Cuba is in the news lately, and it seems that the Main Stream Media (MSM) have some serious amnesia affecting their ability to recall facts. Even though the “Conservative circuit” reports on communism, they aren’t reporting what is REALLY happening. As per FACT AMNESIA, they “forgot” to remind the people that during Hillary Clinton’s reign as Secretary of State and under the AUTHORIZATION of President Barack Hussein Obama (aka The Big Guy), multiple Influence Operations were deployed across the world between 2009 and 2016. Cuba was one of them. While many today are claiming Psaki and the faux administration are avoiding the word Communism, I am here to tell you what they are AVOIDING and what NO ONE IS TELLING YOU.

Cuba is circling back to bite the faux administration back. The people of CUBA will hold them accountable for supporting, maintaining, and controlling a communist regime in their nation under the guise of “democracy.” Their dictator was never Castro or Miguel Díaz-Canel, it’s the DEEP STATE, and their leaders were simply puppets. The marionette master is the BIG GUY (Barack Hussein Obama).

In fact, Jen Psaki (Ms. CircleBack) is an EXPERT about Cuba and Influence Operations to promote Communism. She was the State Department spokeswoman who never circled back to her statement in 2014 when confronted about the legality of the FOR-PROFIT Influence Operations the Obama-Biden Administration conducted in Cuba using USAID money and the Vice President’s son’s company to execute them that made them millionaires.

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki declined to elaborate on the plan Monday, saying it was “premature” because of ongoing deliberations. “We continue to believe we need to find creative ways to promote positive change in Cuba, but beyond that, we’re still assessing what any change or what any impact would be

Jen Psaki 2014

For a covert operation involving US Taxpayer dollars of a federal agency, Presidential Authorization is required, and Congress should be notified. The at the time, White House spokesperson Jay Carney got caught lying when he stated Congress debated the issue. In fact, he changed his verbiage and said something about offering a discussion about funding the operation with congressional committees, not CONGRESS.

Obama’s White House kept saying it wasn’t a covert program, but no one knew about it until 2014 when it was happening in 2010!

If you’re going to do a covert operation like this for a regime change, assuming it ever makes any sense, it’s not something that should be done through USAID.

en. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., chairman of the Senate Appropriations subcommittee that oversees USAID’s budget.(2014)

In addition, Bob Menendez, D-N.J., chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee at the time, had applauded to “discreet” operation. He looked fresh-faced and confident after he came back from Little St. James, which he frequented with Epstein and said:

The whole purpose of our democracy programs, whether it be in Cuba or other parts of the world, is in part to create a free flow of information in closed societies.

Bob Menendez, D-N.J.

In other words, when Menendez is not hitching a flight on the Lolita express, he promotes specified messaging in other nations because he knows best and that the taxpayers should be happy about spending millions on such “democracy programs.” All the reports from 2014 failed to reveal to the public that since 2010, Joe Biden, who was Vice President at the time, and Barack Hussein Obama, who was president at the time, made a fortune off of these influence operations because Hunter Biden’s company Mobile Accord created, maintained and deployed them.

Who is Joe McSpedon? Why should you care?

From the above email, you see the panic for damage control on Mobile Accord. The article they reference (WAPO Piece further down) makes an interesting point. Joe McSpedon never worked under the BANNER of the CIA. He went to Spain to prepare for the operation’s deployment. In 2010, I had bought an amazing pair of shoes in Barcelona. He worked for USAID, which I have mentioned many times before, where UNOFFICIAL COVERT AGENTS of the CIA work under the guise of FSO or USAID Project Managers. In the article, Wapo mentioned a Cayman Islands bank account. That account is the same one mentioned throughout Hunter Biden’s laptops and phones. The same account Obama and Biden Sr. had a tiff over in 2012. (SEE ARTICLE ON TIFF HERE)

It is important to know that Joe McSpedon is still getting paid and making bank with taxpayer dollars as a private citizen because USAID gives his company HUGE contracts. The latest one was awarded two years ago today (7/14/2019) under the same scope. Stir the pot in other countries and create unrest… right, Pakistan?

Per my Whistleblower AFFIDAVIT, it is important to note that we have been meddling in elections around the world – and Joe knows…right Joe (I still have those shoes)? But don’t take my sworn under penalty and perjury statement at face value; here is Laura Ingraham interviewing former CIA Director admitting to it. I think FACT AMNESIA by all the “Media Experts” is widespread, glad I am immune to it cause money comes with strings.

“There will be absolutely no mention of United States government involvement,” according to a 2010 memo from Mobile Accord reported AP (Here is the LINK since AP deleted the article). Once again, it is vital to mention that there was ABSOLUTELY NO MENTION that the US Vice President’s son was drawing money from the federal taxpayers via USAID to execute a covert government meddling operation by which he profited from. Congress never debated it in 2010 or was advised about it because Barack Hussein Obama authorized it. It is important to remind you that both Obama and Biden made hefty profits while flexing their power to the government in Cuba by ushering in INFLUENCE OPERATIONS to prove their concept and maintain leverage over the communist government.

Once upon a time, when the Washington Post did some real reports, they did a great deep dive into this, four years late but done. Obviously, it’s 2021, and WaPo has changed so much that subliminally we all see a sickle as their logo. They purged that incredible investigative piece, but thanks to Hunter’s emails, it has been immortalized.



Here is how much of a CUT Hunter made on these OPERATIONS imagine how much Pops and The Big Guy did. Growth from $2MIL to $14 MIL is IMPRESSIVE.


A lot happened under Hillary Clinton’s reign as State Department Queen. Back in the day, before the Obama-Biden Administration legalized propaganda, some truth would be reported. No wonder Leaking Linick (READ THIS) wanted a PRIVATE IG State Department Server that isn’t really private cause Akamai’s Looking Glass is so 1969.

Speaking of Hillary – the Punjabs also had their own “Fake Cuban Twitter – so OBAMA controlled their government” that Hillary Introduced.

According to the Times, students asked her about American policy in Afghanistan, about U.S. support for the former military leader Pervez Musharraf, for more information about American weapons trafficking. Clinton’s answers did not satisfy them.
But Clinton had an announcement to make of her own: The American and Pakistani governments were collaborating to launch Humari Awaz, Our Voice, “the first Pakistani mobile phone-based social network.”

What is funny here is – even though Hillary Clinton was the “spokesperson” to coerce Pakistani’s to accept this Psychological Warfare Weapon, it was Hunter Biden’s company that was the BACKBONE of the network. Barack Hussein Obama, aka “the big guy” – was the one who signed off on the multimillion-dollar project US Taxpayers paid for and Congress never knew about.

Funny enough, the article discussing the actual project launched in 2010 was reported in 2014. Mobile Accord, still exists and their financials are still linked to the Cayman Islands. In fact, Mobile Accord’s CEO had a tight dinner with Hillary Clinton, Jack Dorsey, and Eric Schmidt of Google and said, “USE ME AS AN APP” (barf)

Here is the immortalized article from the Washington Post that they DO NOT want you to SEE. All the links are mostly dead, but nothing is really dead on the internet. Looking Glass is “perforated.”


DARPA tools, such as Twitter and ZunZuneo, have fooled everyone in the world to think they are private companies. In fact, their intellectual property is OWNED by the United States Government and used as a PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE WEAPON in other nations, just like the United Nations own Facebook.

It’s incredible the ARTICLES I have linked up in this article all have the same players? Almost like this is one of the most prolific Racketeering/RICO cases ready to pop that I have observed in modern history. #Nuremberg2.0

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