Dear Honorable Nancy Pelosi,

Throughout the past 24 months we all have observed your unwavering stance and relentless objections to erecting a physical barrier that would increase confidence in our National Security, reinforce our sovereignty, reduce criminals and terrorists entering our country, hinder drug trafficking and most of all almost eliminate child and human trafficking.

You have repeatedly stated that you would be pro alternative border security that would be less effective and more costly. You provide excuses as to why President Trump’s $5 Billion dollar price tag is never to be met yet our tax money, federal and state, fund Organizations Nationwide like Lutheran Social Services seeking and bringing in asylum seekers on our TAX dollar to our country daily. In my state 400 came in and now they even meddle in adoptions taking over $8.5 Million in 2015 from our state tax money. We are literally spending millions across the nation actively locating and sponsoring refugees! I never authorized that! In the state of MN they receive over $20Million to purchase property to operate. Unecessary, unauthorized expenditures that do not benefit me!

As a citizen, I am confused but I would accept your point of view and agree to disagree, if I knew the answer to ONE QUESTION. As a matter of fact – no one has actually asked you the simplest question in order for people to try to understand your party’s position.


Before you answer, please do not respond with cost. Your response is an excuse to justify why you don’t want it which is the real question here. Please do not respond with “There are alternatives”. I understand that, but the question is WHY DO YOU NOT WANT A WALL.

I can tell you why I want the WALL. Aside for reasons of keeping criminals and terrorists out of our country, drug trafficking and safeguarding our sovereignty, which are important the why is simple for me: I want to end Child and Human Trafficking.

Our border is open and thus we cannot quantify the nameless children and young adults being trafficked into our country for the purpose of slavery. A wall would allow us to effectively save children and young adults that are victims of such actions. In 2005, shamelessly, crossing the border by car, a victim was saved that was brought all the way from Eastern Europe. Human and child trafficking is a very lucrative market. The man arrested that had this young girl had made millions. A young child kidnapped from Mexico by a gang and taken to Queens NY where she was subject to being a sex slave locked in a room to do whatever men wanted with her. Children being purchased for nefarious and heinous acts. (HERE IS THE CBS NEWS REPORT ON THAT) This has to stop.

Our current President aligns with my wants as a citizen and my duty as a human being which is to protect vulnerable persons of all creeds. His increased spending in Border Security has within 12 months CAUGHT and determined that over 500 instances of persons trafficking children pretending to be families. Imagine across such a large open border how many went undetected?

Yesterday you posed with children and thus I would assume you would want the same.

You called order on behalf of America’s children. What about the children right now, at this very moment being abused heading to our border because their coyotes know there is a possibility to cross it, sell them and make money? What about those children being sold into sex slavery having just crossed our border?

This is why I want the wall. If the wall can save children from being abused, demeaned and disposed of as property why wouldn’t you want it? These nameless children, no one seeks, asks about or mourns. If there is a border coyotes won’t be flocking to it because they would know they cannot pass and thus children will no longer be trafficked.

Again, I would like you to answer that one question you haven’t been asked:

Why don’t you want a wall?

I told you why I want a wall: To stop child and human trafficking.

I expect that you can answer that as simply as I did. Don’t tell me alternatives, don’t talk money. We know any alternative costs more for upkeep i.e.drones and are less effective- what are you going to do shoot people from drones? Money isn’t a factor as we have raised $19 Million of our own to demonstrate our wants.

You are a public servant, which means you serve the people. I believe that every single American would agree with me, either Democrat, Republican or Centrist the wall is the only way to stop Child and Human trafficking from our Southern Border EFFECTIVELY.

One can justifiably speculate that you are invested somehow in the activities that occur because we do not have a border wall.

Are you invested in drug trafficking? I would hope the answer is no. Are you invested in Human/Child Trafficking? Hopeful, this is a no. Are you invested in Terrorism or Criminal Organizations? I hope not.

A wall would deter and stop child and human trafficking across our border. This is undeniable. Do you not want that to stop? Why don’t you want a wall?


U.S. Citizen Voter

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