On the heels of President Trump speaking in Kansas City, setting the tone for law enforcement this is a must read, to get to know someone nominated for the highest position of Law Enforcement in the land. 

This name drop for AG allows for a deep and thorough background investigation to commence. As a citizen journalist, it is my obligation to participate and contribute. 


There is so much about William Barr that is under cloak and dagger but allow me to summarize. As promised two more segments will be coming out and they are on his GLOBAL ACTIVITIES.  You think the Brennan was dirty or how I exposed how Peter Strzok (shortly thereafter FIRED) as an IRANIAN advocate was incredible…wait till you hear about William Barr. 

Barr graduated college and rolled right into working for the CIA. He was assigned to Bush 41. He was his handler since 1976. A little context before we delve into this. The passage below is very important. Federal Prosecutors attempted to prosecute the Bush and Clinton cartels. All destroyed, all shamed and all stripped of any credibility. Why is this important? The mastermind WILLIAM BARR. 

Once Thornburgh restores authority in the Justice Department – badly bruised following the resignation of Ed Meese after a second Federal prosecutor completed a second inconclusive inquiry into his persistent mixing of personal finances and Government business – he would like to extend it elsewhere. For it is in the area of crime – especially financial crime and public corruption – where he appears most likely to make his mark, and the most visible reshuffling of the Justice bureaucracy has trained more resources on those areas.

NY TIMES by Michael Wines May 21, 1989

William Barr was the handler of Bush 41, and his right-hand man.  Like Valerie Jarrett and Barack Hussein Obama. He wrote the incredible legal theory known as the Thornburgh Doctrine. Thornburgh began his career with blood on his hands.  Ever heard of Budd Dwyer? He committed suicide in front of everyone during a press conference telling them he was being framed by the corrupt government within the government which Governor Thornburgh was part of. Eighteen months later, Thronburgh was sworn in as US Attorney General. Dwyer’s last statement before he committed suicide: 

Please tell my story . . . in every newspaper and magazine in the U. S. . . . Please make sure that the sacrifice of my life is not in vain.

Budd Dwyer- January 22, 1987


The Doctrine Barr drafted was contested by many since the brief he based it on was classified. I submitted a FOIA request this morning to gain a copy of it. It will be interesting to see the brief that justifies how the FBI is allowed to kidnap people in foreign countries disregarding international laws. 
In 1990 Barr became Deputy Attorney General. As Deputy Attorney General, Barr took over most duties from Thornburgh and Thornburgh was forced to resign. This is because Thornburgh could not keep the Justice Department reigned in from investigating Bush, the Clintons and abuse of power by the intelligence community. Barr was immediately appointed Acting Attorney General and subsequently sworn in as Attorney General.

To be clear, he was slotted in to ensure that investigations into the Bush, Clinton and intelligence community STOP. Therefore, why would President Trump nominate him as AG- If he was the one that created the Intelligence Community swamp?

In my article, “William Barr – Bill Clinton 5,242.7 km, $100 MIL & DOPE”  where I reminded the world who Bush 41, Crooked Clintons and Barr really are. They are a TEAM! 

I notioned that Barry Seal was the “innocent” one that was framed. I would bet my life on the fact that Hillary Clinton was the mastermind in skimming the money Noriega and Bush were trying to locate. They framed the government pilot who was tasked with the drug running from Panama to Bill Clinton’s stomping ground: Arkansas. 


Even with actual DOD documents in existence that prove the “History Project” is false, they still insist to peddle fiction as facts!  Barr was Bush 41’s right-hand man, but also a Clinton loyalist. After all, he tipped the Clintons off – his loyalty goes beyond that as I will demonstrate further. You think government organized drug pushing is where it stops?    

Unfortunately, Governor Clinton is cropped out of this photo.(right knee)


I can’t say enough of how proud I am that finally, a US President took the initiative to give prisoners a fair chance at integration. He called it like it is RACISM against our Black Americans. Specifically,  President Trump over the phone with “Fox and Friends” said :

We do need reform, and that doesn’t mean easy. We’re going to make certain categories tougher when it comes to drug dealing and other things, but there has to be a reform because it is very unfair right now. It’s very unfair to African-Americans. It is very unfair to everybody, and it is also very costly.

President Donald J. Trump 

Allow me to remind you how Hillary Clinton coined the term SUPER-PREDATORS. What she was announcing what was already a done deal and had begun under #Bush41’s second Vice Presidency term. “Bringing them to heel”.  It wasn’t her “idea.” The father of this movement was none other than William Barr. 

William Barr is the FATHER of Superpredators

Incredible how she speaks of anti-drug and anti-gang when she and her husband only 9 years earlier framed Barry Seal for skimming drug money from their “colleague” General Noriega who was part of their Enterprise, DOPE INC.    

Sen. Strom Thurmond, Sen. Joseph Biden, Barr, Sen.Patrick Leahy

The picture was taken during William Barr’s Senate Confirmation hearing.  Here is where Barr manifests who is really behind creating the initial “Slave Labor Camp Prisons” in Virginia. 

Senator Strom Thurmond (R-S. C. pictured above with Barr) asked Barr this question during the Confirmation Hearing: 

“What are your goals as Attorney General?”

Why is it that all the fake patriots, grandstanders, deepstaters,  hail from South Carolina? It's 2018 and nothing has changed...right Sen. Graham?

Obviously, drugs has to continue to be top priority. In my view, it is a long-term struggle. 

William Barr Senate Confirmation hearing as US AG

Funny, how the guy that was sitting in a resort in Costa Rica trying to figure out who stole the Bush-Clinton cartel drug money with Noriega complained about the drugs he was tasked with bringing into the USA?

His response didn’t end there….

We are focusing more on organizations like the Cripps and Bloods. I think you will be seeing more of that nationwide. We have strong firearm statutes and we are seeking stronger ones because a large portion of violent crime is committed by very small groups and gangs of hardened criminals. We can use the firearm laws to apprehend these individuals and put them away in federal prison for long periods of time.

William Barr Senate Confirmation hearing as US AG

Basically, the organized drug trafficking by the Bush, Clinton and OH and CO families which you buffered and organized aren’t the problem, the low-level thugs are. The low-level thugs that are pushing the cocaine you are bringing into the country. Evidently,  he was advocating to push for stronger gun control too.

William Barr was appointed as Attorney General on November 12, 1991


The Crime Bill Clinton passed was based on the foundations William Barr created and crafted by Barr as well. Notably, Barr ensured privatization of prisons so the people that were locked up were making money for “private companies”.  

In 1994, ALEC made prison privatization and tough-on-crime legislation a major policy initiative, illustrated by its Report Card on Crime and Punishment, issued in October. Earlier that year, William Barr, former Attorney General in the Bush administration, unveiled the ALEC agenda at a January 28th media event.

Full Publication

Here is what law enforcement and prison “reform” looks like when William Barr is Attorney General. If you ask me, looks really RACIST and not what President Trump stands for. 

In the publication above, on page 5, a very specific and very important case is cited indicating just how racist and anti-reform a policy that then-Attorney General William Barr created. United States v. Michigan,680 F. Supp. 928 (W.D. Mich. 1987). Portions of it were vacated (minor ones) but when there was a question of investigating core issues via U.S. Department of Justice under the Civil Rights of Institutionalized Persons Act (CRIPA), they were all reinstated even though the court ordered they were to be vacated.(??). 

William Barr embodies everything that President Trump is trying to get rid of … corruption, deep state and filling prisons up. Why did Trump nominate him? 

There is more to Wiliam Barr. Do you know how many WILLIAM BARR types exist? Always in the shadows. Unfortunately for Barr, President Trump has put the biggest spotlight on him by dropping his name. Did I mention Comey and Barr have a history together…and Mueller… and ??  #StayTuned

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