With the “caravan” approaching our borders we have much to fear.  The MSM is telling us there are at least 500 criminals embedded in what they refer to as “asylum seekers”.  “Asylum seekers” who refused asylum offered to them by other countries during their dangerous trek to our country’s border.   

First off, if you are seeking asylum and offered asylum by a country you take it. If you don’t take it claiming you wish asylum in another country you are no longer eligible for asylum.  That is actually the way it works. 

For weeks and with information from my Mexican and Guatemalan sources I have been voicing concern that these “migrants” are violent, armed and vicious.   Yes, there are women and children thrown into the mix but that is simply for the image they wish to portray. The administration knows it, the left knows it, and the MSM know it.  

Caravan migrants hitch a ride heading to Tijuana, Nov 2018. YouTube video, AP via South China Morning Post

In a couple of weeks, with the numbers being reported climbing daily migrants, approach our border and will ultimately standoff with our Border Patrol agents as they did at the southern border of Mexico. Our walls have been reinforced with barbed wire, our Border Patrol agents supported by military troops.  First it was 500 now it’s upwards of 20,000.



A group of men, part of a caravan of thousands of migrants from Central America en route to the U.S, pulling down a border gate with the intention to carry on their journey, in Tecun Uman, Guatemala. (REUTERS/Carlos Garcia Rawlins)

This option is the most effective and exactly what the LEFT and Globalists want us to use.  The issue with this is that our laws will not permit any force against anyone violating our laws who is unarmed.  Though, in the case of these migrants – we are being told and there is evidence that they are armed and dangerous. 

Courtesy Fox News

Picture this: As in any good Western Movie a sea of migrants standing across our Border agents at sundown. Feverishly they use equipment purchased from Tijuana to cut barbed wire and begin to create a human ladder in an effort to climb the wall.  They fail.  From the depth of the migrants attempting to push through a fire is shot. 

Obviously, they are very calculated.  They always allow women and children to be in the front of the crowd to ensure that they deter return fire.  Fire is coming from the caravan group causing harm and even killing our border patrol… What do we do?

Men throw stones at Mexican Police after they pull down the border gate with the intention to carry on their journey in Tecun Uman, Guatemala. (REUTERS/Carlos Garcia Rawlins)

We stand down. Shield and sit it out.  No returning fire.  If we return fire the MSM will be waiting with cameras rolling to show you the images of women or children down. Returning fire is NOT an option.  
This is what we are planning at the border. At some point, they will have no more ammo,  food or water.  They will have to stop. Tear gas, smoke bombs and patience.  


Yes.  Let them in. One by one we process them.  We document them and move them to a temporary holding facility. Children will be DNA tested to show relation to those who claim them. Males and Females separated.  Needless to say, there will be an army of 500-1000 immigration attorneys on stand by for these migrants all ready to file and petition on their behalf.

 We will have 100 judges working around the clock to process them. Every day migrants will be undergoing court proceedings, expedited court proceedings. Once a migrant or migrant family has been through court if it is determined they are eligible for asylum they will be moved to a processing center. If denied they will be moved to another detention facility at the border to await their deportation.  It is anticipated that the immigration attorneys will be filing an appeal, thus an Appelate Court will also be present to process appeals the next day they are filed. 


In this manner, our country will be deporting them instantly reducing the time and cost of housing them.  In addition, it will also create a database that will instantly exclude the same people from ever applying or coming into our country again. 

The President must now DEMAND funding for our wall.  It is imperative for our country’s security and sovereignty.  Any elected official claiming the wall is not necessary is not working in our nation’s interests. 

The Caravan is coming and it isn’t pretty.  It’s clear that Kamala Harris and the left would not call ICE or Border Patrol “bloodthirsty” or “Klanslike” if they weren’t laying foundations for what they knew is coming. 

On that note,  Mr. Vitiello’s response to Kamala Harris’ questions about the  KKK and why they are deemed domestic terrorists was : 

Because they tried to use fear and force to change the political environment. It was based on race and ethnicity.

Mr. Vitiello’s responses to Kamala Harris

My personal opinion and based on factual observations is that statement  Mr. Vitiello describes the Democratic Party today.  Convince me otherwise, I welcome that. Every statement they make is to instill fear in the people, advocate violence, perpetuate division based on race and ethnicity and demonize or silence anyone who questions them.  Kamala, the KKK is and always will be a Democratic Party because it aligns with your tactics. There is no place for parties or lobbies like that in MY AMERICA.


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