Last night was a moment where the world witnessed American unity.  Tens of thousands of people including four different (maybe more) police departments in Florida united in a combined effort. It was a clear depiction of what being an American is. 

TRENDING: This is Orwellian Warfare

This man was in a place many of us have been, including me. When in life you are faced with things you cannot un-see, with events that literally catch you so off guard,  they deeply traumatize you. PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) affects everyone but variates on the degree of impact and ability to cope, which is dependant on the support system one has.   Many that suffer from PTSD also suffer from depression.  It is also widely known that PTSD is the most prominent ailment that affects the majority of our veterans and suicide is an epidemic in the veteran community. 

Joe Biggs spoke to my heart with his video broadcast last night in response to Andrew M.’s “plea”. Joe, thank you for being vulnerable and letting Andrew and many others out there know that they are not alone.

“Where We Go One We Go All” is a quote from one of my favorite movies: White Squall.  The motto of the ship in the movie is the motto that is the foundation in all my relationships family, friends, service, and employment. Anyone who has worked, served and has or is part of my life has heard me say it more than once- “Where We Go One We Go All”. Unity.

If we don’t have order, we have nothing. Where we go one, we go all.

Captain Christopher Sheldon


The epitome of the United States of America is that we have a nation under one flag. This inspires ORDER, which WE THE PEOPLE command and dictate. Our country regardless of its young age has successfully implemented an orderly chaos which all comes down to one thing – unity.  The sense of unity is what cannot be mathematically calculated because it is a human trait that cannot be defined.   Our flag is the symbol of our nation’s unity and last night those that value that unity took action. 

Many would say that this plea for help was from a veteran and that is the only reason why he got attention and that may be the case. There is nothing wrong with that. Patriots, feel that sense of unity under ONE FLAG and they value our veterans and our soldiers who fought and fight for us every day. They have made the ultimate sacrifice, so you and I can stand on the land you are standing on at this moment and deserve nothing but the best. 


The movie White Squall for me was poetic as it was representative of our nation’s struggle. The formation of our nation and it’s journey until today was like the prep school boys on the ship.  The movie had a hidden meaning for me and since I first saw it on my first off-base leave at my new command it’s stayed with me ever since.

You can’t run from the wind. You trim your sails, face the music, and keep going.

Captain Christopher “Skipper” Sheldon

As a sailor it spoke to me, but as a proud American it deafened me. There are nations around the world that have eons of history but have lost their sense of unity.  The manifestation of the EU was the most notable sign that many countries no longer stood united with their people and forfeited their right to sovereignty and their history.  They have lost the sense of pride and patriotism in the name of globalism.

Nothing should be governed by an international body unaccountable to its own citizens. Today, our own citizens are suffering because we lack the financial resources to help them in the name of globalism.

Last night, patriotism and  love for our Flag and our Veterans helped a man in need.  A man who fell through the cracks of the “VA system” that has failed so many veterans throughout our nation.

The veteran that cried for help didn’t fall through the patriotic system despite the thwart and reports filed by those who despise this patriotic unity or see it as “Glorifying self-harm”. 

How do we respond to social media posts about suicide?  What’s Twitter’s policy and how do they respond?

Mandy has a point.  With the technology Twitter has, his location may have manifested sooner rather than later.  It feels that we are minimizing pleas for help because it’s “offensive” or “triggering” to some. 

Regardless of the complex underlying issue of suicide, self-harm and how to address it with the technology and communication means we have today, yesterday was a great demonstration of how united Americas are when it comes to their military, veterans and neighbors.  It can’t be repeated enough just how emotional I was seeing all these people working hard to embrace our veteran. President Trump’s speech a few days ago, indicated just how in tune he is with the people of the United States and what they truly value.

To all my fellow veterans, active duty, and reservists:

You are not alone. You have a nation ready to catch you when you fall and finally, an administration that supports you and embodies “Where We Go One We Go All”.  As the United States shifts course in the endless sea of globalization, I think it’s safe to say we have a Great “Captain” who represents us the way we should be represented facing the music both foreign and domestic and pushing through. 

Click Here to Chat with the Veterans Crisis Line

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