I honestly believe that the MSM: TV, Print and Online, think very little in respects to the intellect of the average American. It’s actually insulting. Today the Mueller Memo was supposed to be the smoking gun for the rabid serial Presidential Harassers.  They believe by tweeting incredible tweets and making it sound like Mueller found evidence of Russia Collusion is the same thing as actually finding evidence of Russia Collusion.

CNN’s Ana Navarro tweeted:

Other “very smart” people tweeted :

Christopher Suprun VERY “smart”,  whereas Jake Tapper chose to go the omission is not misleading path.

The President was being taunted with over almost 100,000 “smart” responses like the one below.


The job of every journalist is to deliver REAL impartial news. Evidently, not the case here. They write articles and drive conversation providing you little, IF any information and elude to what they want you to think and never delivering factual news. What happened to factual reporting? Informing the people? Isn’t that what the press is supposed to do?

Our answer to them is : 


Here is the simple LEGEND for the MEMO I created for you. It’s really the only investigation that actually matters- the MUELLER MEMO . FULL MEMO HERE

In 2015, President Donald J. Trump was considering building a property in Moscow. Simply put, he was thinking of building another property outside the United States. He already has many. Business as usual. For example, his Scotland property that was developed while he was campaigning: Obviously Scotland doesn’t fit the Russia narrative that Obama’s campaign  OFA paid Fusion GPS for in April of 2016, so no one cared. 

Cohen in an attempt (stupidly), to “protect” his employer Trump Org from activities he had with Company B (The Podesta Group) and interactions with Individual- 1 (Tony Podesta, in Mueller Memo) , he misrepresented the timeline of survey termination of the Moscow Project.  I can’t blame him. Who would want their name associated with Podesta?  Nevertheless, as President Trump repeatedly said, be honest there is nothing to hide. Unfortunately, Cohen’s innate protective response as any attorney, is to be as unspecific as possible, but in doing so caused himself more trouble.  Cohen, having Podesta as his client was actually a liability for his client, President Donald J. Trump.  Worth mentioning,  Cohen conveniently violated attorney – client privilege and had the Podestas as clients.  If I were Cohen, I’d be VERY forthcoming with those “relations” and “discussions” that lead to the attorney client privilege breach, that was a nothing burger. (circa 2014-2015).  #JustSaying

Erin Schaff for The Washington Post/Getty Images

Allow me to shed some light. Within 3 short years the Podesta Group went from being the 20th largest lobbying firm to the 3rd. Clients were companies such as Alphabet Inc.’s Google and Wells Fargo & Co.  The Podesta Group had over $30 million in revenue. Suddenly, news leaked that Podesta Group lost their banker because they were doing work for a Russian bank that was under U.S. Sanctions (Sounds like Russia Collusion).  Business began to tank and they went all-in for Hillary Clinton because they lost over $10 MIL in revenue and she was the light at the end of the tunnel. 


First of all, these are TWO separate cases, with two different case numbers and will use Individual-1 individually cause they are NOT RELATED. That means that Individual -1 in one case is NOT Individual-1 in another. The FAKE NEWS won’t tell you that.  They’ll let you believe they are one in the same. Some like Newsweek, will pander on your lack of knowledge and flat out lie.

The SDNY memo was elaborate, detailing financial and other violations but also alleges many things. Specifically, it alleges that Trump instructed Cohen to pay Stormy Daniels etc. with campaign funds. Allegations are NOT charges.  This memo wan’t for Trump it was about Cohen.

Evidently, the Mueller investigation came up empty. They have nothing indicating that the President colluded or exchanged money (unlike Hillary Clinton did #UraniumONE) with Russia.  The SDNY Cohen Memo is simply allegations and insinuations. There isn’t evidence and can’t really substantiate that there was misappropriation of campaign money.  Nevertheless, misappropriation of campaign money, misreporting, or receiving fraudulent money has happened in the past and for a lot more money without hiccup or special counsels. Why for Trump? Is it so unbelievable he won?

What happened  Obama?

There have been many scandals throughout history where Presidents and other elected officials and candidates have to pay fines due to campaign financing fraud, misuse and misreporting. President Obama has been involved in three huge scandals and no one batted an eye but a lawyer facing a lot of jail time, who has no hard evidence of misusing campaign funds at the instruction of the now President is a scandal?


Huge scandal of fraud and campaign funds. According to Bloomberg :

Hassan Nemazee, chairman of Nemazee Capital Corp. and a fundraiser for President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, was arrested on a bank fraud charge and ordered to remain under house arrest on $25 million bail.

Nemazee was charged with using phony documents to trick Citigroup Inc. into lending him as much as $74 million. The financier got the loan by telling Citibank he held accounts with hundreds of millions of dollars that could serve as collateral, U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said yesterday in a statement.


Basically, Obama received fraudulently obtained money.  Specifically,  $500,000 that helped get him elected and may or may not have returned some of it to show he’s “honest”. (I haven’t found any reference claiming Obama paid any money back) Funny how MSM didn’t go to town on that.


President Obama‘s campaign was fined $375,000 by the Federal Election Commission after his 2008 campaign did not turn in reports for about 1,300 last-minute donations that totaled nearly $1.9 million. 

The fine was one of the largest against a presidential campaign and topped the $208,000 in civil penalties paid by the Rev. Al Sharpton after failing to accurately report receipts and spending during his 2004 presidential bid.

Republican Bob Dole’s 1996 presidential campaign was fined $100,000.



Obama’s Campaign Paid $972,000 to Law Firm That Secretly Paid Fusion GPS in 2016

Perkins Coie, managed both OFA (Obama’s campaign money) and DNC money. They “blended” finances (crime) and like the SDNY memo on Cohen they labeled payments as “legal services” (not a crime), not payments to prostitutes or in this case “payments for Steele Dossier”. Coincidentally, Obama’s campaign money was used to pay Fusion GPS around the time that the Steele Dossier was being created. Here is where it is clear, that it’s not about the law, it’s just about being upset that people spent so much money and Hillary lost. If the law was applied equally Obama’s lawyer would be under investigation, especially when the fake dossier was used to weaponize our FISA court. One would be able to easily imply that Obama paid for the dossier, right?

Everyone can appreciate that $30 Million tax dollars have been spent, Mueller can be promising him room service in prison for all we know to be thrown a bone.  I have no idea how this is still going on? We are bleeding money and all Mueller has is Cohen’s testimony – who Mueller admits has lied multiple times, in multiple settings. #nothingBurger #WitchHunt

In short, these memos tell there is no Russia Collusion and the big doozie about Russia collusion was that of Cohen’s client Tony Podesta.

I believe that NEWSWEEK should issue a retraction because their reporting on these memos was intentionally false, indicating that they lack impartiality and the ability to actually report. They even quoted unstable Ted Lieu. 

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