The FBI and Mr. Wray have the fanciest facial recognition. It’s so fancy even though there is no global database, and it could identify the bomber in Belgium. Like the lunar landing, they no longer have that technology. To identify the insurgents, they need help from the people. Apparently, their facial recognition is pitiful because the FBI has HOURS of images sent to them with the people planning the coup. Appropriations hearing coming up?

The FBI is great at locking people away with no bail except for those that claim to have stolen Nancy Pelosi’s laptop to sell to the Russians. She is out on bail but Freddie Klein is not. In fact, Freddie Klein is being held without bail based on an anonymous tip but no actual evidence that can hold up. #smellslikepoliticalprisoner

Do we get a reward for outing the leftist’s at the CAPITOL posing as Trump Supporters or do they have to be Trump Admin and actual patriots? We haven’t received a response from the FBI on that question.

I wonder if the FBI has contact ROMAIN. That is his name. They have tons of video of Romain discussing SHUTTING DOWN DC and causing chaos.

The FBI has been locking up actual Trump Administration officials and patriots with no bail based on an anonymous tip and Facebook trolls. That sounds like political prosecution. That’s three people the FBI has arrested under anonymous tips. Photo #256 his face has video – audio, and more. Walk, talk and quacks …

We could be wrong, but it kind of looks about right. Pedestrian facial recognition says it is. After all, he was mapping out DC with his buddies on the zoom calls we sent the FBI way before the event and way before the elections too!

If this is true — like the other ANTIFA/BLM/Sunrise Movement guys the FBI arrested … it would mean that Mr. Wray was lying.

ANTIFA/BLM/Sunrise Movement and Anti-Trump FED Employees have been arrested, but NO ONE is talking about it. Crickets on all isles of the media.

Totally not about ideology. (insert eye roll emoji here)

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