Over the past week, we have been publishing the RIOTERS’ identities at the CAPITOL RIOT. We depicted how the RIOTERS were actually the ones planning the COUP, ELECTION THEFT, and RIOTS. Maddy Salzman is a FEDERAL EMPLOYEE who was recorded on a Zoom call with OTHER FEDERAL EMPLOYEES who discussed the coup and the use of the Arab Spring as a guideline. The ARAB SPRING was a brainchild of John Owen Brennan. It was one of the best infiltration, psychological operations that lead to riots ever. Affinity groups that all funnel into one large camp. As they describe in their zoom calls with former Department of Defense Maria J. Stefan.

Maddy Salzman graduated from the Clinton School in Arkansas and had a blog that judges people by lacking pigment in their skin, ergo, RACIST.


While the FBI is accidentally losing Hunter Biden’s laptop – which we have (Thank God) and pretending they can’t find FEDERAL EMPLOYEES that were the MAESTROS of this COUP and RIOT, we must think to ourselves. Maddy Salzman has radical ideologies. She loathes people for their skin color (lack of pigmentation), especially “White Poor People.” Her beliefs include remedies to OVERPOPULATION being addressed via CONSUMER avenues. Someone who believes that their skin color is a basis to judge humans and starve poor people, so they stop having babies to help minimize the population has NO BUSINESS working within government, paid for our tax dollars to promote such CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

Photograph #60 – AFO — FBI

Furthermore, Salzman helped coordinate the coup, election theft, lead federal employee meetings to overthrow a duly elected President, organized violent riots, and apparently, according to the FBI, ASSAULTED law enforcement.

Is the MEDIA talking about the FEDERAL EMPLOYEES, Military Personnel, and documented domestic terrorists as the RIOTERS? Instead, the FBI is picking people like Freddie Klein who may not have been at the CAPITOL and throwing them in jail with no bail because anonymous sources identified them? I guess if someone anonymous calls in and claims a person on the FBI website looks like someone who is a “Trump Supporter,” they are off to jail with no bail, but if you are a federal employee, military, Agency Asset, or paid agitprop, you are not?

During our research of these “wanted persons,” we hypothesized that the PHOTOS being put out by the FBI might be DOCTORED. We came across some alarming evidence that suggests that the photos of the suspects they are “seeking” – may have been altered. Why? Who knows – maybe they have beliefs like Maddy Salzman and are using their positions to “do something.” Regardless, we are working on this notion because the picture of this woman #60AFO has been located via alternative media, and she looks way different, like NO superimposed dimples and less heavy. It almost seems like the FBI is running a psyop.

This is a developing story we’ve been working on for weeks which aligns with the arrest of many “Trump Supporters” based on anonymous tips and grainy photos like Freddie Klein

Let’s not forget the CORPORATIONS selected the President and everyone went along with it what’s to say they aren’t SELECTING the PERPETRATORS?

Totally not about ideology. (insert eye roll emoji here)


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  1. Kudos to you Tore. Keep up the great work. Listening to you and praying for you daily. xoxo. Leanne

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