I challenge anyone to refute the authenticity of these documents.

The Court of Neptune. Pollywogs on Navy boats now anticipate this time.  You get a certificate and everything. It’s 2018, so I don’t know if the tradition still stands but – that is the initiation any Navy person goes through when crossing the equator on the boat for the first time. Once you cross, you are a Shellback. 

The President announced today that William Barr former Attorney General under Bush would be his pick for Attorney General.  Barr may be considered a “Shellback.” He was then-Vice President George HW Bush’s right hand man. 


Chip Tatum, an actual 007 (as you can see above), signed by the recently departed George Bush. Why is this relevant?  

March 15, 1985 
U.S. Embassy in Tegucigalpa

When I arrived at the embassy, I was introduced to William Barr, Mike Harari, and Buddy Young. I had met Mr. Young one year prior in Little Rock, Arkansas. Mr. Barr represented himself as an emissary of Vice President Bush, who would be arriving in the future. This was an advance party designed to set up meetings for Vice President Bush. We joined the cocktail party and then accommodations were arranged at a local hotel. I was then asked to join Mr. Barr, Mr. Young, and Mr. Harari at a local German restaurant. I was picked up by the embassy car. Major Felix Rodriguez was in the car when I entered. We met the others for dinner and continued the meeting at the hotel. I was told that Mr. Young and Mr. Harari would fly back to Palmerola with me in the morning.

Chip Tatum

Flight Plan 16 March 1985
Flight Plan Transcript

Looks like Mr. Barr has a VERY interesting history which people forget. They rely on our bad memories. They believe if they flood our information systems with information they control we will never know. History is what illustrates the future.

March 24, 1985  

Remote Resort, Costa Rica

William Barr, Oliver North, Barry Seal, General Noriega  and BILL CLINTON

Birds of a Feather Flock Together

General Noriega and Mr. Barr greeted the aircraft when we arrived. The passengers adjourned to their meeting while I secured the aircraft. I was invited to join when I finished. Two Latin American soldiers set up the Sat/Com device and stood guard on the aircraft. I joined the meeting approximately thirty minutes later.

When I arrived, the discussion was concerning the loss of over $100 million dollars worth of drugs and cash. The “Enterprise” was being drained. There were three Compaq Computers set up with operators, obviously working for Mr. Barr. There were approximately eight (8) administrative personnel correlating data provided by computer discs brought by the principles of the meeting. The discussions continued. It was obvious that the purpose of the meeting was to identify the source of the loss.

The money flow was traced from Panama to several destinations in the U.S. Their Ohio source was ruled out early. Their Colorado source was also ruled out. That left Arkansas. It was discussed by the members that either Seal  or  CLINTON were siphoning from the “Enterprise.”

At this point, my food was brought, so I moved to a separate table and ate. By the time I finished, Mr. Fernandez signaled me to join him. We went back to the aircraft and used the phone. He called Mr. North and told him that the loss was definitely occurring on the Arkansas drop. He said, “That means either Seal, Clinton or Noriega.” (I thought it noteworthy that Mr. Fernandez added General Noriega to the suspect list.) He hung up. I started back, but Fernandez stopped me and told me to get Barr and Rodriguez.

I summoned Barr and Rodriguez to the aircraft. About 15 minutes later, the phone activated and Barr answered. He listened, not speaking but nodding his head in agreement. When he spoke, he told the caller that it had been determined that the problem existed on the Arkansas connection. “I would propose that no one source would be bold enough to siphon out that much money, but it is more plausible that each are siphoning a portion causing a drastic loss.” He then acknowledged something with a “Yes, sir,” and told the caller he would see him and give an updated report in two days. At that point, the phone was handed to me. I answered, “Tatum.” Vice President Bush asked me to ensure that General Noriega and Mr. Harari boarded Seal’s plane and departed prior to my departure. He also wanted the tail number of Seal’s plane. I was told to tell no one that we spoke.

He then instructed me to pass the tail number to North via land lines when I returned to base. I acknowledged and handed the phone back to Barr. Barr stated that he and Fernandez were staying in Costa Rica until the following day. They needed to visit the “ranch.” He then terminated the call. 

Mr. Barr then made another call. He asked for Governor Clinton. He must have had a direct number because he didn’t have to wait. He began immediately. He explained that a substantial amount of “Enterprise” monies had disappeared. He further explained to Governor Clinton that it was suspected to be in excess of $100 million dollars and that it was definitely disappearing along the Panama to Arkansas connection. He suggested that Governor Clinton investigate on that end, and that he and Mr. North would continue investigating on the Panama side and that it must be resolved or it could lead to problems. “Big problems,” he reiterated. He then asked Clinton to put his best man on it and stated that this was priority one. Then he terminated the call.
We broke down the equipment. I dropped Noriega and Harari at the airport and waited for Seal to leave in a Lear jet tail number N13SN. Then I returned the other passengers to Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras.
This is the content of the meeting and the mission. The following is the mission flight plan and passenger list.

Chip Tatum
Order Transcription

 “One more year of this and we’ll all retire.” He then made a remark concerning Barry Seal and Governor Clinton. “If we can keep those Arkansas hicks in line, that is,” referring to the loss of monies as determined the week prior during their meeting in Costa Rica. I stood silently by the vat of leaves, listening to the conversation. General Alverez had gone with the Contra leader to discuss logistics. The other three – North, Rodriguez, and Ami Nir – continued through the wooden building, inspecting the cocaine. North continued, “…but he (Vice President Bush) is very concerned about those missing monies. I think he’s going to have Jeb (Bush) arrange something out of Columbia,” he told his comrades, not thinking twice of my presence. What Mr. North was referring to ended up being the assassination of Barry Seal by members of the Medellin Cartel in early 1986.

“How about ‘Pineapple’?” Rodriguez asked. (Speaking of General Noriega.)

“Naw,” North answered, “something’s up there.” Bush later insured Noriega was indicted and imprisoned for drug trafficking.

Chip Tatum

William Barr, obviously tipped off then-Governor Clinton and his mule pilot Barry Seal was loaded with the blame. Could President Trump seriously be considering Barr for Attorney General? Like I said in my recent article “41 Funeral Fell Flat” George HW Bush was not a one term President, he was a THREE term “President”.

If Lindsey Graham approves him as AG – it is a HARD NO. Though, putting him up for nomination makes the media, real journalists and the FBI dig, dig and dig. Could it be that the Criminal Investigation into the Clinton Foundation links all the way back to DOPE INC? I believe President Trump is trolling the DEEP STATE.  #COUNTER


Sources say: YES

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