields and financed all their endeavours by selling the oil on the “black market” throughout the Middle East and Turkey. Under the direction of President Trump, we will be investing in the oil field exploitation infrastructure to allow for income to the Kurds to finance their community infrastructure while we ensure that ISIS (or Turkey who claims the land) is no longer a threat to their source of income. It’s not like we are doing it for free. We build the infrastructure, they run it, we get a cut. Everybody is happy.

Chuck Todd believes that the Kurds don’t deserve the revenue and that we shouldn’t be helping them, even though he was loud and against us leaving them to the mercy of Turkey just a week ago. I think we are all old enough to remember that.

Chuck Todd Inferred That Al-Qaeda Handed Over ISIS leader

Todd showed that he knows absolutely nothing when it comes to terrorist faction relations. In fact, Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Taliban, and Al-Shabab work together and share funds. O’Brien, calm and collected, said Todd probably had better sources than himself. Sure, Todd has better sources than one of the best hostage (by hostile nations and terrorists) negotiators. Seems legit.

During the interview, Chuck Todd reinforced his disbelief of the death, criticized the death, and most of all, thought the death of the ISIS leader was a horrific occurrence.

O’Brien once again reinforced the climate, the strategy, and the task the president had at hand, and how they found out about the news. It was more and more obvious that Chuck Todd was upset Al-Baghdadi was dead. Were they friends or something?

Chuck Todd Tried To Infer Foreign Policy Is Influenced

O’Brien cut the comment to a halt. O’Brien made it clear how the president makes the calls, and that others have tried to implement their agenda in the past, reinforcing that he is simply a conduit to do as the president says.

Chuck Todd didn’t miss the opportunity to make it seem as if the president is a bully and that O’Brien is scared to say no. Chuck Todd asked O’Brien “Are you afraid to say no to him?”

O’Brien shut it down fast and in a very eloquent manner. He responded with a simple: “IT IS NOT MY JOB TO SAY NO TO HIM” (11:15). He is exactly right. He is the advisor to lay out the facts and discuss with the president not tell the president what to do. Gone are the days of seat fillers that wave and smile.

Chuck Todd seems to think the President of the United States isn’t supposed to make decisions. If the people elected him, it’s because the people trust him to make decisions on their behalf. That is why he is the Commander in Chief. Three separate times Chuck Todd failed to get O’Brien to say something questionable about the president or his role.

Russia Hoax King Chuck Todd Is Upset Russia Was Thanked

Chuck Todd began his interview very upset about the death of Al-Baghdadi, almost as if they were friends, and was very salty that Russia was thanked first. He ended the interview on a salty note about Russia, asking O’Brien to confirm what the status of Russia is, since they helped with ISIS but are our enemy in respects to Ukraine.

O’Brien restated that Russia controlled air patrol, and during the raid we needed permission so that our soldiers in the choppers were not hit by Russian air missile defense systems. They didn’t have to allow us passage. The Russians could have said NO. They didn’t and a thank you is warranted.

Chuck Todd said Russians were killing Ukrainians. This was the best opportunity for O’Brien to correct Todd and reinforce that Russian-backed militias, or dissident groups, are sometimes squaring off with Ukrainians. In addition, O’Brien amplified the fact that under the Obama administration, when attacks between militias and Ukrainians occurred, they were getting MREs and blankets while the Trump administration has provided them weapons and military defense apparatuses.

At the end of the interview Chuck Todd wanted to know how Bill Taylor was fairing in regards to his job as “Principal Officer” in Ukraine, and if he will remain in that position after testifying and possibly meeting with Schiff (indirectly) in the matter of the #WhistleblowerHoax that Adam Schiff no longer wants to pursue. O’Brien again told him he never worked with him, and doesn’t know Taylor’s career plan.

All in all, the interview, that you can watch below, tells you two things. O’Brien is professional, non-partisan, and good at his job, but it also tells you he won’t be invited for interviews by the FAKE NEWS in the future, because they cannot obtain sound bites they can weaponize.

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Originally posted by Tore on Loomered.com October 28, 2019

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