Is it me or did a President’s funeral fall short?  Thinking back to Senator McCain’s funeral who was a SENATOR, not a President – A SENATOR, and the Presidential funeral paled in comparison. 

McCain’s funeral was more elaborate, more media buzz and it seemed like they all had their stories straight. Embellished them, quoted people, ran unlimited stories about how much of a hero he was. He was a turncoat but nevertheless a son, husband and father. May God have mercy on his soul. 

The media was flooded with “John McCain, War Hero, Senator, Presidential Contender, Dies at 81” – making him sound like someone special. There are thousands of War Heroes in our country that die every day. Heroes that were never captured and housed in a hotel by the enemy. These heroes die every day without mention.  Even after death, the self-proclaimed “Republican” didn’t invite the President of the United States forever tainting his name in history as a bitter, corrupt, and shady traitor.   

George H.W. Bush was no angel but, he didn’t want to be remembered as bitter. He lived a FULL life.  He knew in life that from the day he dies the countdown begins to the truth. What struck me as odd is that George HW Bush was a war hero.  He was shot down and rescued by a sub, how come the title he received was: “George Bush, Who Steered Nation in Tumultuous Times, Is Dead at 94“.  The way I see the late George HW Bush was just LIKE I see Andrew Jackson.  The insurance policy for the Deep State. Andrew Jackson was the first visible Deep State placement. The minute Andrew Jackson was Vice President Abraham Lincoln was suddenly shot. The fact that he is compared to Andrew Jackson is NOT a compliment. 

President Trump honors George HW Bush for his service.

Someone has to be frank, I am sure you all feel it. This did not feel like a Presidential funeral at all.  It felt staged, fake, flat and insincere. The Media fell flat and that is probably because they are really busy crafting story lines for next week.  Mitigation is always preparation. 

The funeral had some really odd occurrences.
What’s that ?  Why didn’t anyone ask her?

Regardless, of my opinion on George HW Bush, he was my President.  He served my country for THREE terms, not ONE. We all know how close Reagan came to becoming a no term President … like Garfield…and Lincoln who 3 months into his second term was eliminated. He should have never hired Andrew Jackson as his VP and the same could be said to the late Ronald Reagan. Don’t get me started on Garfield. History is very important when we are trying to make sense of the present. 


Putting on my tin foil hat – this is going to sound a bit way out there but I can’t help but think just how incredibly odd timing of cancer announcement when a critical vote lingered and announcements of deaths are. Every time, the OIG is coming with reports it seems that something happens to throw shade or postpone. Makes me wonder? Who’s next Jimmy? 

My feelings on the late President George HW Bush are clear, but regardless, he was my President and will always have my respect for executing that duty whether he did so in a moral manner or not.  No one throws their hat into the serving of their country or political landscape with bad intentions, things evolve and that is up to the person taking on the task.  

One thing is for sure, five years from now we will all know “WHERE WAS BUSH WHEN JFK WAS ASSASSINATED?” Where was this future Chief Liaison to the Chinese? Where was the future CIA Director?  He was definitely in Texas gearing up for his first run right? When asked he said, “I don’t remember!”  December 1, 2023, before President Trump exits his second term we will have those questions answered. One thing is for sure, he won’t be remembered as bitter and resentful. After all, President Trump did him a favor and re-sealed the JFK files for the sake of his memory. #FiveYearRule

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  1. Tore- love your new website!! I noticed in the “41 Funeral Fell Flat” article that you kept referring to Andrew Jackson as Lincoln’s second VP, however, it was Andrew Johnson. Then who was the first DS’er: Jackson or Johnson???

  2. It seems I’m not the only one viz Andrew Johnson versus Andrew Jackson. Beyond the, the reference to the Hanoi Hilton – it wasn’t a HOTEL, but a prison camp complex for high-value US POWs – mostly pilots. NOT A HOTEL! And yes, McCain was tortured. Did he break? Maybe. Look at Jerimiah Denton, as a POW I have highest regard for – he is the one who eye blinked in Morse code “TORTURED” as he was being filmed for a propaganda PR by the NVA. PS – my vote for ESTABLISHMENT STOOGE goes to Johnson, Lincoln’s VP not Jackson, who was attacked mercilessly (like Trump) by the Establishment – even an assassination attempt (he thwarted himself, no shrinking violet) to be thrown in.
    Would have done this before, but the clutter – much I read is a waste of time, paper, electrons….

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