An event was held on Tuesday by student groups at the University of Oregon titled “Thanks But No Thanks-giving: Decolonizing an American Holiday,” that aimed to inform students on the “foundationally” corrupt gathering that the majority of America knows as Thanksgiving – a day to gather with friends and family. Thanksgiving is a day to reflect on all that God has blessed you with and enjoy the company of those you love.

The Native American Law Students Association and the Native American Student Union doesn’t think the holiday should be celebrated as it is today and hosted the event (which was held at the Erb Memorial Union Mezzanine Room on campus) as to remind others that in their eyes, Thanksgiving is little more than an annual celebration of genocide.

“Millions of families gather together every year to celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States. Many Americans do not grow up thinking much of the history behind the holiday,” the event description states. “The main messages are that of gratitude, food, and family; however, Thanksgiving is, foundationally speaking, a celebration of the ongoing genocide against native peoples and cultures across the globe.”

The event is sponsored by several departments within the university including the Center for Multicultural Academic Excellence, Division of Equity and Inclusion, Division of Student Life, and the University Counseling Center, according to Campus Reform.

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