In a public High School a student wore a ball cap. His ball cap was not allowed in class because it happened to be a MAGA hat.

It’s a target against you, specifically that hat.

Public High School Teacher

The student proceeded to say are you discriminating against me and the teacher proceeded into an onerous monologue about rules.  As he rambled his apparent detest for what the hat stood for was apparent. 

“You have to stop provoking people” said the teacher. “I am not provoking anyone” responded the student. 

“People are provoked by the President’s stance” he answered. The student spoke over him saying “It’s just a hat”.

The teacher then provided the student an ultimatum – remove the hat or he would evacuate the class to another room to conduct the lesson to which the student would be excluded from. 

You can either make me round up the class and move to another classroom and you can remain here like an A**HOLE or you can take your hat off or you can talk to an AP about it- now what do you want to do? 

Pubic HS Teacher

“I can’t sit here and learn? “asked the student.  “NOT with that hat on” said the teacher. 

“I have the freedom of expression and education” he responded. “NO. You do not. I don’t care. Choose” said the teacher. “I choose to sit here and learn” voiced the student. 

“Then we will get up and go elsewhere to learn and you will remain here said the teacher as he motioned the students to leave the room.

This is the Public School system. Indoctrinating our students to submit to a certain ideology. Even in the most conservative cities and states, such behavior by teachers is observed.  Conditioning our children to one way of thought and speech.  This problem exists because parents have relinquished the task of raising their kids to the government. After all, Hillary Clinton who believed the state is responsible for raising kids is the left’s “hero”… who said, “It takes a village.” 

Upon publishing the article we have not received a response from the student to get further details about the location of the school or fully confirm his identity. This story is developing and we will updating it with more details as they become availble.

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