Let’s break down ISLAM – SHARIA and, LGBTQ. It is necessary because for some reason they are feeding the LGBTQ community propaganda so that they embrace those that consider them less than human. Pay attention to this:



Free speech is not just what you say, it’s how you walk, dress, and identify.  No mater what I think of Nazis, racists,or hateful people, they have the right – the innate right – to say what they want, wear what they want and do as they please as long as they do not cause physical harm to another. I had a colleague who I worked very closely with you was VERY racist. He would mock a guy I was dating from Nigeria and made really lewd comments and spoke in a very nasty way about fellow black co-workers. I would tell him to tone it down and not project his ideology in the workplace. He stopped talking like that in my presence. That is all we can ask for. If I don’t like what you have to say or do, please do it outside of my presence. Today, on social media I block, mute and scroll along. Everyone can say what they like no matter how nasty. My opinion, my views, my ideologies are no more important than anyone else’s.

Taqiyya – say what you need in order to infiltrate. 


Islam is a very rigid religion and like with all religions there is good and bad. This is the argument you hear and I agree with it. There are extremists in Judaism, Christianity etc. They claim it is wrong to kill an innocent BUT innocent is the one who is considered innocent by the word of Muhammad, not your idea of innocent. You cannot be Muslim and be PRO LGBTQ like this Taqiyya ridden tweet. 

You cannot have Islam without Sharia.  Anyone who is a Muslim and tells you they don’t follow Sharia … remeber this is Taqiyya. 

The LGBTQ community really needs to get with the program. Educate yourself while you still can. Sharia has NO PLACE in our country. 

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