Distracted by “The Wall” among other things…our Nation’s foundations were desecrated today. It is a sad day today that many are misrepresenting as a win of diversity. It’s not. It’s the ultimate shameless, public, in your face destruction of the foundation of our nation.

In 2008 during the Presidential elections, controversy surrounded a man that hailed from Kenya, with an arcane background, sealed records, and the MSM peddling manufactured and carefully selected news like we have never seen before. A man that utilized the peak of what I like to coin as the “Communication Revolution” that forever changed the face of US elections. Under cloak and dagger he rose to the top and made his way into the White House – taking the highest office in the land and on his first day, as previously reported, ensured no one would ever know his secrets by way of executive order with the help of Perkins Coie. That was 10 years ago.

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Today, 10 years later, the information was not hidden – it was in plain sight. The warfare of our home grown domestic enemy of the people, (the MSM, the #FakeNews and Big Tech) succeeded in muffling, silencing and ignoring the REAL news.

Ilhan Omar, is a refugee, who was brought into our country by an organization called Lutheran Social Services. Lutheran Social Services warrants careful examination. They bring in refugees from countries to our nation for over two decades on our dime without asking us! All of the money they receive comes from the states they set up shop in and the State Department.

Over 90% of the refugees they bring in are practicing Muslims. In addition, they also have contracts with states to facilitate adoptions. The curious case of Lutheran Social Services is being further investigated by us but worth a mention at this point.

Déjà vu: Kenya to America

Ilhan Omar is a weapon like no other that has annihilated the foundations of our nation on all fronts with one action. Entering into our Halls of Congress with a hijab! No other American – no Jew – has demanded to wear their Kippah or Yarmulke because there are rules disallowing it and they understand that in the House of Congress they legislate for the people not through their religion. Everyone, has left their religion at the door and yet today, Ilhan Omar brought it into our House.

Clowns like Himes make it sound like her “achievement” is a “Rags to Riches” story and an American dream when it’s not. It’s exactly the opposite. It’s the dream of every jihadist and the nightmare our Founding Fathers sought to avert when they separated church and state.

Before someone starts throwing around the words racist or islamaphobe you need to understand that separation of church and state is imperative to maintain our freedoms. Someone who REFUSES to park their religion at the door will legislate as a follower of their God first and not as a statesman.

Hope of what?

Omar was elected into office even though she subscribes to an ideology that is contradictory to that of our nation’s laws. Remember, this woman married her brother to COMMIT immigration fraud when people have been stricken off ballots for tedious hearsay and NON-FELONIOUS actions. I am outraged, and if you are not – you don’t really understand our nation’s foundations and have no business chiming in.

Rules of House Violation and not one PEEP!

In November 2018, after Ilhan Omar was”elected” Roll Call reported:

Hats have been banned from the House chamber of the Capitol for nearly two centuries — 181 years, to be exact. Under a new proposal from Democrats, the rule would be relaxed to allow religious headwear, like a hijab or kippah.  The change was proposed jointly by Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, Incoming Rules Chairman Jim McGovern and member-elect Ilhan Omar as part of a larger overhaul package.

After 181 Years of No Hats in Congress, Dems Eye Exception for Religious Garb

Rule of Congress:

During the session of the House, a Member, Delegate, or Resident Commissioner may not wear a hat or remain by the Clerk’s desk during the call of the roll or the counting of ballots. A person on the floor of the House may not smoke or use a mobile electronic device that impairs decorum. The Sergeant-at-Arms is charged with the strict enforcement of this clause.

I was hopeful that ONE person swearing in today or the
Sergeant-at-Arms – “Excuse me you are not allowed to wear head wear. Those are the rules of the house.” No one did because they could foresee pitchforks rising from the left. Spineless. Who’s the
Sergeant-at-Arms ? Was he told to stand down? Rules don’t apply to everyone equally?

In the public sphere or when you’re a public servant, you don’t exhibit your religious beliefs. In my opinion, Western society must forbid the wearing of the burqa in society and I also don’t believe that people in government roles should be displaying religious symbols: not Jewish, not Muslim, not Sikh—not anything.

Prof. Yossi Shain, head of the School of Political Science, Government and International Affairs at Tel Aviv University,

If you can’t park your religion at the door, you are imposing your ideology and Sharia Law views upon ME. You cannot separate church from state and that is a problem. That is UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

Like her tweet says – it is a NEW day in America. It’s the day church and state have merged (but only for Islam) and our foundations have been desecrated. It’s the little things that matter that create HUGE changes. This change was allowed to happen because those elected into office failed to do their job. In other words they are NOT serving the people.

Ilhan Omar on her first day broke House Rules. She chose to NOT abide by the Rules of the House that have not been changed to accommodate her. If she is breaking rules on Day 1 and not facing consequences, what other rules and laws will she break at her discretion. Religion has no place in the House of Congress. It seems that we keep making exceptions ONLY for Muslims. Allowing Female Genital Mutilation, demanding prayer spaces at work, demanding pork free restaurants… to name a few. What’s next Child Marriages? Wait- that is already “legal”. When is enough – ENOUGH?

Where are my patriots at? Where are my constitutionalists at? Conservative Media? Not a peep cause all they do is posture.

No exceptions.

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  1. Good morning Tore. Was looking for the video you referenced in yesterday show, without much luck. However it wasn’t in vain. I get to see into your passion when I read through your articles.
    I’m no time traveler or remote viewer nor do I need to be to see what is going to be served up from behind the barbed wire fencing that now surrounds the capital. With every force fed policy they ram down the throats of the America people, I see a fire begin to burn into a blaze. You were so right about the disappointment. Today it will be served up as the criminals take charge dashing the hopes of millions. Many will walk away now. They trusted the plan, yet never really seeing what they were up against. You were right in saying only a few will stand, most will put the mask on now, line up for their shots. Completely discouraged. Perhaps your right that when they finally lose it all they will rise. All that’s left is hope now.
    See you at noon.

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